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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Fairy Tale Adventure

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Fairy Tale Adventure

User Rating: 4/5
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Do you want to know what it feels like to be a huntsman? Are you craving for royal pussies and tits? Most importantly, do you like visual novels with plenty of horny princesses? If you do, I have the perfect game for you because the characters in this game will turn your childhood fantasies into reality. That’s not all. I know you’re tired of living a lonely life, and you feel sorry for yourself because you have no accomplishments and dreams to chase. Fear not. This particular game will give you all the praise you need to feel better about yourself.

The game’s title is Fairy Tale Adventure. The game is a visual novel and RPG full of adventure, horny princesses, anal sex, blowjobs, and all the smuts in your fantasy. The game’s release date was in July 2018, which means Fairy Tale Adventure is relatively new. Playing a relatively new game also means you’ll have quality fap content due to having better colors, drawings, and sound effects. The most crucial factor to keep in mind while playing this game is that you get to fuck the Disney princess you’re fantasizing about ever since you were young.

Have you ever seen someone in real-life and thought that they looked like a Disney princess? We all came across a woman in our lives that look like one, but you know deep down that you’ll never have a chance to fuck her, much as even talking to her. You don’t have to worry about the past anymore since Fairy Tale Adventure is here for you. In this game, you get to make love with the princesses and even capture them if you can’t get enough of fucking them once. So, if you’re not a pussy-ass motherfucker who whines all day thinking about your loser life, let’s get on with this royal review.

Becoming the Best Huntsman

We all know that the huntsman works for the Queen. What if you don’t? Your goal is to rule the Kingdom and take it away from the hands of the Evil Queen. Although it sounds challenging, it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything the game says because you also want to become the best huntsman. With that in mind, you can get all the women you want, even the princesses. The princesses in Fairy Tale Adventure are horny sluts that will beg for your huntsman dick.

At the start of the game, you’ll find out that you already rule the northern part of the Kingdom. The only problem is, you don’t have enough men to continue your pursuit, and hiring more men to work for you will require your gold. As of now, your only source of income is the tavern, but that will change soon enough. You have to prove yourself to the town and conquer other establishments to earn more gold. On the other hand, you can also team up with bandits from the forests or deal with the thieves in the south part of the Kingdom. Another way of earning gold is by utilizing the best of your skills. Keep in mind that you’re the huntsman, and in the Disney movies, the huntsman is Robinhood. Consequently, you can ambush frequent travelers, such as merchants and visitors of the Kingdom. Ambushing travelers is also the easiest way to earn gold at the start of the game other than taking your tavern’s income. Since the mines got taken away from your group, earning gold to hire more men will also make it easier for you to take your mines back.

The Gameplay

The game starts with Snow White being a slut she is and enticing you with her elegant slutiness. The slutty princess gives you four choices, mainly showing her tits, showing her pussy, sucking your dick, or fuck. After picking among the four options, Snow White disappears, and a fucking Magic Mirror interrupts the potential magic show to ruin the pleasurable mood. I always hated that fucking mirror ever since I was a child. If I want to play a game where the princesses obey me and do everything I tell them, the game should let me.

After all the shit that the magic mirror said, you have to head on to your tavern to speak with the lady who manages it for you. Maggie, a blonde with big tits who works for you, will provide you with information about earning more gold and help you attain them faster. Maggie then provides you with the location of a girl named Liliana. Liliana is a redhead slut who’ll also help you earn lots of gold to continue with your mission to take back your mines.

As you progress through the game, you’ll meet a busty chick named Liesel, who’ll help you get back your mines. The reason why she’ll help you is that only female soldiers can enter the cave due to the spell of the bandits that prevented men from entering it. The only problem is, you have to provide Liesel with supplies and gold for her to recruit more female soldiers and have the right amount of weapons. You also have to gather information about the caves, such as answering riddles.

As you may know, riddles are also a typical shit to do in mythical themes and Disney movies. I find the riddles an exciting part of the game because it takes your mind away from all the pussies, asses, tits, and horny princesses. Familiarizing yourself with the in-game riddles isn’t easy, but nor is it challenging. In fact, the riddles are your key to getting past some of the missions and encounters you have with the women. Think of the riddles as a way for you to expand your knowledge and exercise your brain from all the nudity you drown yourself in all day.

Pleasing Artwork

The artwork is the highlight of the Fairy Tale Adventure because everything looks spotless, including the interface. Although the interface and some parts of the graphics need a bit of polishing, you can appreciate the artists’ effort to make the game pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, the font style and color choice for the interface are also distinguishable from the other NPCs who are talking.

When it comes to the choice of colors for the background and the characters, the colors that the artists used are spot on since they aren’t too dark nor bright. Moreover, you’ll also notice the busty characters’ curves, which results in a pleasurable experience. From looking at the female sluts in the game, you could tell that the game will be fun and unforgettable due to the appearance of the female characters. The only feature left is if the game developers could add more animation and movement to create an excellent fap-worthy material.

What I Like About the Game

Who wouldn’t like to play an adult visual novel filled with horny Disney princesses? If there is anything I don’t like, it’s the fucking magic mirror who kills the mood every time a princess gets down and dirty with me. On the other hand, the artwork is great for a visual novel from two years ago. The choice of colors, lighting, and sound effects are the small details that make or breaks the game. I’m glad that the visual artists did a great job of executing them.

The gameplay is also entertaining because it’s not common for a visual novel to have a branching of dialogues or choices that will change your disposition as you progress. The way the visual artists designed the characters are also something to like because they made them busty and horny. The horny princesses turn your childhood fantasy to reality because it’s a once in a lifetime experience to witness them begging for your dick and bending over to fuck them.

My Recommendations for Improvement

A few things concerned me as I was playing the game: the narratives or the dialogue were too long, which resulted in a slow build-up of the gameplay. Another factor that the game developer should improve is the thin fonts because it makes it hard for people to read due to the font style and the font size. Lastly, the developers should also provide you with instructions or tips as you play the game because it can be confusing.

There are visual novels out there that provide you with tips if you ever get lost or confused in the middle of a task. The best improvement that the game developers could do is to provide hovering instructions. By hovering instructions, I mean that if a player hovers their mouse on a particular place, they could have in-game tips and guides as to what they should do or where they should go.


Overall, Fairy Tale Adventure is a fun erotic game to play with plenty of fap-worthy content. The game is full of horny princesses and other slutty female characters that perverted motherfuckers can masturbate to and spend most of their time repeating the scenes. I highly recommend you spend time on Fairy Tale Adventure because it’s a unique visual novel that’s not only about sex, but also has riddles that could help expand your knowledge.

BestPornGames Likes Fairy Tale Adventure
  • Pleasing artwork
  • Slutty princesses and horny waifus
  • Great placement of sound effects
  • Free-to-play
  • Unique plot
BestPornGames Hates Fairy Tale Adventure
  • Slow-paced
  • Missions and tasks can be confusing at times