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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Fake Lay

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Fake Lay

User Rating: 4/5
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Hey, you, the son of a bitch that sits all day in his fucking chair, waiting for a miracle to happen. Yes, I’m talking to you motherfucker because I’m about to make you change the way you see the fucking world of porn. Anyway, Games are a means of achieving something that we in the real world don’t want to do. Many of my favorite games are space cops or war heroes, but today we’re looking at a game that launches our porn career. To all of those who like to fuck beautiful ladies and keep the money, Fake Lay is an erotic game for all of us. Find steaming hot bitches and film them while you do anything you want to them. To know more about this game, stay tuned as we dive balls-deep to everything there is to know about the game.

Knowing the Story of The Game

There’s no story in this fucking game. The idea is that you are a guy in the porn business, pulling girls in your car, and that’s just about it. You bring them in and give them your own special sweetheart porn stars. You empower them to be nude for fucking cash and then fuck them. Sweet talk and money are the paths to success for any man, right? All in all, it’s a really dark, pessimistic game, given the cheerful language.

Drive Like a Cabby, Fuck them Like Their Daddy

The game’s condition is as easy as it comes. You’re a guy who purchased a vehicle. You run into a stripper bimbo, crashing through the window and expanding the cock automatically. Shit, well, The last crash with the vehicle was somewhat different but sure. This change of events encourages the character to transform this vehicle into a taxi that records bitches in the rear while they do some naughty shit.

The Overall Artwork and Graphics

The artwork is a total joke. Characteristic infections and birth defects induced by ethnic incest are ravaging the sexually transmitted. If I look at these ladies, I want to abandon the whores. From the dimensions of the body to mouths, everything is just around the room. The past is awful, too. How is the interface? It was rendered more cancerous by the creators than the Smash Smash rainbow range set. You can’t create a game that appears bad, even though you attempted it intentionally. This game has the smell of red-pilling, so it hates humanity completely.

The Sex Animations Takes a While to Activate

You would always have to shop with her, send her to certain restaurants, and have some experience. Everything that has to be hoped for. Upgrading expertise takes time, as it needs some time to know. Getting cash needs time, some of which you will get by waiting for it to refill. And of course, with diamonds, you will solve all of this. Diamonds are this game’s prime asset. Like in these resource management games, diamonds allow you to bypass all the gameplay and enter or at least get to it even quicker than the romantic scenes. When I actually unlocked a sex sequence, I was very disappointed. I imagined a fully animated fucking festival that had many places, games, etc. Nope. In the same animation design, you get one role as the rest of the players. With getting higher, you can activate several places. Holy fucking shit. I’m not the sort of man heading into a game only for a basic animation hours after hours. Yet the audio is amazing, I’ll admit. The sluts all have a distinctive speech, plot, and language. And the sex scenes have those sexy moans and sound effects which almost suit the janky animations. In fact, in this game, there are tons of different bitches with diverse fetishes. Probably, it takes time to open them permanently. If you stay with it, you will have almost two dozen hotties who can fuck in all kinds of kinky positions.

Have the MMO Vibe To It

Such perverts won’t open their cunt lips for even a large cock and a cab. You have to be humorous, attractive, so much more. You need to invest time developing abilities that allow you to progress in filmmaking. When the game continues, you may require new rooms, various places for filming, date spots, and improved cameras. Every girl’s porn scene has ten or more measures. Per shot, you can see your hot passenger undressed and taking a sexy pose, opening a full-on-fucking shot with a final clip. Nonetheless, let me step through the simple gameplay loop and understand just what you can do. You select a woman. You must follow which 4 conditions you choose for filming in order to begin filming. A number of hearts are needed. This is done with brief mini-games. You “Soft Talk” her and brush away the poor words swirling through the background, until they get there, thus preventing slicing your hearts. The second game is only tapping on it as easily as you can. I wish more mini-games were out there. That’s it, basically. It would be great if they’d have a more loving sound to choose from.

What I Like About the Game

Okay, let’s get this shit going with the very first thing that I loved about this motherfucking site, the game itself. Yes, I know that there’s a lot to talk about the game, but the one aspect that I like about it is the fact that it’s quite easy to fucking play. I mean, even a fucking idiot can get through the puzzles and mazes this game has. Well, if you can’t, then there’s no more fucking hope for you. Anyway, I also loved that this game has a western-like theme to it that the game really makes you feel like you’re there. I mean, of course, it’s based on a popular porn series called Fake Taxi, but it still fucking rocks. Furthermore, the game’s overall audio quality is fucking sexy. It really does you a fucking orgasm just by only listening to the game. Not to mention that the majority of the horny bitches who watched the porn series became a fucking fan of it, thus making this game on the top of any horny bastard’s list. Moreover, the game also has a fuck-ton of fap-worthy content, it’s really packed with loads of content that you’re really going to end up playing this for hours. Oh, I almost fucking forgot, you can fucking play this game in a goddamn browser, or you could be just like any other bitch out there and download the whole fucking thing. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that, right?

Recommendations for Improvements

As for my fucking recommendations for the game. Well, there’s actually a lot. So, let’s start with the first fucking thing, the way the developers made the game. No, I’m not talking about the overall quality of the game. I’m talking about how the game developers let the players progress through it. Believe me, it’s a fucking hassle! I mean, who the fuck makes a PORN GAME that makes its players take time to progress to the next fucking stage? I’m not fucking exaggerating, it really takes a long fucking time to go to another stage, long enough to lose my fucking boner. Furthermore, I would like to point out that this game is somehow lacking some really important elements to a porn game, the fucking Sex Scenes. Who the fuck makes a porn game and almost leaves out the horny sexy elements? Anyway, special mention to the overall graphics quality of the game, I know I’m just being nitpicky. Still, that aspect could really do some fucking work, a little polishing if you will. Not to mention that the game itself should provide a reason for the players to keep on playing, or even start playing for that matter. I feel like that should be among the top priorities of any porn game.


All and all, Fake Lay is really a fun and pleasant game to play. I’m not going to jump into this game, anticipating fantastic gameplay or storytelling. It is like a cookie-clicker game in which you play for your fun and enjoyment for your fucking dick. You’re going to get those kinky love scenes, and they’re going to take some fucking decent time to reach. I’d suggest it to fucks who would want you to have a hot and easy game on the go. Especially because the mobile app is much easier to play than sitting at a desktop computer. Go and give this fucking game a shot, it’s guaranteed that you won’t fucking regret it as I would actually recommend this game to any horny bastard out there. Anyway, I would rate this game a solid 3 out of 5 stars.

BestPornGames Likes Fake Lay
  • The game is quite easy to play
  • Has a western art style theme to it
  • The audio quality is sexy
  • Lots of fap-worthy content
  • Play in your browser or download the application
BestPornGames Hates Fake Lay
  • Progressing to the next stage takes time
  • Lacking the sex scenes
  • The overall graphics quality could do some work
  • Give reasons for users to play the game