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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Future Fragments

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Future Fragments

User Rating: 4/5
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I know most of your fuckers out there are looking forward to finding that certain fap-worthy game. Look no further because I have something new today that will make you pull that small dick out. I know how excited you are, but let’s not do that for now as there will plenty of time for you to do that once you play the game. What I have here is Future Fragments motherfuckers! Do you know the feeling when you found something really good and can’t stop blabbing about it? Well, that’s exactly the same feeling you are going to get once you start playing this game.

You know a game is good when more than one person made it, just like those popular games out there where there are actually many people behind its success. This game comes close to that. There are actually three people behind this fucking amazing game, and I am just fucking glad that happened. Do you even have an idea of how time-consuming it is to look for that one fap-worthy game? It’s about time they gave us this game. The game has a mix of different genres, which I know most of your motherfuckers are looking forward to. So, let’s not waste this hype and go straight to what the game is all about!

Play Through Your Browser

You are in luck if you have a shitty internet connection because you don’t even have to worry about it. You can play this game straight from your browsers. That’s right, and you can immediately enjoy the game without downloading it. I know how hard it is for some of you bitches out there to download all the porn games that you want to play. Why the fuck do you have a slow internet anyway? The least you could do is ask your parents to upgrade it for you. Anyway, you can play this from gamcore, and if you have tried other games from gamcore, you will straight up have an idea of how fun this game is going to be.

The Storyline

After you go through some boring details at the start of the game, it will lead you to the backstory. Somewhere back in 1000 AD, some kingdoms were fighting to become the best kingdom there is to be. One kingdom, which is the Spell Kingdom, started to fall apart and so the king decided to start training the recruits that he has. With pure luck, the king gets two fucking hot magicians, Talia and Faye. Both characters have different personalities and specialties in combat.

Talia and Faye

Talia and Faye are the most successful warriors that the king has ever trained, and the kingdom survived thanks to them. Talia, who is the main character that you are going to be playing for almost the entire game, has a fucking great body and a unique personality. She does everything by the book and follows all of the king’s orders. Faye, on the other hand, who is fucking hot as well, is a redhead who thinks she knows everything. She specializes in melee.

Their mission is to retrieve all of the fragments that the king needs in order to build the weapon that will overcome all the other kingdoms. They are sent to the future to find all of the fragments that they need. That is why the game is called Future Fragments. Funny, right? Anyway, soon as they arrive in the future, that is where all the fun starts, and when I say fun, this is where you get to masturbate to heart’s content. You will witness how the future messes with Talia’s body.

The Gameplay

Right before you head on the actual gameplay, you will go through a tutorial first. I recommend you do this first since there are a lot of things that will confuse you once you go into the future. During the tutorial, you will be shown how to use your skills, navigate the game, and avoid getting stunned. In the game, you are accompanied by Vie, she will help you throughout the game, and she will give you some useful information about the game.

Soon as you arrive in the future, you will enter this weird looking facility. You will find the controls a bit confusing since your going to be using your arrow keys to navigate around the place. Actually, you’re going to be using your keyboard for the entire game. Inside the facility, you will be going around looking for the fragments. Sound easy, right? Well, while you’re going around jumping from here to there, you will also encounter enemies that you have to either avoid or kill. If they get to you, you are fucked, literally. They will fuck your character until the very end, and you have to start from the beginning.

Enticing Voice Acting

I really have to praise the devs for giving the characters of this game one hell of a voice acting. I can’t even express how great they are. Their voice matches their character well, and I think they couldn’t get any better than that. Just hearing the voice acting for each character fucking turns me on, and at this point, all I need is to hear their voice and jerk off. Seriously, each of the lines being said from each scene is on point, and they match very well with the scenes that are being shown. I don’t see any reason why anyone wouldn’t enjoy this game.

The Graphics

I wouldn’t even dare to complain about the graphics of the game. I kind of understand where it’s coming from, so I think they made it like that for a reason. It gave me a nostalgic feel while playing this game. It kind of reminded me what games were like before you motherfuckers were born. I know most of you bitches out there are looking for a game with modern graphics, but I fucking swear the experience you get in this game is the same with the adult games that are being released today.

Horny Elements of The Game

Remember what I said earlier about the tutorial on how to avoid getting stunned? Well, in this game, that is not something you want to do. Why? Because that is where you will find one of the horny elements of the game. I bet you, one of the things you will do a lot in this game, is bringing Talia to a stunned state. While Talia is stunned and the enemies get to her before you can get out, they will do whatever the fuck they want with Talia. They will grope her, force her to suck their dicks and fuck Talia in different ways.

Different enemies have different animations. So, depending on who gets to Talia first, that will determine the sex scene you will see. You can avoid all of that shit, but who the fuck wants do that? We are all after that sex scene where Talia gets fucked by everyone, so I don’t think breaking out of the stunned state is a good idea here. I actually got Talia stunned all the time just so I could jack off again and again.

What I Like About The Game

One of the many things that I like about this game is the overall concept. It truly made me feel like I was back in the past, playing a pixelated game. I think that the addition of multiple devs is great, and I can tell just by playing the game. I really appreciate these kinds of games where the devs actually put in some time and effort into making this game fap-worthy. I also love how the game has a fucking great voice acting. It’s hard to look for games that have a voice acting nowadays, and I am so fucking grateful I came across this game.

My Recommendations for Improving The Game

As good as the game sounds, sadly, some things annoyed me. One of which is the fucking long ass introduction. I would really like to recommend that the devs remove that shit because it’s a fucking waste of time. I got annoyed right at the start because what the fuck is that shit? Most of the information doesn’t even belong there anyway. I would also like to recommend that they released a mobile version of this game, uncensored, of course. The game is great, and I want to bring it wherever I go. I know most of the horny incels reading this would also like to have the same experience.


To sum it all up, I think the game is really fun to play. I had a great experience while playing the game. I certainly enjoyed the voice acting for the characters, and that is something that made me jerk off multiple times. The game also has a good concept. I think that the devs did a great job in this game. If you find that introduction annoying, don’t mind it at all. I swear, the further you progress in the game, the more you will enjoy it. If you are looking for the same experience, I will definitely recommend this game to you.

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  • Annoying introduction