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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Diaper Quest

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Diaper Quest

User Rating: 4/5
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Ever play Trap Quest? You should. It’s an amazing porn game. It looks like ass, but it’s filled to the brim with open-world trap goodness. So, what does Diaper Quest have to do with Trap Quest? Well, it’s the exact same fucking game made by the same person, a chick that calls herself Aika. The main difference is, Diaper Quest has diapers. It’s the kind of game that really appeals to the scat fetishists. They really dish out the shit and piss play, there’s no holding back. This game is literally built around the idea of shitting yourself. Now, there are some fun mechancis around your character trying to sort of fend off the diaper play. You’re constantly fighting against becoming a whore… basically. They get this from Trap Quest.

The game itself is an RPG, straight up. There’s no compromise. You make your own character and guide them through an expansive dungeon that is more or less hand crafted. There’s some randomness, like the layout of the dungeon itself, but the rooms are hand-made so you’re more or less familiar with the shit after your first playthrough. You get through all the rooms, try to figure out how shit works and work your best not to shit yourself. That’s the gist of it. You might be thinking that it doesn’t make sense to try and play a diaper game where the point is to run away from the scat, but it kind of works. Aika knows how to excite you and keep you hard throughout, but with Diaper Quest you really have to have a scat fetish to pop so much as a half chub. Let’s get into the finer points of wearing a digital diaper.

The Story

It’s about as original as these kinds of stories get. You play as a random guy or girl who goes to a gaming convention to try out some new VR game. They tell you it’s all about escaping from a dungeon. You try it out and realize that there’s something sinister under the surface. As it turns out, the game itself is built to turn you into a diaper sissy. Again, if this were Trap Quest, you’d get the same story, just without the diaper part. Moving on… You can navigate the dungeon as much as you want and you’re free to leave at any time, but there’s a cash prize for those who manage to get through the whole thing.

Part way through the game you get pulled out of the VR experience by the people operating the game, so they can show you that they are in fact altering your body, permanently, as you play the game. You see, the game’s dungeon and all the inhabitants are trying their best to turn you into a diaper sissy, both within the game and on the outside. Again, you’re free to leave immediately, or risk it all in order to try to win the cash prize. The story isn’t going to be winning any awards any time soon, but it just works so well in a porn game setting. There’s a huge excitement in trying to move away from whore-like behavior while also falling into sex traps over and over again. It’s like, the sex is around every corner and it just keeps happening, over and over again. You pretend you don’t want it, but you know you do in fact want it and it’s that back and forth that keeps you playing the game. Ultimately, you want to get to the end of the dungeon and win the prize, but in the meantime you’ll be cumming your pants over and over again.

The Interface

Normally I’d talk more about the gameplay, but you need some information on the interface to keep you from hurting yourself in frustration. Diaper Quest, along with Trap Quest has one of the all-time worst interfaces in any porn game I’ve ever played. It’s atrocious and it looks like something that was built by design to be difficult to use, gaudy and ugly to look at. And yet… I’m giving the game a positive review. Why? Because it works just fine. It’s ugly and sometimes it lags, but it gets you where you need to go.

The bottom line is that this game is a text-based adventure that was built around this really old engine. You remember the old school text-based dungeon crawlers? That’s what you’re looking at here. You type in “go south” or “pick up rock” and that’s the core gameplay. Well, Aika probably knew that people couldn’t fap and type at the same time so she made the game one-hand friendly. She basically inserted an interface on top of the text engine, or around it, I guess. The interface works as a window, it isn’t technically full-screen and it’s janky as all hell. It won’t look good on your screen. It will never look good on any screen. But, it does mean that you don’t have to type anything. Objects have images and you can just click them to follow through with the action. It’s not fast, but it is responsive.

RPG Gameplay

This game has really deep and intricate RPG gameplay, starting with the character creation. You get to pick a lot of your fetishes as well as the speed at which shitty things happen to you – literally. The game is trying to turn you into a sissy, remember? So, you can choose how brutal the game is going to be across different aspects. How hard will monsters be trying to dick you and how capable will your character be in trying to fight back? That’s what it’s all about. You also pick your backstory and some other additional details and you’re off. You set out into the dungeon, pick up your starting items and start exploring.

You move from room to room exploring the NPCs, items and furniture. You also have to be careful around containers as some of them might have traps. Most traps are loaded with poisons and all kinds of contraptions that work to turn you into a diaper sissy. I’m not sure how this is supposed to work, but you should always inspect the traps to at least try to catch these traps before they have a chance of putting you in a vice. Unless you’re amazing at the game, you will eventually find yourself sissified and put in a diaper. On top of that, you can get cursed with all kinds of status effects that force you to shit yourself or piss right then and there. You can try your best to retain your dignity, but without some hard RPG focus you won’t get very far. You see, your character slowly breaks down, mentally becoming more of a slut. Eventually, your character won’t even try to fight back against the mental breakdowns. You’ll lose most of your control. On top of that you’ll be getting raped left and right. The game can be really brutal if you don’t at least try to protect your character.

The Smut

Oh boy, here comes the worst part. Ok, I know I said that this game has tons of hot moments that you can fap to and I stick to that, but there’s a caveat. You don’t technically get proper sex scenes like you would in any other porn game. Instead, you get a random image that was sort of thrown in to give you a vague idea of what’s going on. You don’t see your character with another specific character. No, you see some random diaper action that has to do with what you’re going through. If you want to know what’s actually happening you have to read the description in text. There’s no actual depiction of the action.

So, the images are kind of thrown in to keep you interested, but they don’t really follow along with the action. There’s also a bunch of images of specific items and body parts, again, to give you a general sense of what you’re going through. But, for the most part, the hotness of this game comes from the RPG freedom and the open-world. The bulk of the action is in the text.

Free Diaper RPG Smut

I recommend this game to anyone who tells me they have a scat or adult diaper fetish, because the girl that made it really knew what she was doing. And sure, the interface is dog-ass, but that’s not her fault. Developers can’t do everything at once. We’re lucky to even get a game in the first place. The whole thing is free to play and since Aika is regularly receiving pledges on Patreon, we can look forward to future updates for free as well. You can download the game and play it on PC right now, and look forward to future versions. The game is really janky, but that guarantees it’ll work on damn near any PC. If it can run Minesweeper, it can run Diaper Quest.

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  • Worth replaying
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  • Janky interface