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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Four Elements Trainer

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Four Elements Trainer

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Water fucking. Earth pussies. Fire titties. Air anals. Now that I got your attention, you probably noticed that I took a few lines from a particular anime series. The reason for this is that this review is going to be about a parody porn game of one the most unforgettable anime series and probably the only thing we watch on TV. Yes, I’m talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. The developers of this game love this anime so much they made a similar storyline and added sexy bending, curls, and unforgettable squats.

You dickbenders are in for a treat because this quality hentai game is unlike anything you’ll see in Anime-based sex games. It follows a similar storyline from the original series. I know you always wanted to know what it feels like to become the Avatar while fucking hentai chicks from each nation. Now, going back to the main reason why we’re here. The name of the game is Four Elements Trainer. The four elements that the title of the game is talking about are the four nations, each with their elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.

The Four Elements Trainer is a 2DCG hentai animated game with a dating simulation setup and a visual novel that follows a similar storyline of the original anime series. The developer of the game is Mity and uses Patreon to gain financial support from patrons to improve and finish the game. Mity also wanted people to enjoy their fap-worthy content and released the game for free. The developers did a fantastic job at including bukkake, anal and vaginal sex, footjobs, blowjobs, titfucks, MILFs, horny virgins, and humor in the storyline and gameplay.

Mastering the Four Elements

You’re the new Avatar, and you’ll have to go through each element they call a “book.” Similar to the anime series, you start with the book of water. You’ll have to train with Katara to master water bending as you fuck all the thirsty sluts in the southern water tribe. After you completed the book of water, you’ll proceed immediately to the book of fire, where you’ll get to interact and fuck the main characters from the fire nation. I’m not going to dig deeper into the storyline to prevent spoilers. After the book of fire, the next book you’ll have to go through is the book of earth. After the book of earth, the last book is the book of air and is currently under development.

Keep in mind that the developers of Four Elements Trainer based the visual novel off of the original anime series, except you’re not the original Avatar, which is Aang. Instead, for the first three books, namely water, fire, and earth, the game allows you to choose your name. You’ll be impersonating Avatar Aang because the fire nation killed Aang in the game’s storyline. In most of the dialogues, you’ll see the male protagonist holding an Aang face mask because people still believe that Aang’s alive.

The game allows you to choose your name because as you progress through the game, the female NPCs will call you by the name you chose. You still have to build your relationship with them to the max level, given that the male protagonist isn’t the real Avatar Aang. I know it’s weird that the game’s storyline has a bit of a plot twist, but that’s what makes the game better since you get to become the Avatar. It’s more like a dream come true to see the sexiest female character from the original anime to shout your name out as you fuck them.

The Gameplay

The game starts with an average loser who does nothing but play video games for all his life, and a spirit pops out of the TV, telling you the news that the Avatar is dead. I’m sure you didn’t focus on what the spirit was telling you because she’s a hottie with transparent clothes, and all you did was stare at her perfectly shaped titties. After the spirit bitch informs you of everything about you being the new Avatar, that’s the time where you can choose your character’s name.

Since you’re now the Avatar, the spirit chick will have you choose the books you’ll have to go through to master the four elements. If you are a die-hard fan of the original anime series, you should start with the book of water. In the book of water, you’ll proceed to the village of the southern water tribe where Katara will help you learn and master water bending. The best part about the book of water is that you can manipulate water bending and make all the lustful women of the southern water tribe cum and squirt.

Moving on to the book of fire, you don’t think that the main character impersonating Avatar Aang will head on to the fire nation, right? That’s when the smart play of the developer comes in because what they did is that they used some mind transferring spirit shit on Zuko. Keep in mind that Zuko hates Aang even at the start of the original anime series. Moreover, Zuko has a sister called Azula, who’s fucking hot and probably one of the hottest chicks from the anime due to her sassy attitude and well-proportioned body.

What makes everything in the book of fire even better is that Azula has two close friends named Mai and Ty Lee. From the anime series, Mai and Zuko had something going on, which made the game even pleasurable because you get you to see actual fucking action with these two love birds. You also have a chance to see Ty Lee naked with all the vibrators and shit going on in her pussy. After playing the game for a while, I noticed that you could find the best sex animations in the book of fire, and not only that, but you have three sexy young chicks to fuck.

The Graphics

The graphics are great for a 2DCG game because you can tell how close the developers wanted to match the colors from the original anime series. The background and the setting of every area are similar to what you’ll see in the anime, which I think is a commendable effort. Apart from the developer’s use of colors, I also noticed they wanted to add variation when it comes to weather and lighting. You can tell that the developers didn’t want to make the environment dull and wanted to add a bit of flamboyance.

One particular shit that I noticed in-game are the animations and transitions. I noticed there weren’t many animations happening and the transitions between scenes in the book of water. Moreover, the shifting from one image to the next was so bad that it’s worse than an old laptop running PowerPoint. Yes, the transitioning wasn’t smooth at all. As you proceed to the book of fire, earth, and air, you’ll notice that the developers spent most of their time improving the mess they made on the book of water.

As you progress through the game, you’ll notice the sex scenes have better animations since you’ll see their head moving while changing facial expressions. Apart from that, you’ll also notice their hand movements as they give you a handjob. I know that having more sex animations and smooth transitions is good, but it would be better if they were consistent and applied in all parts of the game.

The Audio

Thank goodness that the developers of Four Elements Trainer decided not to utilize any voice-overs for the girls in the game. At least they know their limits by not ruining the original voice acting from the anime series. However, the developers did have sound effects for some of the actions, such as selling items and earning coins, knocking on a wooden door, and the sound of drinking. But, I did find the pussy squirts and cumshot sound effects pretty shit and sounded like squeezing an almost empty shampoo bottle.

The sound effects also weren’t consistent, but the developers covered it up with background music for every area of the game. All the background music was instrumentals, and you’ll find it pleasing that the developers used all of them for the right scenario.

What I Like About the Game

The humor in the dialogue was the highlight of the game because they showed the characters’ alternate personality from the original anime series. Keep in mind that Four Elements Trainer is a parody game, and I found the writing of the visual novel great because they still capture the essence of each character from the show. On the other hand, the sex scenes were all good and fap-worthy since the drawing of the characters is similar to what you’ll see from the show.

My Recommendations for Improvement

There are plenty of things that need improving in the game, and most of it is about the consistency of the sex animations and the transitioning of the scenes. If the developers make things smoother while having more movement and animations in the sex scenes and the storyline, the game will turn out better. There is also plenty of repetition in the game, which wastes a lot of time, you’ll notice that the developers only added repetition to extend the game time.


Overall, Four Elements Trainer is a good hentai game due to having plenty of fuck scenes with comedy in the dialogues while still following the storyline. Since the developers based the game off of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra, they did a great job of capturing the essence of the characters. It feels like you’re watching the adult version of the show by playing the game.

BestPornGames Likes Four Elements Trainer
  • Comedy in the dialogue
  • Plenty of fucking, blowjobs, titfucks, and anals
  • Actual characters from the anime series Avatar
  • Make Azula your lustful whore
  • Free to play
BestPornGames Hates Four Elements Trainer
  • Inconsistency in the animations and transitions
  • Sound effects are bad
  • Almost dead silence during the fuck scenes