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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Furry Beach Club

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Furry Beach Club

User Rating: 4/5
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Yiffing. Furries fucking. Amorous anthropomorphic animals. If you’re new to my blog or have never heard of those terms before, furries are people who are into dressing up as cartoonish animals. And out of all of the many things I talk about, few get more attraction than this one. The responses from engaged, regular readers certainly are fascinating and sometimes disturbing, as well. Remember that I say that as someone who gets unsolicited tit and dick pics. Besides buying expensive costumes and congregating at yiffing hotel parties, there are much cheaper options to engage in this lifestyle thanks to the internet and video games.

Furry Beach Club has, over the space of half a decade, been refined into a fascinating video game in which anyone who has a thing for this fetish should check out.

The Ways to Play Are Deeper Than You Think

The basics are to romance and, ideally, have a raunchy romp with, through conversation and sometimes by going on key item quests.

Such quests include helping people find their room key, buying them drinks, and other things you find in other dating simulators.

Each of the characters you interact with has unique conversational turn-ons, and the threshold it takes to romance them sufficiently varies as well.

In all cases, you have to raise your score with them from neutral to friendly to intimate. However, some are easier to max out than others.

The Look of This Game Is Pretty Good

The level of detail seen in each character is quite impressive, and they all have a completely different design, reinforcing that they are unique characters. Of course, the fact that the animals are based on everything from wolves to foxes to dragons helps a lot, too.

As with the environmental locations and renderings, the characters are bright and colorful. But I find that a lot of them are drawn in such a way where they look a little stiff. Still, if you’re into this sort of thing, once you unlock the sex scenes, I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting a stiffy.

There aren’t a massive amount of animations when it comes to most character interaction. However, once you get to the more steamy sequences, there is a good deal of sensual, full-motion animation.

The Sound Design Is All Over the Place

Though it is hardly something deserving of special recognition, the musical score is good enough and changes with the various environments you traverse through.

Similarly, there are a fair number of sound effects that vary based on each action you take. But I do think they are a little faint.

It is kind of neat that each of the dozens of characters is voice acted, which adds a level of immersion. However, the quality of the voice overs is hardly consistent since all or at least most of the actors are apparently amateurs who have contributed to the ongoing Furry Beach Club project.

Guest Account Vs. Being a Member – Which Is Better?

Officially, there are two ways to play, but in my opinion, there are really three.

When you log into the site, the program asks you whether or not you wish to play as a guest or member.

Guests don’t have to spend anything. However, since the only way you can acquire key items or pay for anything in-game is by spending real money. And as far as I can tell, the only way to advance the story with every character is by using one of those two means.

In essence, the guest version is more of a preview, rather than a freemium style game.

Technically, member accounts are free to signup as well, but you can now spend (real) money to get cash in-game. You can do this a few ways using a special product key, via Sofort Banking, or with a credit card.

That said, there is another way to pay, which I consider to be a third way to pay. As a silver or gold Patreon member, you get 25 or 100 coins per month, respectively.

Now Let’s Look at Browser and Device Compatibility

Technically, you can play this game on a mobile device so long as you use a compatible browser. However, there is no app store or download option made specifically for handheld machines.

You can play FBC on tablets and smartphones, but depending on the size of your screen, it can be a little bit tricky. I’ve found that you have to use landscape mood, and even then, you might have to adjust your zoom settings to access all of the buttons easily.

However, when it comes to desktop devices, it looks to me that FBC will run with standard computers and with a number of browsers – the big ones being Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and even Opera.

Love the Game? There Are Several Communities on Different Sites

The makers of FBC run their own Twitter account wherein you can find news about the game and official promotional art. The @furrybeachclub account has eight hundred followers, but this is not the biggest virtual location to discuss, share, and promote Furry Beach Club content.

I think that a sign of a good game, or really any franchise, is when you google the name and see a bunch of fan-made discussion boards, sub-Reddits, and similar sites.

There are several promoted pages for this franchise, which you can find on InkBunny, Furaffinity.net, and the FurryBeachClub sub-Reddit. Content varies, but most involve unofficial user guides, forum-like chats, and similar material.

Besides those, there is the other officially, official FBC forum furrybeachclub.sofurry.com which has some guides on characters, even more artwork, and miscellaneous information about the game.

You Can Participate in Making This Game Better

Besides being a donor via direct donations or a Patreon member, there are some additional ways you can help make FBC even better. To make things even better, you can get game credits and real money for doing so.

Besides being one of over a thousand donors, if you become a voice actor for a character, you will be accredited and also receive 25 game credits and $50 wired to you.

There Are Some More Things I Want to See

And now let’s get to the aspects of this (read: the major ones) which I have not gotten to yet.

But before I do, I should point out that most of these points are things that would enhance FBC. There honestly is not too much to complain about because this game is broken.

Moving on, while it is cool that there are completely uniquely designed and voice-acted characters. I think that it would be great to see a massive expansion with more locations beyond the hotel and adjacent beaches.

I get how this project is funded by fans, but I think that they would get more attention and support if they set up savings deals to lure in new donors.

On a final note, Wiki Fur has a breakdown on the basics of this game, but it’s pretty incomplete. From what I can tell, there is no other page that has complete Furry Beach Club tutorials, including the game’s home site.

Even though the gameplay doesn’t have much of a learning curve, it would be nice to see a basic tutorial. To make things even better, it would be really cool to see the producers come up with a definitive series of hints on how to seduce characters.

Do I Endorse Joining the Club?

As I started out with anyone and everyone who is into the furry fetish will want to get into this game. Even if you aren’t but have a thing for dating simulators with explicit content, you may also love this game.

Sure, some of you might think that the idea of hooking with a humanoid skunk is weird. But remember that you’ve got options. There are plenty of other species represented, including horses, reptiles, and bats, too. XD

In all seriousness, this game has simple to understand yet enjoyable gameplay with a fair bit of challenge thrown in. The visuals and audio are a-okay, and if you’ve got some extra money, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

As for myself, I’m not big into the furry scene, but can be open-minded enough to give an objective rating to this open roam adventure a good four hands out of five.

BestPornGames Likes Furry Beach Club
  • You can potentially romance and hookup with all kinds of human-shaped species
  • The game mechanics are pretty straightforward but do have a decent amount of depth
  • When it comes to the sights and sound, this game is pretty dang good
BestPornGames Hates Furry Beach Club
  • To get the full version, you are going to have to spend a bundle
  • There are some animations but could be more
  • The mobile version on certain devices needs optimization