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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Are you craving for quality porn games? Don’t know which site to find them? Do you want to find sex games on a website without clutter and immediately shove all their games to your face as you enter? If you are, you’re in for a treat because this particular porn game hub I’ll show you is unlike any other adult game website you’ll ever find. What you’re about to witness in this particular site are the things you’ve always wanted to see. Yeah, that’s right. We all want organization, previews, premium feel, and all the other shit that makes it feel like we’re essential members of the porn game community. Erogames, also known as Erotic games, is a site that houses a few high-quality porn games, visual novels, and hentai comics both for desktop and smartphones. The way the site owner sorted out the porn games may be different, but they arranged everything from free, visual novels, readers’ corner, and Android. However, they won’t provide you access to them unless you register an account and be a part of their Ero community. I agree that they emphasize having you register to become a member of their site because their porn game hub is unique. So, without further delay, let’s start this highly porntastic review.

Initial Impression of Erogames gives off a premium vibe due to the polished layout of the games and dark color scheme with a mixture of white texts and golden yellow buttons. The website looks entirely different in a significant way. The choice of color scheme and the refining of the corner of each box encased games has an artful style that’s yelling elegance. Everything in Erogames is sleek and comfortable to look at. And, let me tell you, there are only a few numbers of porn game hubs out there that put in a lot of effort in making the horny people feel comfortable about looking for porn games. If a porn game hub doesn’t make people feel comfortable and welcome, they might as well fuck off to another porn game site where they can get all of those shit. Keep in mind that horny fuckers are becoming picky and sensitive nowadays, you mess up on your site’s impact, and you’re off their “best porn game site to visit” list. On the other hand, I also commend the site owner for keeping things simple so that horny fuckers wouldn’t get lost while navigating through the site for porn games. After navigating through the site for quite some time, I noticed that the site didn’t contain any flashy banners, pop-up ads, and filthy redirects. I find these things necessary when browsing because not having any of those disgusting ads in a porn game hub completes my porn game search experience. A high-quality porn game hub that doesn’t run any flashy banners, pop-up ads, and filthy redirects leave you wondering how they can afford to keep running the site. Correct? It’s simple. Erogames is a freemium model.

Freemium Porn Games is a freemium model that requires you to purchase Eroges coins or Erogolds using real-world dollars. What are Erogolds for, you ask? It’s quite simple. The Erogolds you are buying from their site allows you to unlock the full content of a game or visual novel, which will entirely enhance your masturbating experience. Since Erogames doesn’t have any disgusting ads on their site, they use the freemium model to earn income, which ultimately allows them to keep running their website. A lot of horny fuckers may disagree with their strategy because they don’t have any disposable income to spend, but many people favor them. The reason why there are currently a lot of horny fine gentlemen who prefer the freemium model is because it makes them feel special. Keep in mind that the games you’ll find in Erogames are incredibly high-quality, which means you won’t find them in most porn game hubs. But, let’s say you do find them on another porn game hub, you won’t be able to play the latest version of the game and use additional mods that make the game better. With the previous paragraph in mind, Erogames didn’t develop all the games, visual novels, and hentai comics they’re currently housing. As a result, the site owner’s website is only a platform, and they’re not the developer of the games. On the other hand, they had an agreement with the developers of the games you’ll find in their porn game hub to make the freemium model work. Nevertheless, the games you’ll find in Erogames may be few, but they’re the best of the best porn games and have the highest possible quality in graphics, audio, and gameplay. For you to access their games, you have to purchase Erogold using real-life dollars. Mind you. Not all games are cheap since one game can cost you over 1000 Erogold. In case you’re curious, 1000 Erogold would cost you ten dollars. I think that the price of the Erogold is reasonable, considering that you’re going to be paying for a high-quality game that doesn’t leave out any of the porn game elements.

Some Porn Games Are Free

The good news is that not all of the games you’ll find on this site are freemium. The reason why it’s good news is that the cheap-ass fuckers can have a go at the porn games that Erogames is housing. You can also make use of Erogold for the games such as in-game purchases, converting Erogold for in-game money, and all that. If you’re stupid enough not to find the free games in Erogames, it’s the first category of games you’ll find on the homepage, labeled as “Free PC/desktop Games.” Although the free games category says that it’s PC or desktop, you can still play the games on Android smartphones by clicking on the Android button. Clicking the Android button will directly download the apk file of the game in your browser. On the other hand, if you want to play the game on your desktop, most of the games are playable on browsers. The only problem with playing these free games on browsers is the cache memory or the javascript plugin, which will eventually result in the browser tab crashing.

The Games in General

You’ll find less than 50 games, visual novels, and hentai comics in total. Did I mention what will happen if you hover your mouse over to the game’s thumbnail? Well, here’s what happens. You’ll have a preview of the game’s gameplay or some kind of trailer that’ll give you an idea of the game’s quality or the quality of the graphics. Moreover, if you click on the game, the site owner provides the game’s information such as release date, censorship, game length, and game developer. As I browsed through some of the games, I found that you could also change the site’s language. I find this impressive because you can read the information about the game in your native language. However, most of the games’ information’s language is in English, French, Chinese, and Spanish. Still, having different languages available for people is extremely helpful, considering that not all horny fuckers are fluent in English. Further, each game also has brief information containing introduction and genre, plot, gameplay and objectives, sexual content, and technical points. The site owner knows how to take care of his community because he provides all the information you’d want to know before playing a game. With that in mind, the site owner also added a short video of the gameplay and a few screenshots of the game.

What I Like About the Site

Erogames is a porn game hub that prioritizes quality over quantity, which is evident in the number of games they are currently housing. I love that the site owner also has high-quality visual novels and hentai comics that you won’t see in any other porn game hub. Most of the games they have are also mobile compatible. Keep in mind that the games they’re housing have the best quality. Imagine what will happen if you play them on a 7-inch display. Of course, the graphics of the games will skyrocket.

My Recommendations for Improvement

There’s not a lot to improve in a site that’s already doing great on its own. The most crucial thing I find that’s lacking in this site is the number of games they have. I know that the site owner has a freemium model and is prioritizing quality over quantity. However, Erogames will do even better if they add a few more games once in a while to have the community coming back for more.


Overall, Erogames is a great porn game hub that houses several free games under the glorious freemium model. Further, the site also doesn’t have any irritating ads or flashy banners but will require you to purchase Erogold to gain full access to most of their games. They’re not forcing you to spend real-life dollars to play their games, but if you were to purchase their games, you get to keep them forever.

BestPornGames Likes Erogames
  • High-quality games, visual novels, and hentai comics
  • Most games are smartphone compatible
  • The website has a premium feel
  • Has a balanced amount of free and freemium games
BestPornGames Hates Erogames
  • Needs more games
  • Freemium games don't have a demo or trial version