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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Fuckerwatch is a Puzzle-Solving Overwatch Parody game by Project Physalis

I know there are still tons of you waifu-addicted betas who are still fucking playing Overwatch. It may be dead. It may be cringey. But goddamn you cucks will sure stick with something until its final death knell. Do you know who else loves that game? That’s right, porn game developers. Talented and shitty developers alike have been trying their hands at making decent Overwatch porn. And, hell, I don’t fucking blame them. You’ve seen those sluts. It’s like Blizzard was trying their hardest to instill quality fetishes into the minds of the world’s youth. I say keep at it. It gives me more shit to jerk off to. Anyway, I’m getting off on a bit of a tangent, but that’s nothing new. I’m talking to you betas aboutOverwatch because I’ve stumbled across a sexy puzzle game called Fuckerwatch. It’s all about completing puzzles and unlocking hot sex scenes of your favorite characters, but I’ll give you guys the down-low on those juicy details in a bit. What you should know is that this game was created back in 2018 by a team known as Project Physalis.

Find the Game for Free on a Variety of Sites Since the Developer’s Site is Gone

Believe it or not, they actually finished the game. Though you might not be as impressed by that fact when we get into the nitty-gritty of this title. You cheapskates are in for some good news—the developer’s Patreon no longer exists. That means you can download this game from any number of the free sources out there with no guilty conscience. I recommend checking out the page for it over at F95zone.to. Grab that shit for free and follow along with me as I pick this shit apart. There’s no story, plot, or conflict for this game. But I won’t fault it for that. After all, not every single game out there needs to have some 20+ hour storyline that you have to piece together before you can jack off to some hentai porn. Speaking of piecing shit together, that’s exactly what this game is all about. Do you remember those frustrating wooden puzzle things where you’d slide squares around to craft a full image? Yeah, that’s this game. No, I’m not fucking with you.

A Very Simple Tile Sliding Puzzle-Solver Game

Oh, and I hope your favorite character is D.Va, Widowmaker, or Mei because those are your only three options. You pick one of those babes and get taken over to a puzzle screen where you have a certain number of moves to complete the puzzle. Now, I may just not have as high of an IQ as you Rick & Morty fans out there, but this shit gets pretty tough. You get 100 moves for the first puzzle, 75 for the second, and 50 on the last. Fuck, man. I came here to fap not to rage. I get a simple premise, but this gets to the point where it just feels fucking lazy. There’s nothing innovative about a sliding block puzzle game. What’s next, are they going to release one of those jigsaw puzzle flash games? It just seems so fucking boring, and it is. They tried their best to spice up the UI with a gamepad style backdrop, subtle animations, and some cute Japanese voice lines. Even with all of that, I wouldn’t have considered this game completed with just these three sluts to jerk your gherkin to. I’d give this game more of a pass if they included all of the female whores from the game as well as some alternate/additional game modes.

Only Three Waifus to Choose from & No Further Levels or Challenges

This feels more like a mini-game that should be used in a more robust title to fill some time rather than a standalone experience. For what it’s worth, the visuals are fucking fantastic. They really nailed the Overwatch art style. There’s a lot of subtle detail work that makes the game feel sleek. Hovering your cursor over the character selection images will give you some hot ahegao faces. When you choose one of these sluts you’ll get a quick little animation of them bending over and spreading their pussy lips wide for your viewing pleasure. But small details aren’t quite enough to make this a fully-fledged experience. These should have been final sprinkling details for a finished product. I wish I could go more into the gameplay, but it’s pretty cut and dry. You can use your keyboard, mouse, or the on-screen gamepad to move tiles around to complete the image shown in the upper-right corner of the screen. Just make sure that you’re staying under the move count tracker and you’ll be good. If you really set your mind to beating this game then it shouldn’t take you much longer than half an hour of trial and error. And, well, that’s fucking it—that’s the entirety of the gameplay experience as it is.

Enjoy All Three Fully Animated, Uncensored Sex Scenes

When you complete the puzzle you will unlock a fully animated version of the image that you were trying to solve. The three scenes that they’ve got in this game are pretty fucking hot. Mei’s getting gangbanged, D.Va is getting dicked down, and Widowmaker is riding some cock. Each scene will be entirely uncensored and voiced. There aren’t any actual voice lines, but you do get plenty of moans and sexy sound effects to nut to. But I still wanted more. The sex scenes are animated, but you just get one bit of the scene. You never get to progress and see a hot climax or different positions. It’s just a single animated panel.

Take this Parody Game With You Using the Android Mobile App

If any of that sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll be pretty pleased to know that you can download a free mobile app version of the game straight from the developer. Or, well, you used to be able to do that. You’ll have to head to the site I mentioned up top to grab the Android version of the game. To no one’s surprise, the game plays exactly the same on Android except for that you can use a touch-screen. I had no trouble loading this game up and playing through the entire thing on mobile.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The art is definitely the best part of the game. It looks fucking fantastic. You get some pretty solid sex scenes to jerk your dick to, which is always a good thing in a game like this. The subtle animations and details throughout the game are nice. It shows that the team had a decent eye for detail when it came to the finishing touches. I still wish they would have taken some of that same focus and put it towards the more key gameplay features of the game.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

It’s not often that the premise of a game is the part that I think needs major changes. Usually, you fucks have some decent ideas and fail to execute them well enough. This one is the other way around. The idea fucking blows but they sure did do it well. Only having three characters to unlock a single scene for each is lame as hell. The basic gameplay is boring and tedious. There aren’t any additional levels. This is the kind of shit that I would expect from a porn flash game back in 2008. I’d have liked to see a lot more in terms of gameplay, level design, and unlockable scenes.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Fuckerwatch is a decent game that’s worth playing through once if one of your favorite waifus is featured. You’ll at least be able to bust a nut to a couple of scenes, but you really need to work for it. Make sure you tackle your favorite slut’s puzzle first or else you’ll be in for a fucking struggle later on. At least you can pick up the game for free and give it a shot that way. It’s not like you’ll be out of any dosh for giving it a try, so that’s a plus. So, yeah, give this game a shot if your favorite waifu is in it and you don’t mind simple puzzle-solving games.

BestPornGames Likes Fuckerwatch
  • HD illustrations & detailed menu design
  • A quality parody art style of Overwatch
  • It’s completely free to download and play
  • Uncensored, voiced, fully-animated sex scenes
BestPornGames Hates Fuckerwatch
  • Not a lot of content
  • Only 3 sex scenes
  • Boring game concept