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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Dragon Knight

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Dragon Knight

User Rating: 4/5
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Well, what’s a nerdy shut-in loser like you doing here in this review? Did you come here to look for some more of the best sex games on the internet to jack off to? Or were you looking for a game that fills you up with arousal and lust to get you away from your usual emotions of sadness and anger? Stop being a little bitch by being affected by that sentence, you’re probably doing fine, and I was just exaggerating. Anyways, let me get back to the review.

So what is Dragon Knight anyway? It’s one of the best sex games when we’re talking about 2D RPG, side-scrolling fighters. It’s probably one of the better games you can find on the internet right now, it has a good mixture of action with a lot of lewd content. Dragon Knight was developed by D.K. Studio and published by Paradise Project. It is now a free-to-download game that you can find pretty much anywhere as long as you search for it.

If you’re still a little unsure if you want to play the game, then I am here to help you fuck faces! Because I am quite a generous entity, I took the time and effort out of my day to download, play, and review the game all for your beta-cuck eyes. So why don’t you sit there comfortably, continue reading and appreciate the effort that I put into this whole thing,

Adventure As A Dragon Slayer

You read that completely right, you get to experience what it will be like to be an incredibly attractive(and quite voluptuous) dragon slayer that, well, slays dragons. You get to travel to different locations, battle and triumph over several monsters, complete quests for money, and upgrade all of your dragon-slaying gear! You aren’t alone, though! You travel along with your foster father shrouded with mystery, as you have never seen him strip his armor off.

Don’t you think that this is quite a unique game concept? You get to become a dragon slayer that is slim but powerful, swift on her feet, but possesses a large pair of teats, strong but with an elegant voice(in Japanese), which makes the whole thing a whole lot more entertaining. You get enticed by the chest fat in the lack of clothing, and I can’t blame you for that because I am the same, if I’m honestly speaking.

First Impressions and What You Should Expect

You really can’t go wrong with a 2D game made by the Japanese now, can you? I mean, it is hard to create an amazing 2D side-scrolling game in today’s gaming standards, but this is just too good to pass up. Leave it to the Japanese to make a tremendous 2-dimensional game with excellent voice acting, cool art styles, and even cooler(and a lot of the time, erotic) animations that just make you fall in love with the game more than you necessarily need to.

Dragon Knight’s Gameplay

Well, its an action-adventure RPG so you know what you’re getting yourself into. You’re diving into a fantasy world full of monsters who want nothing more than to either eat the fuck out of you or fuck the shit out of you. So what do you have to do to change and avoid that? Well, you need to venture out into this dangerous world with your foster father – a dark knight, to drive your own fate and become stronger through battle accompanied by other characters.

You start off the game with a little scene that shows you out on a hunt with your foster father, in your sights, a scaled creature that you slay quite swiftly. It is in this part where you are greeted with your first ass fanservice, twice. Though some dialogue boxes are unintelligible since they’re in Japanese, that won’t really matter. Anyways, your conversation wraps up with the prompt that you need to hurry up to collect more dragon souls.

Shortly after, you are greeted with some measly looking dragonlings just to gauge your understandings of the controls – sort of like your tutorial stage without an actual tutorial. You’re not actually in a dungeon setting, but there seems to be quite an abundance in these dragonlings for you to slay. You should definitely expect the monsters to get harder to beat as you keep progressing through the game – at least that much goes without saying, right?

What’s gives this 2D side-scrolling fighting game a cutting edge against others like it is that the enemy loot drops give you varying weapons with their own combos and fighting styles. There are also the villager NPCs that are there as place holders and quest hubs. Just interact with them to get your quests and get the fuck out of there to get that shit done. You may have to slay a required number of monsters or just roam around to talk to other villager NPCs.

Like I said earlier, there are good enemy loot drops. So try to collect those as much as you can; they might come in handy later on – stuff like food for replenishing your lost HP or gold to further strengthen your gear. If you’re lucky enough, you probably won’t need to buy weapons from blacksmiths, since the monsters can drop weapons as well.

Fantastic Art and Animations

Here’s the first thing that you notice when you just started playing – the outstanding graphics. Though they aren’t anything special like what triple-A games have to offer, they are damn well good enough for what most 2D ARPGs have to offer to you. Given the circumstances that the game is set at an affordable price and developed by a small team, I’d have to commend the perfect balance between great animation and art with smooth gameplay.

Not to mention that each of your attacks, be it with a long sword or a sword-and-shield combo, you’re going to enjoy the animations for each attack. You get to see the differences between your weapon type – like when you would switch from a bulky greatsword to a slim and elegant katana. Small things like that are something that I always appreciate in games.

Every moment of dialogue you get with the main characters, you’ll see each character in their wonderfully drawn full-body portraits. The details are so great that it makes you think that it came from a manga or a webtoon or something. Their choice in color scheming for each character gives you an idea of what sort of qualities each character has. The damn clothing choice for each character is just too perfect – not a biased opinion since there are many costumes in this game that leave very little to the imagination.

Let’s put it this way, you get excited whenever Sue’s portrait shows up on the screen and always look forward to the next time you’ll get some more dialogue. Seeing her near-bare breasts and silky smooth thighs will get you excited, not to mention how she has a great voice actress, so that’s another reason to get all-the-more excited!

My Favorite Features Of Dragon Knight

One of the things that I found really cool about Dragon Knight is the availability and the different uses of the weapons that you get from drops. Upon searching up the weapons, it said that there are currently 6 different weapon types – each equipped with their own combos and abilities. I find this way to vary the combat sequences was quite a good move by the developers because it adds a new “dimension” to the gameplay, making it more enjoyable.

With how well the story was written, it’s kind of hard to imagine that people disliked the game for that aspect. They included great questlines supported by equally great dialogue to add depth to your adventure of beating up and killing monsters. The developers also included something I always love in video games, which are game-impacting choices, where your choices will greatly affect what your gameplay will be like as you progress.

What I Think Needs Improvement

Dragon Knight lacks the content that would definitely make this an “adult” game. Yeah, sure there are fanservice moments where you get to see some ass or some wonderful breasteses. But you get nothing like the hard-to-explain situations when someone barges into your room, that’s what makes adult games better for me. Dragon Knight can provide great lewd art when it comes to this – but no juicy adult content.

The combat system does get a little repetitive, making it no longer a challenging aspect in terms of difficulty. It becomes problematic because you’ll get bored of the fighting, and you just wish to get on with the level to complete the quest. Maybe they should include floor variations, or add new combos and skills to spice up the action a little.

Final Verdict

I had a great time playing Dragon Knight since it blew my expectations. I thought it would be like your typical 2D side-scrolling games. Still, the animations, art, and excellent writing made my gameplay a whole lot better. It’s a great game if you want to buy new games on Steam, but you don’t exactly have a large budget. Or you have the choice of searching for a torrent online and download it for the low, low price of absolutely fucking free! I give Dragon Knight a 4 out of 5.

BestPornGames Likes Dragon Knight
  • Great animation and art.
  • Great storyline.
  • Good lewds.
BestPornGames Hates Dragon Knight
  • Poor navigation system.
  • Repetitive combat.
  • Not enough “adult” content.