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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Free Cities Game

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Free Cities Game

User Rating: 4/5
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Business planning? in a porn game? It’s likelier than you think. The mad boy behind Free Cities had a fantastic idea to create a porn game that has no porn in it what-so-ever, although you’re free to mod pictures into the damn thing. Look, the point is, he succeeded. I managed to rub one off to this game and I think you can too. The bottom line is, this guy managed to upstage Sim City and the hentai visual novel industry in one swoop. This game has a little bit of everything, but more than anything, it has business management. Have you ever wanted to run a brothel? This is the game for you. Imagine if you will, being able to do anything and everything you can possibly think of to as many sex slaves as you could possibly fit inside a gigantic harem. That’s what you get with this game. And I mentioned it’s a business simulator, because it is; the shtick is, you want to make money and stay solvent, otherwise you’ll get sold into sex slavery yourself. This game is an absolute explosion of management features, all somehow revolving around girls’ genitalia. There’s a ton of variety, a shit-ton of writing and all the replayability you could ever ask for. Hell, you can play this game for an infinite amount of time, that’s how fucking dynamic it is. Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

The Backstory

I’ll try to knock this out in one go at the start, because I know you fucks wanna hear about the gameplay. The thing is, you can’t ignore the story with this game. I mean, you can skip past it, but I don’t think you should — it’s fucking amazing. There are tens of thousands of lines of story in this game as far as I can tell and it’s the kind of apocalyptic porn writing that you can really sink your teeth into. The general premise is that the world has gone to shit and the entire goddamn planet now defaults to slavery when all else fails. People are starving, industries are shutting down, there’s not enough of anything to go around, so most people just default to becoming sex slaves. They don’t really have a choice. And, since this is a parallel of the real world, albeit set in the future, demand for pussy is at an all-time high. You know what they say about prostitution being the world’s oldest profession. Well, that’s true, except it probably started out as sex slavery. This game suggests that that’s how it’s going to end up if the economy crashes again and we all start starving. And if you’re a dude, I guess you can work hard, stay in school and grow up to become a successful sex trainer and trafficker. That’s where it’s at. Free Cities takes place in a universe that’s so embroiled in the upsides of sex slavery that they’ve built an entire culture revolving around trading pussy and training women to be obedient and servile. It’s the hottest shit since sliced bread. Even world politics revolve around sex slavery, since the trade of bang-worthy sex slaves moves the economy more than the value of gold in this universe. That means that as you play, you have to pay attention to neighboring brothels and even the economy of other continents, to make sure that you’re making the most of what you’ve got. Remember, your sex slaves are the only thing standing between you and abject poverty.


Free Cities will populate the world with tons of random sex slaves of all ages, sizes, genders, races, and just about any other detail you can think of. But, when you start the game you get to create the perfect slave for yourself, albeit with a bit of a handicap, in that you actually get charged money for making them too sexy. Either way, the build-it-yourself kit really goes to show you the degree of detail that you get with your sex slaves. This ain’t no Skyrim character creator, you get super in-depth with these details. I’m just going to list a few, because if I were to go through all of them this review would take ages. Let’s start with the basic shit. Age, sex, eye color, race, breast size, ass size, hip shape, vaginal tightness, anal tightness, experience giving oral and a bunch of other preferences are very much on the table. You can get super in- depth with just about any body part. Take for instance the lips. You can decide their exact size and description, but, beyond that, you can also customize how they react to dick and whether the girl can even handle a proper deepthroat. The same goes for all their other holes. You can fine-tune them to perfection and even give them handicaps that will affect their sexual performance. Then, there’s their personality, which comes with a ton of preferences and experience. Say, for instance, that you create a slave who’s been used and abused by her previous owner. Say that her owner used to sodomize her several times a day. Well, her asshole would be very wide and pained and her personality would reflect that. She’d grow to resent anal sex as well as cocks in general and she’d probably be terrified of men. You can choose all of these properties out of a list and fine-tune them to hell and back. Most importantly, these kinds of details are very much a part of the slaves that you purchase and don’t get to edit, but they factor into the experience and the general behavior of your slaves. It’s fucking amazing.

Fucked Up Shit

I kind of covered all the vanilla shit, now let’s get into the more fucked up ways in which you can manipulate your sex slaves. Your ideal goal is to get them to be as servile as possible so that they make the most money for you. That’s clear. But, you have a ton of tools at your disposal that may or may not be necessary, but the developer really wanted people to live out their wildest fantasies in this game. So, let’s say that you’ve got a slave who is very smart and extremely cute, who hoovers up the cock like it’s going out of style, but she has a huge problem shutting up. Say that this slave won’t stop complaining about her living conditions. Well, you could improve her living conditions, sure, but that’s going to cost money. Why not, instead, take her to a surgeon and have her tongue removed? Problem solved. Oh, you thought that was extreme? We’re just getting started. You can dead ass have a girl’s Achilles tendon removed so that she has to wear heels at all times, otherwise she can’t walk. I guess that’s supposed to improve how sexy she looks or something, I don’t fucking know. Either way it will traumatize her to hell and back. Oh and speaking of traumatizing. You’re more than free to insert and remove any and all kinds of implants from the girls’ asses, tits, waists and well… it gets even worse. You can remove parts of their bodies if you think they don’t need them. You can straight up destroy their eyes so that they’re completely blind. And yes, you can even remove entire limbs off of them if you’d like to turn them into human fleshlights. This is hands down the most brutal open-ended porn game I’ve ever fucking played. And, it’s not made any easier by the fact that with every single action you get a block of text describing all the trauma that the girl is feeling so the game very much guilt-trips you for your actions.

Countless Hours of Fun

Whether you play Free Cities for the business management and the cash or you’re into insane body modification and slave abuse, this game has everything you’ve ever wanted, except visuals. You’ll just have to live with the mini-images you get on the side. That’s the best they could do, I’m afraid. Text-based games are all about depth and exposition, so the payoff is very much in the details. You don’t just abuse a sex slave and get it over with, you get blocks of text describing the tears, the sweat, the pain and all the consequences. The game is completely free to play, runs entirely in-browser and your saves are cross-compatible. In other words, you can play it on your phone, your computer, your toaster, whatever you want. There’s no wrong way to enjoy Free Cities. The game’s source code is also available on Github, so if you’re a nerd and you’d like to modify and compile your own version of the game, you’re free to do so.

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