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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Have you ever wanted your own piece of the online porn pie? It takes a lot of smarts, hard work and determination to become a true Fap CEO, as I’ve learned from experience. You don’t become The Porn Dude overnight. Don’t worry, though. For those with smaller brains, thinner wallets and tinier dicks, you can always try your hand at the virtual version by playing Fap CEO.

Fap CEO is an idle/incremental clicker with elements of dating sims and business sims baked right in. It’s free to play on the web over at Nutaku. If you’re not familiar with Nutaku, check out my full review, or just get acquainted as you play this game. Basically, the site’s a massive library of porn games known for their high level of polish and professionalism. Nearly 200,000 players shake their dicks at Nutaku’s offerings every day, and we’re about to go play one of their most popular games.

Jump Right in and Start Clicking/Fapping

You’ll need to sign up for a Nutaku account before you can begin building your online empire, but it’s quick and free. One of the big advantages of logging in to play their games is that your progress is saved automatically. Whenever I load up the game, it drops me right back where I left off, so I don’t have to replay everything. All the camwhores and their nudes I’ve unlocked are still there. The game even gives you a shit-ton of offline points every time you come back, as if your girls kept working but slacked off a bit because the boss was out of the office.

The basic gameplay mechanics are simple and addictive, and really aren’t that different from other clicker games out there. You’ll start off clicking for coins yourself, but soon you’ll have a harem full of hot babes to do the clicking for you. The harem in this case is a little different from the traditional scenario, because you’ll be starting out in a dank little office space before upgrading your digs.

Just to give you an idea how addictive the gameplay is, I ended up playing the gay version (Fap CEO Men Stream) for a good hour or so when I wrote the review for that one. It’s not that I had any interest in seeing animated cocks or male-on-male buttsex, but those piling points give you casino thrills. And you know what? It gets so much better when you undress some ladies instead of buff dudes and twinks.

This genre is called incremental clickers, because with every upgrade, you’re clicking or collecting points incrementally faster. Each girl you hire as Fap CEO will make you a steady stream of money which increases as you upgrade her level and purchase cam-friendly items like sexy panties, dildos, and even vegetables to stick up their buttholes. That kind of shit really sells on the cam sites, you know.

If it’s your first time playing a clicker, you’ll catch on within the game’s first minute or so. Even before you figure it out, though, you’ll no doubt notice how fucking well this game is put together. The hentai is fucking incredible and erotic, and every part of the game feels professional.

Sexy Anime Sluts to Hire and Fuck

Let’s talk about that hentai some more, shall we? I mean, fuck, that’s what you came here for. This ain’t Best SFW Games, after all. Your first secretary will help walk you through some of the basics of the game, but you’ll soon be hiring new chicks left and right. The babes are fucking hot anime chicks in all the standard uniforms. You’ve got hentai office ladies, shy schoolgirls and slutty ones, office ladies, MILFs, maids and more.

There are a ton of anime women to unlock in Fap CEO, and X-rated content for each. You’ve only got six desks in your first office, but you’ll fill them in no time. In real life, girls can become camwhores at home, but all these sluts really want to come work for you. Hey, I don’t blame them, you manly fucking stud.

Each time you hire a girl, you’ll begin a new email thread with her. There’s a little bit of sexy banter where you’ll choose what you’re going to say to them. I’m actually not sure how much it matters what you say, because the end result always seems the same: those girls send you nudes. Your gallery of explicit, uncensored hentai will start growing from the beginning of the game.

Play in the Background and Come Back for a Fap

This genre of games is also called idle clickers, because you can play them passively while you’re at work pretending to do spreadsheets. The girls will continually work and collect money. You just need to come cash in and level up every once in a while, assuring a constantly increasing stream of camwhore revenue.

I’ve seen some clickers out there that try to engage you in a way that ruins the idle element (Spiral Clicker comes to mind), but Fap CEO is more of a true idle clicker. You can play it in the background no problem, but they do spice up gameplay with some extra elements when you’re in the mood to do play.

You can sell your operation shortly after you fill up your office, after which you’ll move into swanky new digs. You’ll have to hire your girls again, but you’ll also have the opportunity to meet, work with and fuck some new meat. The second workspace also opens up your own personal office, where you’ll lurk with your computer and private stash of porn. You can decorate the joint, and there’s also a stock trading mini-game to fuck with.

Stock trading ain’t that different from the real thing, only it happens faster and it doesn’t make you money rich, just hentai rich. Trade sessions last one minute, and you’ll be watching a graph the entire time. Buy low, sell high. It’s honestly not sexy at all and you can’t beat off to this part of the game unless you’re Donald Trump, but you can use your winnings to help pimp out your office.

There’s also a skill point system for leveling up your girls that unlocks in your second workspace. It’s fairly standard stuff, where you can choose to upgrade your own click power as Fap CEO or give the girls multipliers to earn faster. I don’t do any manual clicking in these games after the first level, so you know which I chose.

Free to Play with Optional Gacha

Like all the popular Nutaku games, Fap CEO is free to play. All you gamers already know that “free to play” ain’t exactly the same as “free,” but this one certainly isn’t one of the worst offenders. All you cheapskates who never pull out your wallet for a game are still going to have a fun time, as I have even without shelling out a dime.

The gacha system works by selling you resources that are limited in the game, letting you progress and unlock content faster than you would otherwise. The biggest bottleneck you’ll notice right away is the response time for your sexy emails. You can only send one email an hour. Since these inbox conversations are tied directly to the girls sending you nudes, that means your nude payouts are limited unless you buy more gems or find more time-skip powerups.

Some of Nutaku’s games really fuck you over if you’re not paying. It doesn’t feel like free players are actually locked out of any of Fap CEO’s content. It’s just going to take a little longer to unlock things. Given the fact that this is ostensibly an idle game, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Then again, Nutaku has mastered the art of teasing you into pulling out your credit card. It’s good hentai, and you’d really like to see more, right?

Fap CEO is one of my favorite games on Nutaku when I want to play something low effort that still has the high-end hentai I expect from the site. You can jump right in or out of it at any time, and you’ll always come right back to where you left off. If you’re susceptible to clicker addiction and you have a thing for anime girls, this one is going to cost the boss a lot in terms of lost manhours.

BestPornGames Likes Fap CEO
  • free clicker with dating/business simulator elements
  • high-as-fuck production values
  • tons of high-quality hentai to unlock
  • interesting twists on clicker basics
  • addictive gameplay
BestPornGames Hates Fap CEO
  • in-app purchases