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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Fap CEO Men Stream (disable)

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Fap CEO Men Stream (disable)

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You may have figured this out about me, but I’m a really busy motherfucker. Not only am I fucking your mother on the reg, but my daily forearm exercise routine and hentai game fap testing schedule take up most of the waking day. I sometimes play Fap CEO in the background while I’m doing my scholarly pornographic research, since it’s something I don’t have to give my full attention to. I just found out there’s a version for queers, Fap CEO Men Stream.

Like the straight version, Fap CEO Men Stream is an idle/incremental clicker with a porn empire theme. It’s free to play, with web and Android versions available. Some games have you building up harems, but this one has you building up a business. It just happens to be a business of man whores shaking their dicks at webcams in your office space. Stop in from time to time, do a little clicking, collect that money, and see your big-dicked employees naked. There are worse ways to make a living, that’s for sure. Assistant crack whore, anyone?

That Gay Nutaku Shit You Love

Fap CEO Men Stream is another game from Nutaku, a porn game site that I’ve talked about a lot here at HentaiGames. The site gets around 160,000 visitors a day, and it’s because they have one of the biggest and best collections of NSFW sex games online. Their games are known for being polished and professional as hell, unlike the barely working betas you see on a lot of the indie game sites.

That high level of polish is apparent right from the loading screen, where a buff dude lingers behind the game logo while the loading bar tells you they’re charging buttplugs. The art looks good, good enough that I’d probably be hard if I was looking at a broad instead of some guy. Most Nutaku games have an anime art style, but there’s a little bit of a mix here. The assistant you’ll meet first is drawn in more of a Western style, but you’ll soon be hiring men with the big-eyed hentai look.

Fred, your assistant, walks you through the basics of Fap CEO Men Stream. If you’ve played incremental clickers before, this shit is going to be old hat. The basic mechanics are the same as most games of the genre, but Fred helps set up the imaginary framework for all that clicking and upgrading.

“I’m here to build your video chat empire and get as much ass as you can fuck on the way,” he tells you in one of the game’s opening screens. He’ll be the first one you hire, a favor he returns by emailing you a photo of his giant dick.

Your email box is where you’ll be seeing the actual hentai in Fap CEO Men Stream. Every time you hire a dude, you’ll have short conversations where you can pick what you’re going to say. The end result is always the same, though: some dude sends you a pic. They’re not all dirty, but the cleaner ones serve to entice you to keep playing in search of the real nudes. Fap CEO has a ton of explicit gay content to unlock.

Click, Upgrade, and Wait Around

When you first start your operation, you’ll see Fred sitting by himself by some empty desks. He’ll do a little bit of work himself, touching himself in front of the webcam, but more money rolls in when you click that son of a bitch. Once you’ve gotten enough coins, Fred tells you to click the Level Up button to make him work harder. Like most clickers, you’ll probably give up on the direct clicking pretty quickly, as Fred is an efficient camwhore.

It gets even more efficient a couple minutes into the game, when you collect enough to hire another male camwhore. I first hired a young red-haired twink named Joel, a little dude who’s studying in art school. His bio calls him “the shy one”, which makes sense given the first photo he sent me. It’s pretty much SFW, with just a bulge visible beneath his jockey shorts.

Joel’s a good worker, though, and started making me money immediately. As you level up your workers in Fap CEO Men Stream, they’ll collect different items like cucumbers, artificial buttholes, cock rings, tissues and extremely realistic dildos. Naturally, these items help make them more money in those cam shows.

One of the oddest quirks of the game is that they don’t look like they’re camwhoring, at least not when you’re viewing your office full of dudes at computers. They’re all just typing away with their clothes on, though the rich, suave dude is wearing a bathrobe. If you click them directly, you’ll see them stroke their genitals through their clothing.

Free to Play and All That Entails

Fap CEO Men Stream is free to play, but like other Nutaku offerings, it’s got some really fucking robust gacha, also known as in-app purchases. Most of Nutaku’s games follow the same business model, and it definitely has both good and bad sides to it. The good news is that games like this look and play really fucking well, much better than most of the games at Gamcore, for example.

The bad news is that sometimes the gacha cripples the game. Fap CEO Men Stream is definitely not the worst offender, but you start getting locked out of content very early in the game unless you’re willing to pay to speed up the process. Depending on how patient you are, it might be frustrating as all fucking hell, or it might not really bother you at all.

The biggest bottleneck seems to be in your email box, where you’re trying to put on the moves and unlock the nudes of all your workers. Your replies are time-limited, meaning your conversations are artificially slow. You can either wait an hour for another reply, or you can buy some gemstones to move you along faster.

The gems can be used for other things, but really, it’s that time element that slows you down. Waiting around is arguably what idle clickers are all about, but Nutaku has mastered the art of the tease. It’s clever or it’s diabolical, however you want to look at it, but even free players are going to be tempted to bust out their wallets.

Those hentai rewards are slowly doled out unless you’re paying, but the gameplay itself seems largely unaffected by the gacha. I was able to play for a while and continually progress even though I didn’t pay anything. I just had to wait if I wanted more hentai, which I didn’t because I don’t like penis.

I will say that, even as a straight player with no interest in seeing anime faggotry, the gameplay is pretty fucking addictive. Clickers in general rely on the same compulsion to level up and see your score rise higher and higher, but Fap CEO Men Stream does a good job mixing up the minor gameplay elements to keep it feeling fresh. I kept wanting to fill up all the seats in my office and get these perverts cranking hard, despite my lack of interest in their product. It was all about business for me.

I played a bit longer than I actually care to admit, thanks to those addictive mechanics. Like other polished games in the genre, there’s an overarching storyline that unfolds the longer you play. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but all that clicking pays off. I’m sure it pays off even more if you enjoy beating off to naked hentai dudes.

Fap CEO Men Stream is a solid choice for any homo looking for a well-made incremental clicker with an adult theme. It’s got the high production values you expect from a Nutaku game, with addictive gameplay and killer, fappable art. It’s free to play with only a quick signup required, so you’re only seconds away from a game that may just destroy your productivity for the next few days or weeks.

BestPornGames Likes Fap CEO Men Stream (disable)
  • Free, gay xxx incremental clicker
  • High production values
  • Tons of explicit queer art to unlock
  • Addictive gameplay
BestPornGames Hates Fap CEO Men Stream (disable)
  • In-app purchases
  • Office view is pretty sfw