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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Fallen Doll

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Fallen Doll

User Rating: 4/5
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A pleasant welcome to the perverted virgin bunch interested in some next-level erotic virtual reality! I’ll be talking about one of the more exquisite and intricate pornographic virtual reality simulators, inexplicably titled Fallen Doll – only available for PC(as far as I know.) This great creation was developed by none other than the genius minds behind Project Helius. With that said, do you really think they’re going to give this glorious creation for free?

Well, to put it simply, No. You have to go to Project Helius’ Patreon page and subscribe to them to get all of the content they put out – including this amazing VR sex simulator. I’m not too sure if they have other playable games out. It’s a measly $24 dollar subscription to unlock the gloriousness that Fallen Doll has to offer. So it’s not too bad of a deal, in my opinion. Now, allow me to give you the whole rundown as to why I’m enamored with this.

I’m A Lonely Introverted Loser Who Has No Flirting Skills

Oh shut up, we’re in the same boat so you don’t have the right to judge. You know how it is, neither you nor I have any strengths when it comes to wooing and seducing women to get into bed with us, right? So what’s the next best thing to real-life pussy? That’s right, virtual reality pussy! I know you are no stranger to this because you’ve encountered something like VR pornography with your favorite actresses. This is essentially the same thing.

I’ve played and reviewed the greater forms of virtual reality sex simulators like Waifu Sex Simulator and Virt-A-Mate, so you could say I’m well-versed in this type of content. However, unlike the two previous games I mentioned, Fallen Doll can be played with both the VR and non-VR options. So I’ll take a look into the non-VR option for a change of pace. I hope this doesn’t impede you in your choice of playing the game in VR at all.

Like the older versions of this game(I played the 1.30 version), Fallen Doll still only offers an endless mode to play with plenty of tweakable options. The game does display a “story mode” in the title screen as well, but it’s inaccessible as of the current version. However, I still had the pleasure of being greeted by an AI that looked so stunning programmed to play the piano for you as you start. She’s the bionic/android/virtual slut that serves as eye-candy.

Build Up Your Stamina – Both In-Game and In-Real-Life

Okay, so, with the story mode inaccessible, we’ll have to talk about the endless mode. Boy, oh boy, is it a great mode to play. Basically, your main objective is to fuck the shit out of Erika with the many various exercises at the bottom right – I hope you have the stamina to keep up. You have to please “customers” by doing to Erika what they really love to see(you won’t complain about their likes because it’s great either way) you earn money by pleasing them.

You have to do this until the day is over, and you have no more customers. By the end of the day, you can see how much money you’ve earned, and you can invest this into the “skill points” that Erika can develop. You can also use the money to upgrade her stamina – meaning you can perform more sexual acts to please more of your customers, therefore earning a whole lot more money to once again upgrade Erika’s skill points. It’s just an “endless” cycle.

I mentioned these skill points about how easily Erika can be pleasured by the type of exercise she’s put through – like anal play, oral play, feet play, and all that jazz. The money you earn can also be spent on the different items and scenes you can buy in the shop. You can buy 3 different scenes to put Erika in – you can choose which suits your tastes best. You can select between a gentleman’s club, a fancy-ass suite, or a test facility setting.

Remember that each sexual exercise you put her through will consume a fuckton of her stamina. If her stamina runs out, then the day is over. You need to keep track of this stat because if you don’t have the stamina, you won’t be able to do the tasks that will please your customers. If they’re not pleased, it means you won’t make much money or none at all. It sucks to just play for the sex scenes, and not get the full customization experience.

The Customization

Within these 3 scenes, you can have several different “device” interactions where you can put her in various positions and therefore unlock more positions and numerous sex scenes. You can buy everything in the shop on the bottom right. Not only can you buy different scenes and devices, but you can also decide what Erika wears throughout her sexual ravaging. You can choose between 8 different dresses, which all look extremely slutty and sexy.

Your experience all depends on how much money you earn when fucking the living shit out of Erika because the more money you have, the more items you can buy in the shop. You can even buy accessories in the shop that help fulfill your own fetishes; items like buttplugs, handcuffs, whips, enemas, different haircuts, and even background music? Weird. Each of these items has its own tweaking element, so change things up the way you like it.

If the base Erika look doesn’t fit your taste, then you can adjust all of her dimensions(except the facial features) to better suit your taste in women. You know, in terms of skin tone, breast size, ass size, thigh size, muscle definition, hair color, and maybe even the jiggliness of her tits. It’s always fun to experiment with how extreme the boob physics goes in virtual reality games. You can definitely get them to jiggle like jelly or stay still like they’re made of plastic.

What I Like About Fallen Doll

The fucking quality on its own is worthy of praise. Its quality is enough for even adults to fall in love with the scenes and not complain about the shitty animations. Despite the game still being under development, Fallen Doll already has plenty of features that make it worthy of being deemed one of the best sex games online. Not to mention the several functions to edit the game filter to make the game look more dramatic.

Secondly, you know you just can’t resist the beauty that even an android has to flaunt. Erika is an absolute gem, because of all the different ways to tweak her physical appearance, making it more adjusted to your tastes. In a game that demands great animations, graphics, and visuals, I think Project Helius has perfectly pulled it off. You wouldn’t really call this one of the best sex games with visuals and animations equal to a highschooler’s project.

The sound is just god damn amazing. It has that edge that many of the adult pornographic games in Japan have; you know the sound of skin-to-skin contact, the sound of muffled and unmuffled breathing, and the beautiful, soothing moaning sounds that girls give out. These sound effects give Fallen Doll a more immersive experience, especially for the losers who won’t experience that type of sensuality in real life.

What I Don’t Like About Fallen Doll

A game that is still in development? Of course, it’s bound to have some cons about it, right? Right. With Fallen Doll being primarily set up for VR, it’s kind of difficult to enjoy the game as is if it’s in non-VR circumstances. I mean, you have to spend money to even play the game, now you have to spend even more money for a VR set for the full immersive experience? I’d rather not spend too much on gear that I’ll probably use twice a month.

Even with the plentiful options for customization; the animations, the dresses, the devices, the scenes, and the accessories. I still found myself getting bored of the game rather quickly. I barely got the motivation to complete the whole game because I already got to see what I wanted to see, and it didn’t even take long. If you’ve played each animation once or twice, it’s going to get kind of stale, that aspect lowered my overall experience.


I’ll just give my opinions for the individual aspects in rating to make the whole conclusion easier for you to understand, sound good? Music and sound get a 3 out of 5. Graphics and Visuals get a 4 out of 5. Gameplay experience gets a 3 out of 5. Non-VR controls get a 4 out of 5. The customization gets a 4 out of 5. Rounding all of that up, I’d give the game an overall score of 3.6 out of 5, still one of the best sex games I’ve played to be completely honest.

BestPornGames Likes Fallen Doll
  • Outstanding visuals, graphics, and animations.
  • Plenty of customization settings.
  • Can play without VR gear
  • The gameplay is very immersive.
BestPornGames Hates Fallen Doll
  • Kind of less immersive without VR gear.
  • Still, no story mode available.