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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Fap Nation

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Clean out your fucking boxers and read this fucking review right, because this shit is going to make you fucking crazy. So, are you ready? The porn content that I’m about to share with you is a site called FapNation. It’s a site where you can play tons of hentai games wherever and whenever you like. The only issue is that almost all of the contents on this site are downloads. In addition, there are no browser games on the site. You will be redirected to a third-party platform if you choose to access them. That means you’re going to have to deal with any ads that you’ll encounter. You may want to charge you to play as well. There is no way to predict what is going to happen. If you’re alright with that, you will find lots of completely new games you’d never know otherwise. So, without further ado, let’s start this fucking review.

Initial Impressions of FapNation

My initial impressions of this fucking site go like this. I see a slider at the top with some preview pictures and game titles, a quick list of ‘patch notes’ for the website, and a request that my ad blocker is disabled, even if I do not use one right now. Why the fuck would I disable it? Anyway, I have mixed feelings so far – definitely – but as I move down, things take a change when I see a website list of the most recent games. I am really pleased with the way that the team behind Fap Nation publishes fresh updates regularly. I see somewhere from 10 to 25 different uploads a day. Remember that several of them are patch fixes after each version. However, these are not all new titles that were previously not accessible on the web.

A Porn Game Site That’s Worth Dying For?

The platform of the FAP Nation works fucking great. You can play nothing on its system, so it’s going to be easy for that fucking part. You don’t have to register as well. You will do as much as you want privately. There is also an active feedback section below each fucking content. Users are very active so that you can see what they think about the games exactly. It’s your best bet to figure out if it’s worth downloading. Look to see what you’re talking about the fucking artwork. You just should hang around if you like it.

Judging the Content in General

The standard of the games is usually quite strong. They don’t seem to be getting out some negativity. Many of them originate from studios, too. You can see a preview of a title you should choose to play as it will take you to the gameplay and story review page. Then there are more links to even get to the games in general. Some of you will have to pull direct downloads to your computer. Others are going to carry you to the homepages of the titles. It’s all safe at times, and at times it’s not free. Play the games and find out for your fucking self.

The games on the site demonstrate a few big differences; for instance, you will find games in 2D and games in 3D. They often vary in plot and storyline, some of which are simpler, and some of which are more complex, with challenges you need to do on the path to win the ability to execute or show the sex scenes in the game. Fortunately for you too, though not just the majority of their games can be accessed from every operating device, ensuring that even though you are away, you can play them, but also privately!

Mobile Compatible Shit

FapNation also has an excellent mobile platform. To smartphone devices, the whole interface is optimized. You don’t have to zoom in or fuck with the fucking menus. And the contents of this download site are actually playable on your phone. Tap the “Android” option under the game tab for several other kinky games you can play while you’re on your way to the fucking bathroom or something. Or, fuck it, download the games on a tablet and jerk it off in the comfort of your own fucking room. You won’t be disappointed with what their mobile compatible games have to offer.

What I Like About the Site

Okay, let’s start with the fuckin games of Fap Nation. If you came to this site expecting a fuck-ton of content, then you’re definitely in the right fucking place. Well, what I’m trying to say is that there are literally thousands of porn game titles in this site, and it’s all for the fucking taking. Yes, motherfucker! It’s all for fucking FREE! It doesn’t get any fucking better than that. Moreover, the developers of the site really did a terrific job of making the lives of all of its users more convenient by making all their content easily accessible and easily downloadable without any bullshit whatsoever.

Furthermore, I can’t help but notice that when I browse through the site’s contents and intentionally waste my fucking time there, I haven’t encountered some shitty content whatsoever. I’m trying to say that you can never go wrong with all of the pornographic content you’ll encounter in Fap Nation. Why? Because everything is in its highest fucking quality. You get to play with all the premium quality shit all for fucking FREE! Not to mention that this site has a dedicated platform for both mobile and windows desktop. Don’t even get me fucking started with the fucking mobile compatibility, because it’s fucking lit!

Recommendations for Improvements

Let me be the first to fucking say that this site has a lot of motherfucking ads! It’s even more than what you usually expect from a basic pornographic site. Not to mention that the fucking ads would suddenly pop out of nowhere and cover the whole fucking screen and blocking off the fucking porn. Nobody would fucking want that in any pornography website of any kind. You either minimize the fucking ads or lose the majority of your users. It’s as simple as that. Moreover, I got really fucking annoyed by the fact that this site lacks a very important feature, especially when you have a fuck-ton of content on display. Yes, you motherfucking imbecile, I’m talking about the sorting and categorization options in the game, it’s practically non-existent.

Furthermore, I found out a little later than not all the content that you’re going to encounter here is of the highest quality. Some mediocre games are found here, not to mention that you’re going to come across really shitty games every now and then. It will make you think that the developers of the game got to the point that they don’t fucking care anymore when it comes to maintaining high-quality shit in their site. Moreover, the overall quality of the site’s contents really varies from one shit to another, so don’t expect some consistency here. This is why I’m recommending that the developers should develop some sort of sorting options for their contents, particularly something to rule out the shitty ones from the list. Oh wait, I also feel like this site is missing some 2D pornography content. It’s supposed to be common to porn game sites that have a massive list of games.


Fap-nation.com deserves my fucking recommendation. I think it should be checked out by you fucks. It has thousands of premium games and content which you don’t have to pay a fucking dime to play. I know that you must like that fucking sound of that you little shit. This helps you invest time on crusty anime body pillows or whatever you fucking buy or some shit like that. You don’t have to crawl anymore to ask her to take a 20 spot to play a new game. After you are over 16 years of age, this shit becomes screechy. Anyway, I would totally rate this site a solid 4 out of 5 fucking stars.

Overall, if you love any type of porn content, Fap-nation.com is definitely worth a visit. There are many common forms of porn, such as Comics, SFMs, siterips, games, etc. Moreover, everything is totally safe. It’s practically a no-brainer when it comes to using this site’s interface. See some of the great content here and enter the fap community. I don’t actually give a single fuck if that’s their motto, but it fucking should be. Anyway, the site is really fucking great, go check it out.

BestPornGames Likes Fap Nation
  • Literally thousands of porn games to choose from
  • Downloads are quick and easy
  • All the content gets updated regularly
  • High-quality mobile and desktop design
  • It's all for FREE!
BestPornGames Hates Fap Nation
  • Lots of fucking ads
  • Filter and categorizations is a pain in the ass
  • Types of content on the site vary in quality
  • Some content is as basic as it gets
  • It's missing some 2D content