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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Time to cover the original Didnapper. If you’re here, you’ve probably already heard about the sequel, Didnapper 2. If you had to choose between the two, roll with that one. It’s better than this one in every way and you don’t have to play one to enjoy the other. But, if you’re a fan of the sequel and you’re here to find out where it all started, or you just happened to hear about Didnapper from a friend, let me tell you, this is an interesting game right here. Unlike most of the other games that I’ve reviewed on this site, Didnapper is not a porn game. I know right, I couldn’t believe it either. I mean, it’s a game that revolves around tying up babes with ropes. How could it possibly not get sexual? Well, it would appear that the folks that made this game had their eye on the BDSM themes and literally nothing else. I guess that you can jack off to this game even without any nudity, but you have to be the kind of guy who gets turned on by the idea of keeping babes tied up in your basement – but like in a sexy way. This game must be hot. Either that or it must at the very least be interesting, since thousands of people really loved it. Hell, they demanded a sequel and they got it. Plus, DID Games, the developer, still has hundreds of regular backers on Patreon. They must know what they’re doing.

Getting it to Work

With most RPG Maker looking games, you download a zip file, fire up the executable and you’re on your way to pinching nipples and cumming on titties. Not with Didnapper. This game really brings the retro grind of having to bend over backwards to get the damn thing to run. So, here’s what you gotta do. If you’re on Windows, you download the game, which you can find on the developer’s website or just generally on a third party site – it’s a free game after all. Then, you need to download RMXP which is a sort of plugin that lets your computer run RPG Maker XP games. If I had to pick my least favorite RPG Maker version, it would be this one. It’s such a fucking hassle to run. If you want to play this bad boy on Android, you can, through an emulator. Get your hands on the RPGXP Player app and fire up the game. It’s that simple. Hell, you can even migrate your save files between your PC and your phone, if you really need to play a game about tying women up while you’re at the office or at school. Good luck explaining that shit if you get caught though. Remember to tell them that the game has no smut in it, so it’s technically PG. Oh, by the way, to play this game on Linux or Mac OS you need to do a rain dance and pray to the OS gods. Just kidding. It’s almost as bad. You have to get an emulator and pray that the game doesn’t lag like mad hell because it’s completely incompatible with your computer. This game really fights you when it wants to.

Tying Up Babes

So, it’s a game about ropes, lots of ropes. Didnapper takes place in a medieval fantasy universe that seems to be ripped straight from every single RPG Maker game you’ve ever played before. It’s bland, generic and not at all memorable, with a tiny exception – the world’s entire culture revolves around ropes. If you fight someone, you tie them up with a rope. If they beat you, they rope you up and strap you to a wall. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that people go as far as to eat actual ropes for breakfast. They’re all sort of rope-crazy. Are you tired of me saying rope yet? Me too. You play as a chick named Suki. She’s a real treat. She should be the new princess of the realm, but her cousin Cherisa betrays her and sells her to the kidnapping guild. Luckily, the guild are a very understanding bunch, so they agree to let you go if you promise to work for them, otherwise they’ll just gag you and put you back in your cell. You have to go around the world capturing babes for them. You also shouldn’t be asking a lot of questions. Along the way, you also look for your cousin and try to figure out how to deal with her shenanigans.

Decent Enough Story

I liked the story to this game, even if it didn’t have enough smutty elements for me. Most of the named characters are babes and so are most of the generic enemies you encounter. They’re all kind of cheerful and uppity with a ton of charisma and humor. Everything’s just sort of lighthearted. I guess, if combat is all about getting tied up and no-one’s really out for blood, it’s easy to take this casually. People just sort of take kidnapping with stride in this game. It’s like a rite of passage. If you’ve never been kidnapped, it’s like you’re a virgin. You’ll get lucky soon enough. There are a handful of companions that are there to team up with you and aid you in your quest, along with a bunch of antagonists who are basically just a long list of cunts. They’re all very well written with their own backstories and motivations and you uncover all of their secrets slowly and gradually. None of the exposition gets dumped on you in a dialogue box. I also really love that the game comes with a bunch of well-written side-quests like tomb exploration and town infiltration. This is all primo stuff for a bondage RPG game. If you’re not fighting fun and original enemies, you’re meeting fun and original people with very interesting things to say. They either reveal plot details that progress the story or they tell you about the world. It’s all quite fantastic.

Rope Escape Mini-Game

There’s a special segment in this game that appears to have been custom made for Didnapper. It’s tiny and kind of boring compared to the escape sections from Didnapper 2, but this is where it all began, after all. The idea is that once you get captured, you’re tied up and left alone in a cell or a private room. During this time, you have to squirm out of your ropes, as best you can. You free up one limb after another, remove your gag and get rid of any other constraints in your way to that you can slink away. You get a similar mini-game with special NPCs when you kidnap them. Theoretically, you can rope-up just about any babe that you face in battle, but you can only really do the rope escape torture room play with the special NPCs that were scripted for the job. This part of the game is the best, as far as I’m concerned, because it’s the most unique. I can’t say I’ve seen anything quite like it before, even in actual porn games. It has a lot of potential and they managed to make it even more fun in Didnapper 2.

Basic Graphics and Art

I mentioned that this game was made in RPG Maker XP. As you may have guessed, that’s a bit of a bad thing. They mostly used free assets for the world building, both indoors and out in the wilds, so most of the game actually looks like a poorly aged Lego construction. But, there’s also a ton of original art that was drawn by an actual artist. Namely, you get real art when you do the rope-escape sections and when you have conversations with people. You get to see them on screen with proper 2D renditions of what they look like. I would describe the style as cartoony. Sure, it’s a bit kinky and most of the babes are quite hot, but overall, it’s just basic. I wouldn’t complain about it if the whole game was drawn like this, but mixing the old, retro blocky RPG Maker textures with basic 2D art is a bit of a drag for me. The game’s art has a ton of potential, but ultimately, it falls short of actually being pretty. From what I can tell, the developers wanted to wrap this bad boy up to a full version so that they could release it and gain exposure. The game is free to play, so the idea is, they want as many people as possible to check it out. They also need more Patreon funding if they’re ever going to wrap up Didnapper 2, so that’s also something you need to keep tabs on if you’re interested. By the way, the sequel might not be finished, but a good chunk of it is already available as a playable demo, so by all means, game away.

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  • Original writing
  • Lots of ropes
  • Cute cartoony style
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  • Too many RPG Maker assets
  • It’s a bit too retro