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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Dream Daddy

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Dream Daddy

User Rating: 4/5
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I have noticed that when it comes to porn for guys, MILF porn has exploded over the years. Don’t believe me? Look up the top-rated categories on PornHub over the years, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Unsurprisingly, this trend seems to be taking off with women and gay men, too. And you can see this in media outside of porn like in the case of games like Game Grump’s incredibly popular, interactive visual novel Dream Daddy.

Dating Simulation Mixed With Plenty of Humor

You start out as a single guy with his teenage daughter, who has recently moved into a new, sunny neighborhood. While (allegedly) happily single, the daughter pressures you to get back into the dating pool with the local, hunky men. There are seven men to pick from who are of different colors, backgrounds, and body types. And don’t worry if this seems like something you might not like giving your own sexual attractions. Just because this is a guy-on-guy dating sim, don’t skip if you aren’t a queer man. There are armies of women who adore this simulator and some straight guys, too, if only for how hilarious it can be. Some of the character interaction can be a bit of trial and error. And since this is a (mostly) safe for work sim, you’ll have to go through tons of interactions before you move the plot forward. Unlike other romance and sex simulators, Dream Daddy is far more forgiving if you screw up when conversing. Just keep plugging away for a while. Pay attention to the flow of conversation, and it’ll all pay off eventually. At various points, there are some neat changes in pace that involve mini-games, which look suspicious based on Pokemon, Wii Sports, and a variety of popular arcade games. Rather than be a poorly design distractions, these sections involve reflex and RPG mechanics, which are a nice switch up from the extensive dialogue trees. Keeping with the theme of the game, there are a ton of dad jokes, gamer humor, and other humorous Easter Eggs. I thought some of the comedy came off as campy or got a little stale after a while. But I’m certain if you like absurd and meta puns, you’ll be giggling to yourself on and off for hours.

When It Comes To Artistic Style, The Makers Spared No Expense

Even since the sixth console generation, game designers of all sorts seem to have placed emphasis on one of two things: mechanics and gameplay, or graphics, and plot. Well, I suppose when it comes to the most recent additions to the COD franchise, some devs aren’t including much of either. Anyway, I think I’ve convinced you that this game has a complete plot, and the graphics are fantastic as well. There aren’t much in terms of animations, but the excellent character designs and backgrounds make up for it.

Not a Fan of the Original Rooster of Men? Build Your Own Then

From what I’ve seen from other reviewers, there are few complaints about the seven datable dads presented in the story mood. Just in case you think you can design someone better, the creators have included a customizable character option as well. When it comes to this feature, you have just about as many options when you build your Dragon Age avatar. Besides multiple body types, you can pick from dozens of facial features, piercings, headwear, and clothing. With this tailored avatar, you interact with all of the other potential love interests. So, when you design your character, put some thought into it because it’ll be a while until you make any visual changes.

The Music and Sound Effects Are Superb

Most of the soundtrack is fun and bouncy, as are the sound effects, but there is plenty of variation. At certain points, the music changes to more classical video tunes or are more in the ambient music genre. Don’t mistake my meaning – all of the tracks add to the sim and aren’t too distracting or underwhelming.

Now That You’re Sold Here’s Where To Buy It

Since this is a newer game, at least relatively speaking, you can play it on a number of net-connected devices. For the most part, you won’t have to put up too much money or have the slickest gaming computer.

Desktops Devices

I know that Mac users like to think that their preferred operating system is the tits. Yeah, I think they are great for surfing for porn since you don’t have to worry about getting bogged down by malware. Unfortunately, most developers still don’t cater to that demographic when making their games. However, Game Grumps had the foresight to make both a PC and Mac friendly versions of Dream Daddy. To get as many players as possible, this simulator can be run on Windows 7 and OSX 10 or more modern systems. So long as your machine is compatible, all you need is a Steam account and about $15 to get started. I’ve noticed a trend online when it comes to internet gaming, which I think is absolutely fantastic. Not only are developers making their games available for a variety of devices for Apple products and PC systems, but also for Linux. And that includes this sim. Now there is a little bit a catch for those of you who prefer to use GNU software, though not terribly onerous. If you have a Steam account, you can still play this game using Steam if you have an account. No matter what OS you use, be sure to clear out a little extra space. Compared to most of the crap Flash games out there, this beast takes up considerable memory — a full four gigabytes of data.

Mobile Machines

Probably more importantly than what home computers, does this game run on is the question: can I take it with me when on the run? Well good news, you can find DD complete with all features available on the Google Play Store and in the App Store. That means that whether or not you have an iPhone, Galaxy, or Android, you can flirt, date, and court an ideal mature man. What’s more, unlike getting it through Steam, you can get it for free on those e-stores.

Home Consoles

From the eighties and decades on afterward, major studios have dominated the gaming space. That is until changes licensing policy by significant companies and how cheap game development technology has become. As a result, you can find comparatively small studios making their products available on the major consoles, including Game Grumps. So far, there isn’t an Xbox version, but you can get Dream Daddy on the Playstation Store or for the Switch for the same price as on Steam. All you need to do is login into your PlayStation 4, wait a few minutes to download, and have fun with this simulator on the big screen.

If You Have the Cash You Can Get Extra Goodies

Having downloadable content, expansion packs, or bonus media for a major title is practically expected these days. That is unless the development company is rushed by their publisher. I’m looking at you Electronic Arts. But this isn’t as common for niche games, especially those which are adult-oriented. Sometimes devs make some, but they aren’t that great or take forever to be produced and published. Being exceptional once again, Game Grumps has come out with some more ways to enjoy this franchise. Back in 2018, GG released the Director’s Cut of DD, which included even more content. Months later came out with another add-on, or should I say another form of media in the form of a comic book based on the game’s story. At $11.99, the price is a little steep, I think, but if you really get into the plot, you might want to consider buying it. It certainly is better than spending between $3 to $20 for each of the twenty separate editions.

It’s Not Exactly For Me, But For Some of You It Might Be

For this website’s namesake, I only tend to talk about games that have some degree (and preferably a ton) of nude art and erotic entertainment. When it comes to this game, it is severely lacking which might be a downer for some of you. The closest you’ll come to seeing anything explicit is your avatar in a crop top or the dateable characters in their underwear. That and there technically are some sexual encounters, but it’s just a black screen, some scintillating text, and a few muffled noises. Still, I can’t ignore the attraction of a lot of gamers – both casual and the hardcore ones – have for this game. It’s easy to see why considering the solid gameplay, immersive plot, mini-games, and art style. With all of that taken into account, anyone who has a thing for dating games you’ll have a great time. Everyone with a more prurient interest in adult games might want to skip this one. Still, I feel comfortable giving this romantic romp four and a half hands.

BestPornGames Likes Dream Daddy
  • Get immersed in an intricate plot to find your old, mature new boyfriend
  • The art style has one of the best I have ever seen in a dating sim
  • Between desktop computers, mobile devices, and consoles anyone can play this game
BestPornGames Hates Dream Daddy
  • For some of you, the pacing might come off as being slow
  • There isn’t much in the form of nudity nor is there any sex
  • Depending on the machine you use you might have to pay to play