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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Faulty Apprentice

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Faulty Apprentice

User Rating: 4/5
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Faulty Apprentice is a High-Quality Fantasy Dating Sim by AGL Studios

I’m a sucker for a polished, premium porn game. I get that not everybody is capable of crafting beautiful h-games. The developer isn’t always artistically inclined or whatever. And making art is fucking hard. But, man, when it all comes together and some talented cuck makes aa porn game that looks like it raises the fucking bar I just have to play it. As usual, I went out searching for a premium-feeling lewd game that would blow my mind and help me blow my load. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to stumble across the kinky sex game that I’ve got in store for you horny gamers today. The game in question is called Faulty Apprentice. It’s been in the works since June 2017 by a talented team of fappers called AGL Studios. Essentially, this game is a 2D visual novel focused on learning skills, doing quests, and dating hot fantasy babes. But there’s much more to it than that. I’ll dive into all of those sexy details here shortly. You cucks should know that I’m hitting you with a completed game that won’t leave you waiting for updates or any of that bullshit. You’re getting the entire damn thing with no catches.

Pick up a Full Copy of this Completed Game for $19.99!

To get your hands on this shit, you’ll want to head on over to Dinmoney.itch.io/faultyapprentice. Like I said up top, I was looking for a premium experience. So, you’ll need to pay up at least $19.99 to get yourself a copy of the full game. Sorry, I know some of you fucks are scrounging change out of your crusty futons, but that’s just how it is sometimes. You can also get a full copy of the game from Patreon.com/dinmoney for a monthly $10 contribution. You play as a young, budding apprentice who is a bit of a loser. He’s just not very good at anything. He’s tried his hands at smithing, weaving, hunting, and everything in-between with no luck. In desperation, he decided to venture to the castle and see if he can land an apprenticeship there. Before he can mozy on up there, he runs into a pervy old wizard that promises to make him his apprentice in exchange for running a quick errand to the castle.

Play as a Bumbling, Clumsy Beta Who Wants to Be a Hero

Fuck, it sounds simple enough. But you run into trouble along the way. There are some busty knight babes in the midst of fighting off some burly green orc-like creatures. After getting saved by a beautiful blonde slut who happens to be the commander of the castle’s guard, you are taken in and asked to remain and train. Apparently, the old wizard you met sent word here for you to be trained by whoever you want for fucking free. What a bro. From here, the game opens up by allowing you to pick and choose which skills you want to train in. You can be a mage, fighter, or archer. Each class has a hot waifu who will show you the ropes. But you won’t be locked into your choice at any point. You can always switch around and level other classes up to have a varied skill set. Plus, this isn’t a combat-focused game so you won’t really have to worry about making sure you’ve reached min-max perfection or anything like that.

Spend Your Days Improving Skills, Training, and Romancing Hot Babes

Your overall goal is to gear up and help aid in the coming war. Your choices will decide if you end up being a hero or fail like you have at every other task. But, most importantly, you can talk to and romance so many different fantasy whores in the game. The castle you’re stationed at is full of them! Each one will have a different body-type and personality, so even the pickiest of you fucks should be able to find a hot waifu to simp after. There are two meters that most babe you interact with will have: morale and relationship. You want them both to be high if you plan on taking these sluts to pound town. It’ll take a good while, but it won’t be hard. Pay attention to what these girls say and make sure to respond in a way that matches their personality. Chatting with and doing quests for these waifus are good ways to raise those meters and get some pussy.

One of the Best-Looking Lewd Fantasy Games Ever

You’ll have a good bit of time each day that you can dedicate to doing quests and training. Instead of traditional combat, you can expect a few fun mini-games that help bridge the gap between encounters. It’s a very laid back game that you can take at your own pace without worrying about grinding away for hours like you would in a regular RPG. What a nice change of pace. I always fucking hate it when a game bogs itself down with needless filler content. Faulty Apprentice is one of the best-looking lewd fantasy RPGs that I’ve ever fucking played. You cucks are going to be in awe when you see the level of detail that this team has managed to pack into this game. The character design is amazing. The whole world is vibrant and pops with color. This is what I would expect a paid porn game to look like. Hell, you even get voice acting. It’s not the kind of game where every single line is voiced, but you do get a lot of it. And, man, even the writing is on fucking point. I didn’t find the story all that dramatic, but it is jam-packed full of pervy humor.

Fap to HD, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations Full of Voiced Lines and Sexy Sounds

The sex scenes keep the quality coming. They aren’t fully animated, but you do get some subtle movement and elements that you can interact with. You get to click around on these massive, HD, uncensored illustrations. Your clicks will make these sluts moan, gasp, and even shed some clothes. You horny cucks will be rubbing yourselves raw to this shit in no time at all. And there are well over a dozen of these scenes that you can unlock, so pick your favorite waifu and get to romancing!

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I didn’t want to stop playing this game. It’s such an immersive experience. The menus are well organized. I always knew what I had to go and accomplish next. There were no tedious grinding sections that bogged down the experience. All of that is to say that this game was paced incredibly well. You get all of the best parts of a fantasy RPG without all of the boring shit. You don’t need to worry about money, random encounters, stats, or anything else. All that you need to do is spend your days completing quests and romancing hot sluts.

And those sex scenes have me fucking hooked. These illustrations will remind you guys just how good some simple, high-quality, uncensored scenes can be. The level of detail here is fucking insane. You horny gamers won’t be able to help yourselves. The voice acting, moans, and sexy sound effects really bring these scenes to the next level.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

My only complaint is that the really good sex scenes take a long time to unlock. You get a few lewd illustrations after maybe 15-20 minutes of playing, but then you don’t get another for a long while. I want more! Give me some pussy pounding action right from the start instead of the slightest peek at a hot slut’s pussy. I don’t that’s too much to ask. For the asking price, I want to see the fap material rolling in right from the get-go.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Faulty Apprentice is a must-play game for you fantasy RPG nerds out there. It’s got everything that you betas could possibly want without any of the boring shit. You get to fuck hot fantasy sluts without dealing with turn-based combat, grinding levels, aimless exploration, or shitty plots. This is a concentrated RPG experience that will blow your fucking minds with the level of quality content that you’re going. Dive into this premium title and romance your way to sweet, sweet victory.

BestPornGames Likes Faulty Apprentice
  • Incredible visual design & a detailed art-style
  • HD, uncensored hentai illustrations
  • An RPG with none of the boring shit
  • Streamlined gameplay
  • Romance and bang hot fantasy babes!
BestPornGames Hates Faulty Apprentice
  • It costs money!
  • Sex scenes take awhile to unlock