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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Funbag Fantasy

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Funbag Fantasy

User Rating: 3/5
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Do you like titties? So do the Japanese. That’s exactly why they made Funbag Fantasy. They wanted to bring about world peace by uniting us all through our love of gigantic knockers. If you’ve ever dreamt about sticking your cock in-between a couple of enormous bazongas and glazing them in cum, then this is the game for you. If you’ve gone even wilder with your daydreams and imagined the possibility of sticking your cock straight inside a chick’s nipple holes, well, this is the only game for you, period. Funbag Fantasy is an eroge hentai. That’s code for boring visual novel in which women won’t stop talking for hours before they take their clothes off. But, do not despair. The story is actually half-interesting. I mean, it’s the same dumb shit you’ve heard in a million other visual novels, but it’s serviceable and just about unique enough to keep you hard from one sex scene to another. Thank god for the skip button, though. If I had to sit through every single dialogue in this game without jumping through it, I’d jump out a window with my disappointed boner in my hands. This game has tits in it. Also, there’s a story. Oh and it’s almost a decade old now. And did I mention that it’s available on Steam? Yup, this game comes with all the bells and whistles that make for a quality fapping experience that you can keep coming back to. Without further ado, let’s jump into some hentai cleavage.

The Story

You play as a completely forgettable young man with no real qualities or personality traits, because this game was made in Japan and the Japanese are seemingly allergic to original protagonists. You join the local knight academy or some shit, in the hopes of protecting the crown and becoming a feared soldier. Naturally, they start you off as a rookie, so no-one takes you seriously. It also didn’t help that your performance at the academy was embarrassing. It’s going to be hard to get laid if everyone considers you a joke. Luckily, you get jumped by a succubus, a very sexy demon babe called Shamsiel. She explains that you are special, for no particular reason what-so-ever and she’s going to help you fuck some titties. Shamsiel is a bit of a sweetheart. She’s also drop dead gorgeous. She probably has the smallest tits in the whole game and yet, they’re bigger than any tits I’ve ever seen in real life. Her bio says that her breasts are 32 C cups, but I’m telling you, I’ve seen smaller Ds in my life. Oh, her bio also mentions that she likes cocks that cum a lot and dislikes cocks that don’t cum very much. This girl is basically dream wife material and I don’t see the point in romancing any other chicks in this game. Think about it for a second. If you could romance an actual real-life sex demon with a perfect body and an affinity for cum, why in God’s name would you ever give a shit about any other human woman? You wouldn’t. You’ll have won the lottery by that point. But, alas, this game is all about multiple chicks and all the other babes in this game have bigger tits, so I guess I’m gonna have to plant my flag all-over the realm.

Shit Gets Hot, Fast

After you’re done with the introductions, Shamsiel quickly leads you to the realization that there’s some sort of dark plot against the crown. Someone’s looking to usurp the throne or whatever. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, what with her tits sticking out and all, I was a bit distracted. Still, she wants to help you help the crown, mostly by going around and tit-fucking all the eligible babes in a ten-mile radius. Naturally, I played along. Some of the chicks are knights, others are princesses, but most of them are going to be a hard lay. They all act like stuck up bitches at first. Seriously, other than Shamsiel, all the babes in this game come in with a bad case of resting bitchface. They mellow out by the end though. If you spend enough time listening to their nonsense, they eventually give in and suck you off. And by suck you off, I mean they let you milk their tits and breastfeed. Whoever made this game had serious mommy issues. There, I said it. There’s just a bit too much breastfeeding in this game. I like suckling on titties, but dude, dial it the fuck down. Anyways, it doesn’t take the story very long to get to the good parts. You’ll be neck deep in high quality titties pretty soon, especially if you use the skip button. You can blaze through the entire story if you like, but I don’t recommend it. There are some quality parts and even the male characters add a ton to the story without overstaying their welcome. Hell, the male characters tend to get to the point really quickly. It’s the chicks you gotta worry about. They’re always willing to drone on and on about bullshit that you really don’t care about.

Amazing Art Style

Ok, ups and downs incoming, this game is old as shit and the resolution is really low. That means that you’ll have to forget any dreams of 1080p titties. On the other hand, all of the art is in a sharp 2D hentai style and a lot of money went into this game. So, you’re still getting high res renditions of quality titties. You won’t mind the art in this game, I’ll say that much. It’s all really fucking hot. The tits clearly got the most love. Countless man hours went into the drawing of these titties. They are arguably some of the hottest milk bags this side of Tokyo. They really did this game a great service by focusing so much of their attention on the nipples. Oh, speaking of nipples, they’re uncensored. So are the rest of the genitals. You don’t get any of that dumbass mosaic censorship with Funbag Fantasy. It’s all completely uncensored. I don’t know how they managed to get away with this. Japan’s really strict about the pussies being on display. Either way, they managed to pull it off and get the game on Steam. And, even though it’s a bit pricey, it’s all up there. You don’t need a nudity patch or any additional bullshit. Plus, the translation is on fleek. They got it all right with this one. Funbag Fantasy really is the kind of game that’s just bursting with quality. No compromises.

A Delight to Replay

For every important babe in this game you get one playthrough. They’re not all different, there’s a lot of overlap, but you get unique scenes in the end regardless. You’re pretty much just choosing which girl to romance, since they all take up so much of your time. So, if you’re really into the titties and you like the amazing fantastical story, you’ll be replaying this game more than five or six times. There’s also a harem ending as far as I know, but I haven’t gotten that far. I’m a very busy man. I leave that ending to you. I’m guessing they’re basically going to smother you with their breasts by the end though. The damn things are fucking massive. Personally, I like the ending that focuses entirely on Shamsiel, the succubus. She is by far the best part of Funbag Fantasy. She’s a hot chick with massive cans, a love for cum and a great sense of humor. What’s not to love, am I right? Oh, and did I mention that the entire goddamn game is properly voice acted by people who clearly know what they’re doing? That’s right, everyone except for your playable character is voice acted and I like it that way. I don’t need my boy parroting my lines back to me. I can read my own lines quietly, in my head. As for the babes though, they’re all properly voiced. That’s an extra delight when they’re getting dicked and screaming pleasure moans all-over the place. This game truly has it all. Sure, it is a bit skewed towards a breast loving demographic, but it’s not like it’s a fetish game. Breasts are very much a mainstream classic. Now, if this were a feet-oriented game, I’d have a gripe about that. But, as it currently stands, Funbag Fantasy is a great hentai for any virile young male with too much time on his hands and no girlfriend. If you like the good old Japanese animated pussies, I’d recommend you give this bad boy a try. You won’t regret it. It’s definitely worth every penny.

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  • Amazing art style
  • Tons of gigantic titties
  • Worth a replay or six
  • Fully voice acted
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  • Needs more anal