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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Didnapper 2

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Didnapper 2

User Rating: 4/5
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If you’re into ropes, being tied up or tying other people up, congratulations, you found it. This is the game for you. Didnapper 2 is one of only two games in this world that is built entirely around the concept of tying people up with ropes. Oh sure, there are tons of bondage games out there, but this game is very specifically obsessed with tying people up with ropes. I’m not being too specific here, that’s exactly what the game is about. Every single element in this bad boy revolves around the bloody ropes. I don’t understand how this game has such a huge following. It’s not a bad game. Far from it. I actually quite liked Didnapper 2. I just find it hard to believe that there are really that many rope fanatics out there. But then again, there are over six billion people out there so, there are bound to be perverts of all shapes and sizes in droves. This game is a sequel to the original Didnapper, duh. It’s pretty much just more of the same, with higher resolution textures and even more quality gameplay. It takes place in the same universe, it comes with the same gameplay mechanics as the first one, but it’s far more polished. This game is the ultimate way to experience virtual rope-play in a smutty RPG.

Very Safe for Work

You’ll notice I didn’t call Didnapper 2 a porn game. That’s because it isn’t a fucking porn game. It’s a smutty game about ropes. This is the part that confused me. People actually play this thing with boners on and excitement in their eyes, but there’s no actual proper nudity and certainly no penetration. You get all of your kicks in this game from the tying up alone. It’s an extensive RPG with lots to do, mind you. There’s a proper and somewhat unique combat system. There are countless NPCs to befriend and quite a few that are trying hard to be the death of you. It’s a proper well-rounded smut game, but there’s no actual sex in it. As you can imagine, I am fuming over this. I’d love this game to death if it had actual sex scenes, but alas, it’s a more casual title and I just have to live with it. On the flip side, the lack of sexual scenes means that you can focus that much more on the regular gameplay. This really brings the story to the surface. It’s a damn well written story. It doesn’t make much sense, but once you get past the premise of it, you’ll find it to be super entertaining and very intriguing. It has its twists and turns and you’re constantly wondering about what’s around the next corner. It’s the kind of game that you can play in front of other people and I guess that’s a huge plus. You don’t have to hide it inside your porn folder and hope no-one ever finds it.

Generic RPG Elements

You play as a random female nobody who also happens to be a mage. Her name is Seles and her entire shtick is being boring and doing a 9 to 5 in order to pay bills and be a casual drip. That is, until she fights back against some bullies that were threatening to hurt her. This somehow leads to her being kidnapped by a hot pirate babe. After that, your journey is a sort of romp through increasingly random circumstances that just keep coming back to some kind of rope-play. This game will spare no expense at throwing rope-play into the limelight. If there isn’t at least one rope on screen at a time, the developer isn’t getting paid, I imagine. Didnapper 2 is extremely generic and comes with all the standard RPG elements you’ve come to know and hate. It’s a top down 2D exploration game with random encounters and a turn based combat system. You walk across a grid and talk to NPCs, then fuck off in a random direction to fight hordes of monsters and people with no real motivation. You’re basically grinding them for experience points. The game is a bit different from other RPGs like it though, in that it comes with a bunch of rope-centered combat mechanics. Have I mentioned the ropes yet? Instead of beating enemies down to death, you can instead use ropes to tie them up and kidnap them. Then, you can take them back to your lair, for no real reason other than to keep them tied up and maybe torture them while you’re at it.

Rope Escape 2

Much like the original Didnapper, Didnapper 2 comes with a special escape sequence type of gameplay, where you get your character in full view, while she’s tied up and you have to perform a series of tasks to get loose and run away. I would have enjoyed this mechanic a lot if it came with nudity and wet pussy. Instead, I have to watch a babe escape from her rope prison while also helping her squirm through it all, with no real payoff in the end. Your reward for escaping from ropes is that you get to run away so that you can be tied up with other ropes later in the story. They could have at least let me keep the rope I was tied up in as a memento. At the very least you mostly see women being tied up in this game. Men can sometimes tie you up, since they come up as enemies on occasion. But, for the most part, you’re playing as women and you’re tying up women. It’s all about the babes in this game. Their personalities also keep coming back to the bondage, in that they absolutely hate being tied up, but they can’t wait to put other women in a bind. It’s as if this entire world has developed a culture centered entirely around the concept of being tied up in ropes. All right, let’s stop talking about the goddamn ropes already and cover literally anything else.

The Art Style

Finally, I can throw some praise around. RPG Maker assets aside, the actual proper art you get over the gameplay is damn serviceable. I really like it. I’m not sure who drew it exactly as DID, the developers are a team of several people. But, the art is quite neat and very original. It feels like a soft blend of hentai with a bit of western coloring. Everything’s just sort of smooth all around. It’s very soothing to look at. And, even though there is literally no nudity in Didnapper 2, you do get high quality drawings of scantily clad babes tied up and sometimes pressed up against each other. I remember one part in the game where I met these two gorgeous, but arguably very angry, twins, who were wearing these really hot bikinis. Long story short, their tits were huge and they were tied to each other with ropes. It was a really hot sight to behold. I really fucking wish I could have stripped them and fucked them raw right then and there. Hell, I’d fuck them with the ropes, I don’t care. I’ve pushed a rope up a vagina before. It worked fine. You just need girth.

Worth Playing?

Yes, if you don’t mind the complete lack of sex scenes. Didnapper 2 is a great game for bondage enthusiasts as well as mild perverts who want a casual RPG game with a long story and some naughty bits sprinkled throughout. I have to warn you though; the game is nowhere near finished. It is, however, pretty huge in its current state with hours of gameplay to get through. And, DID’s Patreon is going strong. I checked, they do indeed upload regular updates to the game. The story is getting longer, new characters are being introduced and the game is nearing an actual complete launch date. And, thanks to the whole Patreon funding deal, you don’t have to pay a single cent to download this game. Hell, they even have a handy download link on Itch.Io so you don’t have to wait an hour for the damn thing to download to your PC. Speaking of PC, you can play this game on a toaster, if that toaster runs Windows. The game is really lightweight and it will run on your old business laptop. I guess that’s one of the upsides here. It’s a free game with a ton of lighthearted banter, lovable characters and a serviceable story. I really wish that this game could have been raunchier, but it’s still a great game for what it is. You won’t find me complaining about free games any time soon, especially when the art is this good. If you particularly love DID’s work, drop them a shekel or two on their Patreon.

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