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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Everlasting Summer

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Everlasting Summer

User Rating: 4/5
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Everlasting Summer is an Intense, Classic Visual Novel Full of Mystery

If only Summer could last forever. Objectively, Summer is the best season for getting laid. You can go out and see sluts dressed in scantily clad bikinis, skirts, and tank tops. Fuck Winter. I want to see some skin! You also get all of the best sports for picking up chicks in the Summer. I start playing volleyball on the beach horny babes won’t be able to help themselves. My glistening, sun-kissed pecs will draw them in without fail. Plus, what’s better than watching some busty chicks jump around or sun-bathe? I could keep going, but I think you cucks get the idea. Unfortunately, Summer has to end eventually unless you live on an island or something. But what if you could play a lewd game where you could live out those glorious Summer days? I’ve got just the game for you. It’s a Russian visual novel called Everlasting Summer. This shit launched way back in 2014 by Soviet Games. It’s widely considered one of the best classic visual novels on the fucking market. And, believe it or not, the visuals and gameplay still hold up to this day.

Download the Entire 10-30 Hour Long Visual Novel for Free

I couldn’t find any sort of official page to buy this game. I imagine the developers have long since taken that dosh and ran off to work on other projects. Luckily for you, that means you can nab this game for free from any number of sites. I recommend checking out the release links on Vndb.org or downloading the game from F95zone.to. Both sites are safe and have links to fan-made patches and walkthroughs. Oh, and expect to strap in for a lengthy game. Playtime for this title ranges anywhere from 10-30 hours. You play as a beta cuck named Semyon who has been wasting his life away doing nothing but browsing forums and chatting with other losers online. Sound familiar? I bet it does. Well, Semyon decides to leave his crusty fap den for the first time in a week to go and attend his University class reunion. He’s nervous. He doesn’t know if he remembers how to even talk to a girl in real life. And he’s also been dealing with a strange dream about a camp cloistered in the woods.

Deal with the Strange Events that Befall Your Confused Protagonist

Shaking all of that off, he grabs his shit and heads for the bus line. He takes bus number 410 and kicks back. It’s bound to be a long ride, so he isn’t worried about dozing off. Perhaps he should have been worried. He wakes up to find that he’s on a different bus that has been parked somewhere with nobody else on it. And, well, the weird shit doesn’t stop there. It’s Summer outside. It was Winter when he left the apartment not but a few hours ago. Looking around, he finds that he’s somewhere he’s never been before. And, yet, he recognizes the sign from the camp in his dreams. Fuck. This is some horror game type shit. Reasonably, Semyon starts freaking the fuck out. Is this a dream? Is he dead? How did he get here? He’s running through all of these questions in his mind when a pretty blonde babe comes out to greet him. He’s brought into this strange camp to discover that it’s full of hot waifus who want to meet him. He starts having lapses in his memories, but it seems like the only way forward is to attend this camp. Nobody seems to know anything about the outside world or where he came from. At least, that’s how things appear.

Manage Time & Make Choices that Actually Matter

I can’t possibly cover the whole story here, but suffice it to say that they somehow mixed a dating simulator with a psychological thriller mystery game. It’s fucking wild. There are so many wild twists and turns in this story, and you do get to make plenty of choices. You can tell any of the cute waifus that you’ll go to a party or spend some personal time with them. Just be careful not to double book your time or the whole thing could blow up in your face. Different dialog choices will present themselves, and some will test if you’ve been paying attention to that character’s personality/passions. Make sure to keep up with that shit! Some dates will even have some fun mini-games that help break up the monotony of just reading through thousands of lines of dialog.

Incredible Writing & Stunning Visual Design

I was worried about the writing since the game was originally released in Russian. Visual novel translations can be shitty if done by the wrong person. Thankfully, Everlasting Summer is beautifully written. The translation team did a damn good job. This game reads better than some visual novels written in English to begin with. The dialog is natural. The characters are dynamic and feel fleshed out. And, man, this game does a damn good job at carrying this eerie mystery theme throughout the entire experience. That brings me to the visual part. The game does just fine with the novel portion. Don’t worry, this game does not disappoint. This might be one of the most cohesive and artistically sound visual novels that I have ever fucking played. You get a beautiful blend of styles with comics, paintings, and classic hentai-style art. There are fully animated moments. Hell, you even get an anime-style opening to the game. Why the fuck did developers stop doing that shit? It’s so cool. All of this is to say that you can expect professional-grade work for every facet of this game.

High-Quality, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations to Jerk off to

As with any visual novel, it will take a long time to get to any h-scenes. It’s a fucking grind. But you can expect quite a few lewd scenes to be peppered throughout the game. You’ll need to download the hentai patch to unlock this content, so make sure you don’t forget to do that. You’ll get a solid handful of high-quality hentai illustrations to rub yourself raw to. Don’t expect any crazy fetish scenes or hardcore kinks to be present. This is a classic visual novel with some soft hentai to keep you invested.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I’ll be the first to admit that visual novels are an acquired taste, but I think the cucks out there who made it this far into my rant about the game stand a good chance of liking it. You obviously like to read to some degree. This is a fantastic visual novel that will please long-time fans while also being a solid entry for those of you who are new to the genre. It’s skillfully written and full of dynamic characters. And, unlike many other visual novels, this one is focused around an intense, intrigue-filled story that will leave you guessing every step of the way. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this game is full of lewd scenes. If you go wild at the sight of a cute anime slut bending over and flashing her panties, then this is the kind of shit for you. Sometimes some softcore hentai porn is just what you need.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I think any suggestions I have for a 7+-year-old game will fall on deaf ears, but that hasn’t stopped me yet. There needs to be some hot hentai at the beginning of the game to really get the hornier weebs out there hooked. Other than that minor complaint, this is an all-around solid visual novel that will have you fucking hooked. Plus, you can get this quality game for free from so many sites. That’s one benefit of this being a classic game.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Everlasting Summer is considered a classic for a reason. It’s a must-play. No question about it. I highly recommend that all of you horny weebs dive into this game. There’s a waifu for everyone. There’s a fit babe, nerd, goth slut, preppy bitch, and even a loli for you true degenerates out there. She’s drawn holding a pedobear and everything. Talk about being on the nose about it. But, yeah, go do yourself a favor and download this wild, psychological thriller of a visual novel and let me know what you think.

BestPornGames Likes Everlasting Summer
  • An intense story full of mystery and intrigue
  • Plenty of horny waifus to choose from
  • A beautifully written game full of stunning visuals
  • Over 20+ hours of gameplay
BestPornGames Hates Everlasting Summer
  • Takes a long time to unlock softcore hentai scenes