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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Forest Of The Blue Skin

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Forest Of The Blue Skin

User Rating: 4/5
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Can you remember the games we used to get before? Like those pixelated games that we used to have lots of fun with? Well, compared to the games that we get now, it isn’t a surprise how porn games have evolved throughout the years. Luckily for those who just got into porn gaming, they already have great games today. For those who have been into porn gaming for a very long time, know the real joy of playing porn games even if the games weren’t so great or shitty if that’s how you’d like to call it.

What I have for you today is undoubtedly a thing of the past. This is not something that will make you drop your jaw, but I am pretty sure that you and your dick get to have some fun. Forest Of The Blue Skin is a 2D hentai game. For those hentai loving perverts who are open to more games, you might like to try this one out. Remember that Super Mario game? This game is almost like that but with a lot of sex and rape, like all throughout the game.

Just a heads up, I know most of you horny incels are not going to love this game, and that’s perfectly fine. I mean, a game is a game, and I know that everyone has a different opinion and likes when it comes to the games they like, but at least the devs still gave some time to prepare this game. This a review, so there are things that I like and some things that I don’t like. Though, don’t let it change the way you view the game until you get to try it. So, let’s not delay this shit any further and get on with this amazing review!

Initial Impression

When I first started the game, the first thing that came to my mind is that it’s like playing Super Mario again! Oh boy, that game was very entertaining back to when I use to enjoy those kinds of games. I mean, you know, when people grow up, most of them actually become more perverted than ever before. Anyway, as I was playing this game, I said to myself, why haven’t I played this game before. My experience could have been a lot better if I came across this game.

It’s clear that you guys might think that this is a flash game where you just load it up on your browsers and think that it’s full of viruses or shit like that. You’re wrong. Yes, at first glance, it might look like that, but it’s what you actually think it is. The game is actually independently developed by Zell23. If you take a moment and visit his page, you will see that he actually has other games, and most of them are actually quite impressive.

The Gameplay

Yes, just as I said, it’s like playing Super Mario because of the whole 2D platform side scroller, but this time you are not going to be saving any princess or whatever, you are going to be going around sticking your dick into monster girls. Isn’t that surprising? Just when you thought this is going to be a normal game, then boom, all of the fucking are going to surprise you.

The game is quite challenging as there is a lot of obstacles that you have to overcome. It kind of brings nostalgia while playing this game. Anyway, to those perverts out there that have a pea-sized brain, you guys have to step up those skills since you’re going to need it if you decide to play this game. I’m not going to lie, some of the stages that I played were quite hard, and it required me to restart the stage all over again. Timing is key in this game as well. You have to carefully time your attacks to increase your chances of defeating the enemies.

Before I forget, the enemies that you are going to face in this game are monster girls. So, it’s good to expect what’s going to happen in the end, but for now, let’s stick with the gameplay. We’ll get the chance to talk about them later on in this review. Going back, when you defeat your enemies, you will be rewarded with abilities and skills that can help you last longer in other battles. As you progress, your abilities and skills are also the keys to last longer on your journey through the vast forest.

Along with your journey, you will get more skills and items. You can use these things to access certain areas of the game. I get it. Explorer games can sometimes be a pain in the ass, right? The good news is, certain items can help get around the map faster. There are even items that can help you capture a monster girl, which in turn, gives you more skills. The more and better skills you have, the faster you can conquer the game.

The control layout is similar to a controller, which means that two of your hands have to be used in this game. If you want to jerk off to a sex scene, it is still possible, and a little break wouldn’t hurt, right? It does feel like an arcade game since it’s a flash game after all, but it is actually fun since it does bring you back to the times. It really brings that challenging vibe when you play the game, and that erotic reward just makes it whole.

No Storyline Present in The Game

Ok, so I know most of you like games that don’t have a storyline so that there’s nothing to control you or whatsoever. But in this game, a storyline could have helped the game better. Don’t take this as a bad thing, but it’s also nice to play a game that gives you an idea of what it is all about. I didn’t even have a single idea what I was supposed to achieve in this game right from when I started playing it. It took me quite a long time to figure out what I should be doing in the game.

It’s not even that hard to create a random storyline or some shit. Literally, anyone could make some stupid shit up like what we get in porn games nowadays. It could have been about monsters taking over the town or other reasons, right? That could be a storyline for a game so that we, as players, could have an idea what’s it about.

Capture Slutty and Horny Monster Girls

What? Do you think the game doesn’t have good parts in it? Well, you are wrong, motherfucker. And since you’ve reached this point. Congratulations, you horny bastard! What’s good about the game concept is that you are going to go around and capture these horny monster girls. Each monster will require a different method of capturing them. As usual, the game doesn’t tell you how to do it, so you have to do a little experiment. Like trial and error.

Sounds easy, right? If it’s easy, then there must be a catch. True enough, there is. If you fail to capture these monster girls or if ever you get attacked and lose, you will be captured and brought back to their town. You will get fucked too many times until you can no longer take it anymore, and you will end up back to the last save point. Getting fucked by these monster girls? Sounds like a win-win situation, right? I mean, you could save yourself a lot of time by capturing these monster girls so that you could fuck them. You can just let yourself be captured, and they will be the ones to do the job. Either way, you get to have fun.

Explore the Game and Unlock The Sex Scenes

Crazy as it sounds, but there are actually sex scenes that you can unlock while you journey through the forest. Again, this game is pixelated, so expect that you’re not going to get to watch a high-quality sex scene. Even if the game is pixelated and sometimes hard to figure out what’s going on, it is still hard not to admit that the animations are on point. The animations are smooth, which kind of compensated the whole graphics of the game.

If you are eager to capture and fuck all the monster girls in the game, here’s a tip. You can find tons of monster girls by going through different portals. Most of these slutty monsters are located behind doors that you will find scattered all around the place. That’s about it actually. There’s not much to it, and the cycle is the same throughout the whole game. Go out, find monsters, capture them, bring them back to your place, and fuck the shit out of them.


Overall, I still find the entertaining at some point. Despite how the gameplay and the graphics were made, there were still some things that compensated it. I did find the sex scenes quite entertaining though personally, I don’t like jerking off to those kinds of scenes, I know some of you might, so just do what you like. I would still recommend this game to every one of you, horny incels. You might find it more entertaining than I did.

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