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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Divine Arms

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Divine Arms

User Rating: 4/5
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Divine Arms is a Corruption-Themed Puzzle Game by ViperV

One of my favorite tried and true genres for sex games is corruption. I love anything and everything about seeing a proud, pristine, morally-righteous babe get thrown down the ladder of degeneracy into a cesspit of fetishes, lust, and desire. The bigger the fall from grace the more voracious I get for that shit. Some of the best games out there focus on angels and goddesses falling for the desires of horny mortals and big-dicked monsters. What’s not to love about seeing some angel get triple-penetrated and raped by a massive, writhing mass of tentacles? Now that my goddamn thesis statement is out of the way, let’s talk about this fucking game. Divine Arms is a title that most of you fucks have probably seen animations for. They’re fucking legendary. But, man, this game has a bit of a sordid development history. This game is the definition of development hell. The original animator left (who is currently rumored to come back) and this fuck named ViperV took on the brunt of the responsibility. Now, I won’t go and support any of these claims, but a lot of contributors to this guy’s Patreon think it’s turning out to be a scam.

Grab a Public Version of the Game for Free!

Updates have been promised again and again with no results. Hell, there haven’t even been any new h-scenes added since the original animator left in 2017. And ViperV has changed concepts and approaches to this game so many fucking times. He’s always got some “emergency” or “personal reason” for not delivering on fuck all. But, hey, who knows what the truth really is here. All I know is that it’ll run you $1 a month to get instant access to all builds, or you can sit around for a few weeks until they’re released to the public over at Patreon.com/ViperV. The current version of Divine Arms plays like a top-down puzzle-solving wave fighter. Your character is this beautiful angel babe who was birthed from the cosmos or whatever the fuck this game’s confusing premise says. It doesn’t really matter. You’re playing as her to go around purifying the land from the evil tainted presence of monsters. That’s about as far as the story gets in terms of depth. Don’t expect anything crazy here in terms of writing here. At least the developer acknowledges it, but the writing is full of typos and odd sentences.

Enjoy some Straightforward Combat & Puzzle Solving

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. You control this angel babe as monsters try to rip you to shreds. After a few tutorials, you get the ability to shoot beams at them or produce defensive orbs. Your objective is simple—kill baddies and unlock new areas by finding crystal fragments. You’ll need to figure out how to get through some minor puzzles, but that’s about it. I liked how the combat felt. It was a nice change of pace from some of the more clunky systems out there. Though later areas get insanely fucking difficult. ViperV says that he’s seen these complaints but isn’t going to fucking fix it. What a man of the people. It would be fine if the increase in toughness was gradual, but it’s like going from cruising along the road to hitting a vertical wall blocking your path. It’s insane. It’s such an artificial, lazy way to make it so the newest shit is hard to get to.

You have to Download a Separate File-Player for the H-Scenes

But those aren’t even the worst sins for this game. My main issue is that you can’t seem to get the h-content in the base game. You need to download the external scene viewer to get all of your fap material. I remember playing older versions of this game where it was all in one! You could stand around and wait to get h-attacked by the monsters. It seems like they took that out. It’s either that or it doesn’t work like it used to. I played for a good while and didn’t come across any sort of animated scenes in the main game. At least the scene viewer does come with the game download, but it’s still a pain in the fucking ass to have to go back and forth. I’d rather these scenes come naturally. There’s also this odd difference in style between the main game and the h-scenes. It’s because there have been a few different animators here, but this cuck needs to stop relying on these old fucking sex scenes to sell his game. Get somebody new to craft some fresh ones. Hell, it’s not like this guy hasn’t had the time or money. He still gets a good bit of dosh on his Patreon for how long he seems to have been stringing you cucks along.

Amazing, Fluidly Animated, Uncensored H-Scenes…from 2016

That’s definitely not to say that the game looks bad. I fucking love the visual design. It’s bright. It’s vibrant. You get loads of chibi-style angel sluts to gawk at. And there are a fair bit of lewd illustrations scattered about, but, again, they don’t quite match up when compared to the animated scenes. The setting is very detailed and full of subtle animations. Everything looks fucking great. It’s just that this is what a lot of us fappers have been looking at for the past couple of years with no real changes. Despite them being sort of separate, I am going to give you eager fucks the scoop on these sex scenes. They are hands down some of the best hentai-style scenes that I have ever had the pleasure of blowing a load to. These scenes have been expertly animated and are so goddamn fluid. It’s no wonder these animations have been fapped to so much over these last few years. You get hot audio, multiple controllable positions per scene, and all of the kinky monster rape fetish content that you could ever dream of.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

It’s probably not a good thing that my favorite aspect of this game are the h-scenes. Why? Well, that animator is long fucking gone as of right now, but I hope he returns to shape this shit up. And the scenes aren’t even technically in the game, to begin with. So, uh, I feel like I’m cheating by saying the h-scenes, but they’re so fucking good! Even if you don’t play the actual game, you need to find a rip of these scenes and drain your balls to these incredibly fapworthy animations. They’re a must-see. For what it’s worth, I liked the main game up to a point. The combat is repetitive but fun. I liked the puzzle-solving aspect of the game even if the puzzles could be solved by anyone that’s graduated from middle-school. The game was also full of pretty solid visual and audio design. The music fits the theme of the game, and the characters and backgrounds all looked fucking fantastic.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Man, I’d almost recommend starting over at this point. The developer seems to disappear and work on other projects for months at a time anyway. I’d scrap it or hand over the reins to somebody who is actually going to get off of their ass and do the damn work. I get it. Sometimes you get in over your head. There’s no shame in admitting defeat, though that would mean losing some of that sweet, sweet Patron dosh. Mechanically, reintroduce the in-game h-scenes while adding in additional scenes of your own. Lessen the difficulty later in the game as well. That shit was ridiculous.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Divine Arms is a promising title that very well may never reach its potential. It’s been in development hell since its inception in 2016. The current game still relies on the original h-scenes from way back then with no real additions. I’d recommend keeping an eye on this title, but it’s definitely not something that I’d recommend getting your hopes up for. It likely won’t be finished anytime soon. What I do recommend is checking out those older h-scenes. They are fucking incredible and will have you fapping in no time at all. Other than that, just check out the public builds when they come out. I don’t advise throwing any more dosh into this money pit of a game.

BestPornGames Likes Divine Arms
  • Incredible, fully-animated, uncensored monster rape scenes
  • A vibrant, colorful game with straightforward combat
  • Fun puzzle-solving
  • You can play it for free!
BestPornGames Hates Divine Arms
  • The developer keeps pushing updates back
  • No new h-content since 2016
  • Artificial difficulty spike