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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Shave your dicks and warm your balls, smelly-ass retard! I have a new game for you to spend most of your alone time and feel better about yourself for once. If you’re the type of ass wipe who likes role-playing games with tons of adventure while grinding and becoming the strongest player in the game, this is the perfect game. You might be wondering why I’m overhyping this game. Well, first things first, it’s unlike any adult-themed, adventure game I have ever seen. You won’t even need to dedicate yourself to grinding. But, it’ll surely keep your lonely life occupied.

FoxyNite is a free 3D fast-paced action-adventure hentai role-playing game or RPG where you can customize your character to look sexy or cute and fight monsters to get stronger. Like any RPGs, you can quickly destroy monsters at the beginning dungeons and make your way to challenging dungeons as you increase your character’s level. The game also has a main quest for you to follow and witness the story relevant to your character’s class. Also, the game is available for Android devices, which means you can play the game anytime and anywhere without needing to bring your laptop. So, without further delay, let’s get on with the review.

The Gameplay

FoxyNite is a free game you can download and play on your PC or Android smartphones. I played the game on my smartphone because it allows me to play the game even if I am not at home. When it comes to the interface, it’s easy to navigate because I can quickly mash on the attack skill buttons with my right thumb and move around with my left.

The beginning stages of the game aren’t challenging because I can instantly defeat the monsters with two attacks without having me dodge and move around. As you level up and equip more durable gear, the enemies become stronger and a bit challenging the beat. As a result, you’ll have to use the dodge button to evade their attacks. Moreover, as you complete tasks and gain experience points, you’ll unlock the hentai scenes that involve the characters in the storyline.

What I particularly find interesting in the gameplay are the outfits because even if my character wears the sexiest but tiniest clothing, they provide me with stronger stats. And, whenever you’re attacking and casting your special skill, you’ll find your character appearing on the screen with a sexy animation such as groping their tits or touching themselves.

What I Like About the Game

The most commendable thing about the game is the storyline or the main quests because you’ll notice there’s progress happening as you play through the game. FoxyNite differs from most RPGs you see nowadays because after you’re done with the storyline, there’s nothing else left to do but grind. But, none of that happens in FoxyNite because the game developers also mixed sexual actions during the fight scenes. I think it’s exceptional to see your created character popping up your screen as you cast your unique skill and doing lewd things to keep your dick hard.

Another element that I liked in FoxyNite is the number of monsters you’ll slay along the way since there’s a ton of them! I love playing RPGs that drive you to utilize most of the attack skills and combine dodge to keep your enemies from touching your waifu. For the sad fuckers with monster hentai fetish, unfortunately, you won’t see any monster fucking once you fail to beat the stages, and the monsters hit the fuck out of you. Still, I like it that way. The reason being is that it’s dismaying to see the character you worked so hard to get banged by disgusting-looking monsters.

Going back to the monster-slaying, I assure you that you won’t feel bored when grinding because you’ll be able to beat the shit out of these monsters to your heart’s content. I commend the game developers of FoxyNite for going way beyond the monster-hunting limit and allowing us to relieve our anger by slaying those pieces of shit. Things become more attractive in gameplay because of the sound effects the game developers use to compliment the fighting. The reason being is that you can hear the monsters screech in pain as you kill them.

Further, FoxyNite has a battle drone system feature that allows you to relax while your character grinds for experience and items. The way these works are similar to most smartphone RPGs where you click the “auto” button, and your character will move by itself, attack, and dodge. The best thing about the battle drone system feature is that you can keep grinding all you want while you do your real-life shit and don’t leave anything behind.

I know it’s confusing to combine RPG adventure and porn because there are way too many things happening at the same time. One of the exciting sound effects that make FoxyNite a porn game is the moaning and wailing of the sexy 3D characters in the storyline. Moreover, the sex in the game is interactive! Since the game has interactive sex, it allows you to have an immersive sex experience and would not make you feel left out while staring at your screen for the rest of the time.

What I Don’t Like About the Game

Although I mentioned a lot of positive shit about the game in the previous paragraphs, there are a lot of things that I found disappointing. Even if the storyline is fun and steamy, it’s lacking. Although the game developers went way beyond the norm of RPGs, they failed to go way beyond our expectations. As a result, you’ll end up grinding the way you usually grind with RPGs.

And when it comes to the graphics, man are they disappointing. The sexy scenes lack pleasurability because the characters don’t look realistic compared to the modern 3D sex games we watch or play today. If the game developers create a 3D porn game with an interesting storyline and engaging gameplay, but the graphics are shit, why should people play the game? It’s the year 2020. We deserve to play 3D games with smooth, realistic 3D graphics that’ll engage us to keep playing and wanting for more.

Did I mention the dialogue during the sex scenes? Well, they’re shit. The reason why the dialogue during the sex scenes is shit is that they aren’t arousing. The game developers called FoxyNite a porn game for fuck’s sake. Even if they have the sexiest sound effects and average 3D graphics, that’ll make your dick rock hard, reading the dialogue while your fucking bitches are unconvincing. The least the game developers could do was have the bitches say some lines about wanting more of your dick and fuck them harder or something.

My Recommendations for Improvement

The game developers made a brave move by combining RPG and hentai but also failed in most parts due to mixing many elements into one game. One of the things they should improve in the game is the storyline because it’s lacking, and the people end up grinding for the experience to get stronger. Moreover, they should also change the access of the sex scenes because, at this point, I don’t even want to grind and put most of my time to unlock them. If they create a porn game that’ll only give you access to the porn content by once you reach a certain amount of points, you’re better off playing another porn game.

Further, they should also fix the dialogue in the sex scenes because it’s a fucking turn off to read while you immerse yourself in the interactive sex. Even scripted porn has a better effect on you and will give you a better masturbating experience. FoxyNite may have sexy or cute waifus and plenty of screaming and moaning, but if the supporting dialogue is dull, they shouldn’t even categorize it as a porn game.

The game developers should also do something about the graphics because it looks unrealistic and shit. There are plenty of texture bugs you’ll see in FoxyNite that’ll ruin your overall experience. If the game developers improve the graphics and do something about the texture bugs, the game will feel smoother in terms of animation and sex scenes. Having excellent sound effects doesn’t match the shit graphics. I understand that they have to optimize everything for the game to run smoothly, but I don’t see that as an excuse.


Before we end this informative and highly entertaining review, you should know that Nutaku discontinued FoxyNite, and you can’t download it from their site anymore. The only way you play the game is to search for it in the deepest corners of the internet. I recommend you give the game a shot because it provides you with an entirely different gaming experience. FoxyNite has an exciting storyline despite being a fast-paced action-adventure hentai RPG, unlike any other porn RPG you’ll ever play.

BestPornGames Likes FoxyNite
  • Interesting storyline and gameplay
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Sexy and cute waifus
  • Fast-paced combat
  • Has a battle drone system feature for auto grinding
BestPornGames Hates FoxyNite
  • Lacking in quests and side quests
  • Need to grind to access the sexy hentai scenes
  • Bad graphics and texture bugs
  • Boring dialogue that ruins the sex scenes