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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Female Agent

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Female Agent

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Female Agent is a Deeply Customizable Text-Based RPG by Crushstation

I find that text-based games can be real sleepers in the porn game community. So many of you depraved fucks only look at the shiniest and most visually stunning games out there. You should broaden your scope a little bit. I know that it can be hard to step away from your lesbian hentai foot fetish games, but trust me on this one. Sometimes the kinkiest games turn out to simply be words on a page. And I think I have one that is a great entry for new fappers in the genre. It’s not too extreme, but it offers a robust story and hot as fuck erotic scenes. Female Agent is a text-based RPG that lets you assume the role of a hot military agent who wants to change the world for the better. Sure, I guess that will help the world. Though I would have thought something humanitarian where you get to fuck hot natives would have been more fun than risking your life. Regardless, this game is currently on version 1.6.2. It’s been in development since 2017 by a talented fuck known as Crushstation.

Download and Play the Full Public Version of this HTML Game for Free!

You can play the whole game for free. That’s right. I’ve actually got a free game for you fucks today. You don’t have to scrounge around for any cash or try to swindle your mom into letting you use her credit card. You can head on over to Patreon.com/crushstation and download the public version of this HTML game for free. Dishing out some money to the guy will let you further customize your agent’s kinks, body type, and tits. But you can still play the full game without these additional options. You start off customizing everything about your agent. You give her a name and alias as well as some kinks, traits, and ambitions. You can toggle her body type, height, weight, cup size, hips, and all of that good stuff. But this game throws you for a loop. You don’t start this story as a daring agent. You start as a kid. You make life decisions from a toddler to a college student. Each choice will determine certain personality traits, kinks, and ideals. And you get a fuck ton of choices.

Customize Your Character and Determine the Course of Her Entire Life

I think I made more conscious decisions in shaping this slut’s life than I did in my own life. You can go as far as to name and select the number of sexual or romantic partners you had every year. It’s insane. I can safely say that this game has the most in-depth character creation tool that I have ever fucking seen. Honestly, it started to feel weird going for the sex scenes with my character. I’d watched her grow up and become a successful analyst despite all of the shit that came her way. I was too attached. She was like a sister to me, though I know that won’t be an issue for most of you degenerates. There’s a lot of shit that can happen in the starting section of the game. You can become a hot bassist babe who gets fucked by the band. You can be a prude who values academics and studying above everything else. You can fuck other girls and be a lesbian slut who knows how to eat pussy. You can go full-on whore and fuck all of the dudes that you meet. Regardless, it all leads to you finding a role with a secret government agency that is hoping to take down some nefarious leaders in Bangkok’s criminal underground.

Can You Infiltrate the Thailand Underworld Without Losing Everything?

You get assigned as an undercover agent. Your goal is to find and seduce powerful figures in the hopes of uncovering key information. But you very well might fail. The criminal underground has a strong pull, and it is far too easy to get swept up in the current. Will you stay true to your mission, or will you fall too deep and betray all of those traditions that you held dear? Those choices and many others are yours to make in this intense text-based RPG. The writing is top-notch. You know when a competent writer is behind a game, and this is one of those games. The pace is kept fast throughout the entire game without sacrificing the story. You get short, well-written paragraphs for each scenario. You don’t get bogged down by thousands of lines worth of useless fucking text like you might in similar titles. The characters feel dynamic and fleshed out. The erotic descriptions are mature. It doesn’t sound like the horny ramblings of an incel for once. All in all, you can expect a polished writing style that will have you invested from start to finish.

Enjoy Beautifully Written Erotic Scenes & A Solid Mobile Experience

There is a bit of art in this game. Your character model will shift and change based on your decisions. She’ll wear loads of different outfits, jewelry, and even get tattoos if you go that route. For sex scenes, she’ll strip down and spread her legs. That’s about it. The text is what drives the majority of sex scenes. Some of them will have illustrations or images spliced in but expect the vast majority of them to be solely erotica. And some damn good erotica at that. If that doesn’t sell you on this kinky game, then consider that you can take the entire damn thing on the go using the dedicated Android version of the game. Okay, well it’s not really a dedicated version. Being an HTML game, you can load this up in, essentially, any browser you want as long as it supports HTML. It runs fine on mobile. I found the text to be a tad bit small at times, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some other titles out there. You can easily bring this fetish-filled RPG with you!

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The writing will have you horny cucks hooked. It’s so good. The story is intriguing and full of high-stakes moments where your decisions will make or break you. There are so many different winding paths that this game can take. It’s insane. I didn’t expect this much depth from a free text-based game. The only games I can think of that even come close to this level of quality writing and customization options are ones by Fenoxo. And even then, Female Agent gives those titles a run for their money. The sex scenes are hot as fuck. Yeah, yeah, you visual-addicts might be disappointed. It’s not the kind of game where you get to see every little detail or get HD illustrations to jerk off to. It all comes down to classic erotica. And I fucking loved it. I can still get off to these hot scenes without needing to see some bitch get her holes filled. If you can’t, then I suggest you take a step back and take a damn break from all of the degenerate shit that you’re jerking your cock to.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

All of that being said about the sex scenes, I wouldn’t mind having some illustrations to really ramp up the immersion. But, again, I don’t think they are necessary. My main suggestion would be to keep the good work up. Expand on different romance paths. Work out all of the story hiccups. But this game doesn’t need much at all. It just needs a fine polish to finish it up and send it out. It’s already a fun and kinky game that will occupy you horny betas for hours on end.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Female Agent is a must-play for fans of text-based RPGs. It’s easily one of the best ones out there and it isn’t even finished yet. The level of customization options you get is incredible. There are very few games out there that let you pick and choose every single life decision that your character gets to make. I think that the vast majority of you horny gamers will like this game, especially if you read through this entire review! That means you must like to read a little bit. Go on and download this kinky game today and see if you can take down Bangkok’s criminal underground!

BestPornGames Likes Female Agent
  • Hundreds of story-changing choices
  • Deep customization options
  • Excellent writing with dynamic characters
  • You can play for free on desktop or mobile!
  • Hot erotic scenes
BestPornGames Hates Female Agent
  • It isn’t finished yet!