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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Eroge Download

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Do you love playing erotic Japanese visual novel games and turn away from the mainstream adult 3D realistic visual novel and dating-sim games? You won’t have to worry anymore, you hopeless weeb. I have the perfect site for you to download and play quality, erotic Japanese visual novel, each with different artwork, storyline, and gameplay. Say goodbye to your boring lives because the hentai visual novels in this site will keep you occupied throughout the day and even have you jacking off to them before you sleep. I present you, Eroge Download. is a hentai game hub aiming to bring hopeless horny weebs an extensive collection of full-length exclusive Japanese visual novels and games for free. The site is a paradise for hentai lovers worldwide because the only type of games that Eroge Download is housing is hentai. The beautiful artwork of waifus, smooth animations, and sexy, cute sound effects will always make you want to come back for more. The best part about the games on this site is that although they have lengthy gameplay, they’re all unique in their way. Being a hentai lover myself, I’ve never seen most of the games in Eroge Download, which got me excited for what’s to come. It’d be best to brace your hearts and dicks for the fap-worthy contents you’ll be downloading from this excellent hentai game hub because you’re in for a treat. I’m sure that weebs like you aren’t the sensitive type. But, if you are, all the hentai contents in isn’t for thumbsucking momma’s boys and weak-hearted bitches, so bring your whining mouths somewhere else. So, without any further delay, let’s get on with the review.

First Impression of Eroge Download

As soon as I entered Eroge Download, I was happy to see that the website’s color scheme isn’t the typical white and light-pink color scheme that mediocre sites use. I’m glad that the site owner of Eroge Download used his brain to think of a creative color scheme that pleases your eyes. Despite the simple, straightforward layout of the site, the sleek color combination of dark purple and deep pink highlights the elegance that the site is portraying. I must say, the color scheme attracted my attention despite the colors not being too bright. Another feature of the site that got me interested was that there were no signs of flashing banners that don’t belong to the site. After scrolling up and down the homepage and clicking randomly at any available spot, I noticed that the site is free of advertisements, pop-ups, and redirects. The site owner deserves all the positive comments and shit for making a porn game hub that saves us the hassle of dealing with any bullshit ads. When it comes to the games, the site owner decided to use a blog list type of layout where each game has its entry. By clicking the “Read More” button at the bottom of every game description, a landing page of the game will open in a new tab If you want to find more of their games, you’ll have to go to the bottom of the page where you’ll find an “Older Entries” button. My happiness ended fast after discovering that the site didn’t have any page numbers and forced me to click that shitty “Older Entries” button. However, using the blog list type of layout has a few advantages because it prevents the feeling of shoving a shit amount of games to your face. When it comes to the games on the homepage, each game has the thumbnail and the plot to provide you with enough information about what the game’s about. The site owner should improve the layout by allowing weebs to see more images of the game by hovering their mouse over the game’s title or the thumbnail. But no, they want to give us a hard time by forcing us to click every game.

Navigating Through the Site

Navigating through can take a lot of work because even if the site has a search bar, there are no filtering options. Typing common keywords and genre in the search bar is hopeless if no suggestions are showing up. The only way to find all the games on the site is by clicking the “Downloads” category located at the left sidebar of the page. Clicking “Downloads” will lead you to a landing page that contains a list of all of the games starting from the numbers to the letters A to Z. Going back to the left sidebar of the site, you can also find Addons, FAQ, Partially translated downloads and Walkthroughs. The Addons section contains some of the files that you could insert in some games to enable cheats or mods, helping you play the games easier. The FAQ section provides you with a guide on how to extract and install the games properly to avoid errors while playing. The Partially Translated Downloads section has a few games where game developers failed to translate the entire game from Japanese to English.

What to Expect from their Games

The games you’ll find in Eroge Download have different genres of hentai visual novels, such as cheating, group sex, MILFS, cosplay, BDSM, and many more. The number of games and the different genres and types of artwork will be worth your time because of the various animation and sound effects each game is utilizing. The only problem is with each game is that you won’t find a lot of information about them unless you search for the game on other sites. If you click on the “Downloads” section located at the left sidebar of the site, the total number of games you’ll see on the list is precisely 986. I didn’t even know there were that many hentai visual novel games. If the overwhelming amount of hentai visual novel games doesn’t excite you, I’ll provide you a sneak peek of a few of their games that’ll make you want to cum your balls dry. Most of the games you’ll find in this hentai porn hub aren’t free to play on the sites where their developers published the game. Please Bang My Wife

The game title may sound sadistic, but Please Bang My Wife involves two newlyweds’ marriage stagnating. The reason is that the main character’s wife went out for a meeting with her co-workers and got drunk. To make things easier to understand, I’ll be using the characters’ default names, but you can change them to whatever name you’d like once you start the game. Yasushi and Mariko’s marriage is beginning to fall. Whenever Yasushi wanted to have sex, Mariko always rejects her. Yasushi began to feel uneasy, thinking that his wife, Mariko, is hiding something from him. Kara No Shoujo

Kara No Shoujo is full of murder and mysteries with a dark theme that’ll make you want to know more of what’s happening due to the thrilling storyline. Kara No Shoujo follows a private detective specialized in serial killing cases named Reiji Tokisaka. The storyline happens during 1956, post-war Japan. The case Reiji will be working on involves dismembered local high school girls. You’ll have plenty of dialogue choices to choose in this visual novel because everything in the setting isn’t right due to Japan’s destruction during that time.

What I Like About this Site

What isn’t there to like about a hentai game hub that houses almost a thousand premium hentai visual novels for free? The site owner is doing weebs around the world a favor by providing the download links of each of the games for free and saving us from spending a lot of money. The amount of hentai games with quality artwork, sound effects, and the unique storyline is also the best part about Eroge Download. The search bar also allows you to find games faster without going through each page of entries to see the game that fulfills your fetish.

My Recommendations for Improvement

Eroge Download is far from perfect, which means there’s plenty of room for improvement. The first thing that the site owner should improve on his site is to organize the games properly by categorizing the games. By classifying the games, horny fuckers can browse through games by clicking on categories such as top-rated, most-played, most-discussed, or recently-added. Knowing which games others play can influence people since they’ll have an idea of which hentai visual novel games other people enjoy. Another feature the site owner should have on his site is filtering options in the search bar and genre tags for the games. The reason is that hentai visual novels also have genres such as horror, mystery, harem, a slice of life, futanari, fantasy, adventure, romance, sci-fi, and all those types of shit. If the site owner makes it possible for people to find games that fit their fetish, then Eroge Download will provide a better overall experience.


Overall, Eroge Download is a great place to download and play premium hentai visual novel games because everyone can access them for free. Keep in mind that quality hentai visual novel games aren’t free, and the best ones that people usually want to play can be expensive. But, thanks to Eroge Download, you get to experience what hentai paradise feels like. Moreover, almost all the games have full-length gameplay, which provides you the best solution to fill your pathetic lives with cute hentai hotties who’ll cutely moan in pleasure.

BestPornGames Likes Eroge Download
  • Almost a thousand premium games and visual novels
  • Free to download and play
  • No flashy banners, annoying pop-up ads, and redirecting ads.
  • Almost all the games are in full English translations
BestPornGames Hates Eroge Download
  • Quite difficult to navigate through
  • Limited speed when downloading the games
  • No genre tags, pages, and filtering options in the search bar