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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Elana Champion Of Lust

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Elana Champion Of Lust

User Rating: 4/5
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What’s up, bitches! I hope you are all having a good time out there since the majority of porn games that are being released today can be downloaded for free. If you are still stuck playing the same game over and over again, maybe it’s that you go out of your cave and start exploring some new games, you will be surprised with what you will find. If you are having a hard time looking for a fap-worthy porn game, you’re in luck as I will let you in on a new porn game that I came across with. I think it’s safe to say that it’s about fucking time to share this porn game with you. I introduce to you, Elana Champion Of Lust! Just by looking at the title, you will instantly have an idea of what this game is about to give you. This game is not like those shitty ass games that you have played in the past where you had to go through hours and hours of dialog, no, it’s not like that. This game was made by Knot Games way back in 2015, and it is packed with tons of hot sex scenes. It might not have the best graphics quality. But, the game is good enough to keep all of you horny incels hooked to the storyline and the gameplay. Not to mention, three chapters are already available. So, without further ado, let’s get on with this amazing review!

Instant Entertainment

I know how hard it is for some people to play porn games because they have to download the game, and sometimes, we don’t have enough juice to download the game faster. Well, good news for you fuckers, the game can be played for free. The best part is, you guys don’t even have to download the game! Yes, that’s right, bitches. You can find this game over at gamcore.com, and the site has all of the chapters! Things can’t get any better than this. The only catch is, the game that you will find on the website is the free public version, but don’t worry about it. If you want to get the newer version of the game, it will cost you some money. If ever you decide to actually get it, you can find the game over at the developer’s Patreon page, which is Patreon.com/elanachampionoflust. I’m not talking about spending a lot of money here. It’s relatively cheap, and it’s only going to cost you $1 a month for an exclusive subscription to the game. Come on, don’t tell me you can’t afford that when you are actually spending more money on useless shit in real life.

Spread Your Horniness Around The Town!

This is what makes games so erotic. Your mission is to bring the passion for sex back to the people in the town. Sounds fucking exciting, right? Here’s why you’re going to do that. Back in the days, the king has gone crazy and ordered all of his mages to wipe all of the lust and passion out from everyone because of some crazy reason. Apparently, the king saw the people weren’t productive enough, and they weren’t doing what they were supposed to do. But, things didn’t go the way he wants it to be. Shit started to go south, and people actually focused on their jobs and forgot all about sex. Some people ended up dying, so other people were forced to have sex with each other to stop their kind from going extinct. But since the king took away the lust and passion for sex, people did it without knowing how fun it is to have sex. Can you fucking imagine that? Living in a place where people don’t give a fuck about sex because there’s zero lust and passion. Fuck that shit, I ain’t going anywhere near that place. Anyway, hope is not lost as the spirit of lust and passion still roams the area. This is the part that you have been waiting for, bitches! In this game, you are going to be playing as Elana, a hot and busty blonde fairy that is just so fucking gorgeous to look at. Elana stumbles across a spirit in the woods, and she, later on, finds that she is overcome with lust, and they have sex. They go for a couple more rounds, and the spirit then decides to pick Elana as a champion to bring the lust and passion back to the people living on the island.

The Gameplay

As you start your journey on the island, you will notice that the game actually requires a bit of time and resources. Well, duh, you are going around the town to spread all the lust and shit, so yeah, you actually have to put in quite a lot of time just so you could effectively do the mission. You are going to be invisible ss you spread all the lust all around the island. You will be groping them, adding erotic thought into their heads, and spreading some very naughty rumors around. Sounds easy? Well, that’s not all that you have you think about. As you do these naughty activities, you have to keep track of your stats. Doing naughty acts will cost you energy, and you only have a limited amount each day. That’s actually not something that you should be worried about as they can be regained after you take a nap. So, if you found yourself having fun doing all these naughty acts and run out of energy, you can always take a nap at any time. You also have to be careful when you’re going around grabbing titties and groping dicks as this will bring some unwanted attention. Remember, the king took out all the lust. Try to avoid getting caught, or else the king’s guard will kill you for spreading something that he intended to wipe out in the first place. Carefully think about how you carry out all your naughty acts across different places in the island so that you won’t get caught. If ever you get caught, you will engage in combat. In this stage, you will have to strategize how you use your attacks.

Horny Elements of The Game

Oh boy, this game has a lot of horny elements that you motherfuckers will enjoy all day. They are enough to satisfy your small dicks for the whole day. One of the horniest elements that you will see in this game in the main thing that you are also going to be doing for the whole game, which is groping titties and grabbing dicks. Surely, that is enough to get those veins in your dick pumping as you play the game. If you think about it, the horny elements of this game are actually scattered all around the place. Literally, everything that you will do will turn you on. While you play, you will also see a lot of kinky sex scenes. Every action you perform in the game will show you an illustration of a hot girl playing with her big tits and her wet pussy. Even after you win a battle, it will show you an erotic scene of your enemies losing to an orgasm. The best part about the horny element of this game is all of the scenes come with a naughty sound effect. I find this element as important as the other ones to complete the whole package.

What I Like About The Game

There are many things that I like about this game. One of which is the crazy amount of sex scenes that were shown to me. If only the games that were released today also had a lot of sex scenes that would have been better. I also like how easy it is to navigate around the game and how easy it is to play. I didn’t have to go through a lot of bullshit as the game was straight to the point. It gave me all the stuff that I wanted to see, and I fucking enjoyed watching all of the naughty things that the game has to offer.

My Recommendation for Improving the Game

At this point, you might be thinking that the game is already good enough, so what else could I possibly recommend? Well, you’re right. The game is so good that I want to recommend to the devs that they remake this game. The overall concept, graphics, and storyline are so good, and I think this game could become a total badass when it gets a remake. Seriously, this game could be a whole lot better if a lot of things were improved so that it could catch up with the modern graphics of today’s games. Other than that, there is nothing else that I would like to recommend.


To sum it all up, I had a lot of fun while playing the game. Elana Champion Of Lust had a unique concept which I really liked. That is something that you will find in modern games so, I would like to give praise to the devs on this one. The game also has an android version, so if you fuckers want to bring this game anywhere you go, you can do so. If you have a fetish towards busty elves doing some naughty acts around an island, I will recommend this game to you. It has a lot of kinky sex scenes that you guys will find entertaining and satisfying at the same time.

BestPornGames Likes Elana Champion Of Lust
  • A lot of sex scenes
  • Unique concept
  • Titties and pussies
  • Easy to play the game
  • Free to play!
BestPornGames Hates Elana Champion Of Lust
  • No modern version of the game