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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Depraved Awakening

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Depraved Awakening

User Rating: 4/5
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Depraved Awakening is a would-be masterpiece by developer PhillyGames. You might have seen this bad boy on Steam already, in the credits for such masterpieces as Being a DIK and Acting Lessons. He used to work with PinkCake before splintering off to make his own video game called, well, Depraved Awakening. Except, this game didn’t quite catch the world by storm the same way those two did. They’re similar enough, sure. All three of these games are 3D western visual novels with a ton of mystery, drama, comedy and of course, 3D pre-rendered pussy. But, there’s more to porn games than just pussy. Yes, I said it. You need a proper build-up, otherwise you might as well be watching a porn movie.

PinkCake’s games had a ton more varied content and they were a lot longer. Depraved Awakening on the other hand is straight to the point. In many ways, it’s my kind of porn game, since it has less story and more pussy than these other two games combined. I guess PhillyGames just wanted you to jack off while you play the game end to end. And, even though there is in fact a very gripping story that is quite interesting, it’s slammed tightly in-between a lot of sex scenes. You don’t get much casual exploration with this one. It’s mostly just back to back action. But, that’s not such a bad thing, especially if you’re an impatient fuck like me.

High Quality 3D

Right off the bat this game will win you over with these fantastic 3D renders that blow triple-A gaming quality out of the water. Sure, they’re not animated, but that would be impossible given current year technology. Luckily, they’re rendered ahead and you just watch them as if they were slide shows. But, there are more than enough scenes in the game so that you feel like everything flows smoothly. I never felt like I was browsing a gallery. It all connected together very nicely. The scenes just keep coming.

As for the actual quality, my god, I have no idea how they managed this. If it’s not an A it’s an A+ and the quality just keeps ramping up. You’ll have a babe just sort of sprawled across a bed, naked, waiting for your cock and you’ll see a bit of moonlight coming through the cracks in the blinds, illuminating her body, with some shadows here and some blur effects there. Then there’s the depth of field effects, which I normally wouldn’t give a shit about, but they make this game feel so damn cinematic. You actually feel like you’re there, especially when the babes are looking right at you. Every single asset in this game was clearly crafted with care. From the tips of these girls’ nipples to the fucking lights off in the distance across the city skyline. Hell, there are even reflections on everything from windows to people’s sunglasses. You can even make out some reflections in people’s eyes. There’s also a bunch of particle effects for things like water and the individual hairs on people’s heads. This game puts triple-A gaming and 3D cartoons to shame. It’s not often you get this much quality in a porn game.

A Decent Story

I still think that this game’s story pales in comparison to what you get in Being a DIK, but it’s still good enough to warrant a fucking award. You play as a private eye, investigating the murder of your latest client. You get the feeling that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but you can’t stop investigating. It’s in your blood. Plus, it’s your client that got murdered. That means that you might be the next target, if you’re not careful. Along the way, you’re going to be investigating, interrogating and generally touching a lot of girls, all of whom have perfect fuckable bodies. They all come with their own backstories and motivations and it’s pretty clear you can’t trust them implicitly. They’ve all got something to hide, even if they’re willing to suck your cock six ways to Sunday. You need to keep a clear head. I mean sure, you’re going to fuck them all, but you’ll also be looking to get to the bottom of the murder case. You can balance shit out. You’re a professional.

Unclear Motivation

This part of the story had me a bit confused, I’ll admit. I mean, I played through the game with my mind on the pussy. But, at one point about an hour into the game I found myself thinking: Wait, what the hell am I actually doing? It can be very easy to forget your primary motivation in this game because it’s not exactly clear who the bad guy is and why. You’ve never really got your finger on the pulse of what’s going on. You’re just sort of following the pussy trail. On the one hand, this makes the story very weak and kind of confusing. It’s poor writing. On the other hand, following the pussy trail is how I got to where I am today and I have no intention of stopping any time soon. If this game wasn’t a smut title, it would crumble under the weight of its poor writing. But, since you get to bang bitches, it holds up and tons of people actually play through it to see all the sex scenes. The story is more of an afterthought. The pussy comes first.

Bondage Themes

There’s a lot of fucking bondage in Depraved Awakening. It didn’t seem particularly obvious to me from the initial screenshots I saw. I thought I was in for some casual sex scenes with noir themes. You know, banging under the moonlight or using a cigar as a dildo, that sort of thing. As it turns out, there’s a ton of BDSM. Most of the sex scenes boil down to some sort of power play kink. Luckily, your playable character is more than down with this idea, so shit evens out. I kind of wish there were more diverse sex scenes in this bad boy. There are so many female characters, you’d think they could spice things up. But alas, most of the scenes are pretty damn generic. I still managed to jack off to every single one, but only because the chicks are hot. It’s my opinion that this dude, PhillyGames, is a better artist than he is a writer. Still, the sex scenes are properly hot and very much on the side of hard recommend. Plus, the game costs $10 for fuck’s sakes. At that rate, I’ll take it. I think it’s a perfectly fair cost, honestly.

It’s Way Too Fast

I don’t mean in terms of playtime, that’s fine. You can get a good 10 hours out of this bad boy, easy. It’s more than long enough. I mean the pacing is too fast. The game blazes past you. This is coming from a guy who literally doesn’t like listening to women speak before they take their clothes off. Sure, I like to rush things, but not this fast. The game dumps the story on you in quick little sentences that just sort of fly at you explaining what’s going on. It might as well be a short story. You just sort of blaze through it.

They could have easily padded this bad boy out with some character development and a few comedic scenes here and there. But no, all you get is a blaze through sexual tension and a bunch of people looking serious and acting like they know everything. I guess that’s what I hated the most about it. If the chicks didn’t have different colored nipples, you wouldn’t know which one was which. I mean, you could also distinguish them by pussy taste.

Worth Playing

The saving grace here is the price. It’s $10. I think that Philly knew that Depraved Awakening wasn’t going to sell quite as well as PinkCake’s smash hits, so he dialed down his expectations. Thanks to this, we have this somewhat impressive porn game at a price that everyone can afford. Plus, it’s 10 hours of faps. I mean, can you really put a price on that? Yes, you can. It’s $10. And it puts a smile on my face. And, since this is a western production, you don’t have to download any uncensored patch. The game is perfect right out of the box. Make sure to also check out the reviews for Depraved Awakening on Steam. There are a bunch of devoted perverts there that left gigantic reviews, even longer than mine. You might want to read about their thoughts. They also make sure to avoid spoilers, so it’s a good way to make your final decision.

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  • Amazing art style
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  • Story moves too fast
  • Sex scenes are a bit repetitive