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Updated on 15 January 2020
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On this site, I mostly talk about the best adult games, many of which are of the hentai variety. When reviewing them, I try to find reputable places to download them or play in your browser. However, with so many out there for some free-to-play or cheap games, I get worried that some new sites aren’t trustworthy. So, to keep you guys safe and point you to a platform with a plethora of explicit interactive experience, I’ve been looking into game hosting sites. Obviously, the big one is Steam, and I’ve already done plenty of commentary on Nutaku. There are even more, lesser-known but still worth looking at, including DL Site. I’m sure you’ve never heard of it, and that’s understandable since it technically is a Japanese platform. However, I found out that there is an English version, so let’s get into it.

This Is an Old Domain With Many Coats of Paint

Trying to track down the origins of this website was a bit tricky and a little fun. According to my digital sleuthing, the DLSite.com URL was registered in Y2K though at first, there is a complete blackout period. For over five years, there seems to be no history of what this domain was being used for at all. Circa 2006, the site was clearly being used to promote and sell manga and other items in that niche. Not sure how long DL had been operating with these services, but it looks like they already had a sizable consumer base. Since then, they’ve revised their design multiple times but kept to the same vision: sell a wide range of comics, games, and downloads. The beautiful thing about their ongoing expansion of products is that they have an excellent selection of hentai video games.

Looking at These Pages Might Make Your Eyeballs Explode

Sometimes I think that loads of color, accents, and features can be great. Other times I find that it is a whole lot to take in all at once. When assessing DL Sites, I felt both of those things as I navigated around. There aren’t really any offsite spam links as far as I can tell, but there are several adverts for the media hosted on this platform everywhere. This feature, combined with the thumbnails for various downloads, can be a bit distracting at first. Still, once you get used to the sensory (near) overload, it should no longer be a problem. Now onto the most crucial question, how all do these pages render on mobile machines? In my opinion, it’s a bit of a mixed case. Clearly, DL has been optimized a little since all images and buttons fit on a page, are properly spaced, and are entirely responsive. To address the other side of my thoughts, the huge amount of color and elements can be a bit overwhelming. If you ask me, DL Site’s web traffic would be best served with a complete overhaul of the mobile version.

There Are a Shit Ton of Search and Filter Options

I’ll get into the number of games in the next section, but first I’ll explain how to find them. Don’t worry, it isn’t impossible to manage at all, but there is a dick load of ways to find what you are looking for. The most basic would be to one-hit click options located on the left-hand side of the screen. Since this is all about adult content, you’re going to have to scroll a little to get to the fetish section. However, you are going to see the full range of content which aren’t limited to just video games. To get more specific results, tap the link to the advanced search option. Using this tool, you get access to literally dozens of metrics to search with. Just within the Game tab, you can filter your responses by one or several of eleven categories. To give you some more specifics, by using the other tools, you can adjust by rating, price range, and keywords. With so much content uploaded, I would first visit this page when you join DL Site.

You Get a Fine Number Of Games to Pick From

There are hundreds of video games to pick from and include puzzles, role-playing games, action platformers, and all of your favorite genres. As you can see from the comment and public rating system, most of these virtual experiences are excellently programmed and designed. In fact, I noticed that a lot of them reminded me of the classics from 8- and 16-bit era. Retro gamers will have a lot of fun taking their pick of the collection. Lastly, besides the hentai ones, there are several SFW games hosted as well, which are just as easy to find. No matter what you prefer, the check out process is no different than Amazon’s, so you know it’s secure and going to be quick.

Score Some Dank Deals and Sweat Savings

No matter how much money you make, it’s always nice to save some pence, pennies, or pesos when making a purchase. Most retailers have some kind of special going on sometimes, but DL Site has savings deals going on all of the time. To start, at the top of the page, they’ve got a scrolling banner showing just a few deals and how long they will last. Unlike some other e-stores, some of their savings last for weeks at a time. Further, if you tap the Discount tab, you’ll see a complete list of the price reduced games, backgrounds, and other digital goodies, which can be up to 99% off. The number changes regularly, though I should point out now there are over 6,000 products listed. Lastly, you can even download products for free, including audio recordings, manga, and sometimes a free game.

This Site Is a Home for Game Developers

I’ve focused on the finished interactive entertainment, but there are several tools to help making an indie game considerably easier. You can get collections of royalty-free battle music, pre-rendered backgrounds, character models, and all sorts of audio files. All of these supplemental tools can be purchased for just a few dollars normally. As with the leading products, these products are often put up on sale with price cuts so low some downloads maybe three-quarters of a dollar.

Get All of These Products and Features With a Quick Sign-up

Like most other sign-up required websites, this one has a streamlined registration process. The method of doing so only requires an email address. There are others that allow you to link your DL Site’s account to a social media profile. Using your Google, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter account, you can join this website in a couple of clicks. In either case, getting a membership is entirely free – plus, newbies get a 30% off coupon.

There Are Things Which Should Be Add and Make a Comeback

Just a few months ago, DL had an entire section to promote soon-to-be-released games. Woefully, they indefinitely discontinued this service on the 31st of May, 2020. The reported reason has to do with the fact that the translation schedule of Japanese games had been set at an unrealistic pace. The Japanese version does have release dates, but obviously, it’s recommended that you be able to read kanji. I understand that it can be tricky figuring out how long teams take to translate pages. Still, it would be nice to have at least an estimate as to when a new title is going to be posted. If anything, I would simply list a series of games under the label “Coming Soon” without a specific date to build up hype. As DL Site has been around for so long, I think it would be worth it to include some community features to retain users and provide more reason for new ones to stay longer and purchase more. At a minimum, I would add a forum and maybe even some interactive polls and a chat room.

Here’s How I Ultimately Think This Platform Ranks

Once you get the hang of the huge number of options to find games and the visual explosion on every page, DLSite.com is a fantastic place to find games. Besides interactive hentai adventures, there are other finished, digital goods which might make it easier for you to create your own game. There’s even more virtual material in the form of parody, safe-for-work manga from a variety of franchises. As I’ve pointed out, there are some tweaks and additions I would make, but it’s not enough to really rag on this site. With everything considered, I do think that English and Japanese readers will both enjoy this site. I think that DL Sites deserves a good four and a half hands and has earned my endorsement.

BestPornGames Likes DLsite
  • On multiple devices, the site runs well
  • The selection of games is impressive and affordable
  • Checking items out is quick and clean
  • There are plenty of other non-adult bonus material
BestPornGames Hates DLsite
  • Some might think that maximalist design is a bit much
  • I think they should add a few new and old features
  • Getting used to the simple search options can be tricky