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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Demon King Domination

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Demon King Domination

User Rating: 4/5
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A tiny game about a strong female character who gets dicked by a giant demon lord. What’s not to love? You play as the demon, by the way, not the chick. I really like this idea of playing as the bad guy in a fantastical porn game. Usually, they have me do the demon slaying. That’s cool too, but just for once, I’d like to be the guy that dicks the heroine, without asking. – In a porn game of course. That kind of shit is unacceptable in real life. But, in Demon King Domination, it’s considered core gameplay. The game is tiny as all hell. I was really surprised to find it listed on Steam. They’re actually selling this bad boy for $5 a pop. On the one hand, that’s really cheap. On the other hand, you literally get like 10 minutes of gameplay. That’s not a lot of bang for your buck. Hell, that’s less than a decent fap session. Ideally, you’d want these kinds of porn games to drag on so that you can keep coming back to them. I’m damn sure that this game isn’t worth playing twice. It’s not bad, not at all. In fact, it gets a lot of things right. It comes with full voice acting, for fuck’s sakes. That’s higher quality than I’m used to. But, at that short length, it’s still disappointing. All right, let’s dig into the details.

End of the Heroine’s Adventure

Demon King Domination is kind of a tribute to medieval fantasy RPGs, at least in terms of the story. It plays out like the last chapter of a long-winded adventure. You have this powerful heroine who’s come a very long way and vanquished many monsters in order to get to the endgame. She’s here to end your life. She’s very upset about you having conquered the world of whatever. You must have heard the story many times before. It’s a trope. I like this take on the story, because it means you don’t need to sit through a long-ass intro. If the game is going to be 10 minutes long, you might as well be playing a story you’re already familiar with. That is, unless they intend to do a sexually charged intro, but they don’t. They also make sure to give the girl a bit of a personality. She charges into your domain with this angry look on her face, spouting insults and boasting about being the one true heroine who will put an end to your reign. She also makes it a point to remind you that she’s literally the last line of defense that humanity has to offer. So, if you manage to beat her, you have nothing left to worry about. That’s a hell of a setup. And, since this is a porn game, you’re less concerned about killing her and more concerned about getting your hands on her tits.

Rock Paper Scissors

The gameplay to Demon King Domination is straight up just a slightly more complicated version of rock paper scissors. You might not think that’s what’s happening, but I swear, that’s what it boils down to. You have several options. Attack, charge, heal and counter. They seem pretty straightforward, but honestly, they’re too straightforward. You want to attack whenever you can, heal when she’s not hitting you, counter when she’s striking at you and charge before you attack. That’s about it. You’re basically just predicting what she’s going to do next and picking the option that will yield the best results against her. You know, like in rock paper scissors. It’s about the least original type of gameplay I’ve ever seen and it gets boring really quickly. It really makes you glad that the game is only 10 minutes long, I’ll say that. On the bright side, the combat is great for people who just want to get to the smut. The game has several endings and once you get the hang of the gameplay you’ll be rushing through to get to them. It’s not like there’s much to think about. You can pretty much just spam the buttons you know you need, if you’ve gotten the hang of her attacks. You can’t respond perfectly, there’s a degree of randomness. But, once you’ve figured out a dominant strategy, you can just plow through the whole game. I wouldn’t exactly call this gameplay challenging. If anything, it’s an excuse to pad the game out from 2 minutes to 10.

Tons of Flavor

For all the things this game does wrong, it does a whole lot right. First up we’ve got the soundtrack. I have to give props to the soundtrack. They’re even selling the bad boy on Steam, because they know people are going to want to listen to it long after they’re done with the game. It’s got this classical symphonic vibe to it and it’s all really dramatic. I listen to it once in a while when it comes to mind. There’s even a section in the main menu of Demon King Domination where you can listen to the soundtrack, for fun. Speaking of extra sections of the main menu, there is of course an image gallery. The images are the whole point of the game, that’s the smut payoff. You can watch any image you’ve unlocked, over and over again. I’d assume this is how they expected you to fap. Fapping mid-game is kind of finicky. You have to focus on the game and your cock; it can get complicated.

The Voice Acting

Hands down the best part of Demon King Domination is the work of Trina Deuhart. She’s a somewhat famous indie voice actress who voices every single line of dialogue of the heroine. She did a fantastic job. I’m pretty sure that the game sold as many copies as it did because of the amazing voice acting. Since the actual gameplay has you punishing a relatively arrogant and self-assured heroine, it’s very satisfying to listen to her sort of fall from grace the more you beat her up. I sometimes wish that more expensive games with bigger aspirations shift some of their attention from the art and the animations to voice acting, so that at the very least we get some quality moans or a beg here and there. I’ve played some amazing porn games with top notch graphics, but I had to read all about the chick begging for cock – I didn’t get to hear her actually say it. I’d like to hear her say it. I’d like to hear her beg for more. That kind of shit gets me rock hard every single time.

The Art Style

It’s a solid seven. It’s 2D, hentai inspired with cartoony western elements. It comes across as a high quality cartoon. It’s kind of bland and generic, but more than enough for what you’re playing. Plus, you can kind of tell that they spent more time polishing the sexual art than they did the basic combat stuff. The girl’s clothes look kind of janky, but once she takes her clothes off and you see her pussy, the quality sort of bumps up. Her pussy literally got more love than her face. This is exactly how I treat my women. I like their faces and all. They’re a great place to stick my cock. But, once the pussy is unveiled I go to down on that thing like it’s going out of style. I’ve eaten a lot of pussies in my day, but I’m never any less excited to see a new one uncovered.

Pretty Damn Sexy

Other than the voice acting, the hottest part of this game is the way they structured the heroine’s slow descent into hardcore penetration. You’re not raping her or forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, technically. It’s more the case that she becomes more and more enamored with your power as you deflect her attacks. Sure, you’re fighting her in proper combat, but you’re also fighting her mind. You’re softening her up and showing her that there’s more to life than just fighting. She could have a lot more fun if she just lied down, took her clothes off and bent over. She sees the light, slowly, gradually. And eventually, she becomes the perfect cock hungry whore for your amusement. Once you beat her down fully, depending on how you actually fought her and to what extent, you get a very rewarding smut payoff in which you dick her in every fantastic way you can think of. You basically get to experience every single thing her body has to offer and watch her facial expressions as she realizes that the one man, or rather, the one demon that she hated more than anything is now conquering all of her nooks and crannies. This game is short and possibly not worth the $5 they’re charging for it, but it’s a really fun romp and the fans really seem to like it.

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  • Short and simple story
  • Great sex scenes
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  • Way too short