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Updated on 15 January 2020
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GamCore Cartoon Games

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Variety is the spice of life, right? Why fuck the same bitch every night when you can get out there and get a new slut to spread her legs for you? Well, when I say “you” I really mean “me” here. I know you pathetic fucks barely leave your sweaty neckbeard den let alone go outside and actually interact with the opposite sex. Anyway, I take that same approach to sex games. I don’t want to fap to the same shit that I blew my load to the previous night. There are tens of thousands of hot games out there, and sometimes I want to jerk off to a dozen of them during a single fap sesh.

If I went and bought the individual games that would get so fucking expensive. So, I went looking for one of those hot flash game sites instead. You know the ones I’m talking about. The sites that have a hundred games all in one that you can hop to and play with no required downloads. The site I found was called It’s a free-to-browse site with tons of games, demos, and animations to jerk your cock to. But this time around I’ll be specifically taking a look at their robust selection of cartoon games.

Browse Over a Decade’s Worth of Free Sex Games

Now, this site has been kicking for quite a while. It launched back in 2008 and has been building its ever-growing catalog of fapworthy games since then. That’s over a goddamn decade worth of fap material! And the numbers are there to back it up. This simple flash game site brings you horny gamers in by the droves. Nover 7.5 million of you guys swarm to this lewd site every single month to get your rocks off. That’s pretty impressive! To get to the cartoon games section you can head directly to, or you can scroll down to the left side-bar where the tags are and slap that “cartoon” button. Either way, you’ll end up on the same landing page with game previews running down the center of the page and ads everywhere else. Seriously, this site is 90 percent ads at this point.

Lots of Ad Clutter, but the Base Site is Well-Designed and Easy to Navigate

And you can expect all of the usual ones. Redirects, banners, pop-ups, and download sites galore. Nothing here seemed too malicious. It was just a bunch of annoying shit to deal with. But that’s the kind of stuff you put up with when you’re getting free content. Aside from the monstrous amount of ad clutter, I like the site design and theme. It’s got a dark theme with a simple header, side menus, and decently large previews. You’ll see that there’s a registration option up in the top right corner of the site as well. It’s free to sign-up for the site. All that you need to do is give them an email, password, and username. Having an account isn’t necessary to play any of the games here, but you will be able to save them to your favorites for later.

Detailed Previews Tell You Exactly What to Expect

I wish that you could organize subcategories like cartoon games by popularity, view count, rating, etc. Because, man, there are over 130 pages of games in this category alone. With 10+ games per-page, that shit can get out of hand quickly. But the previews help with that issue quite a bit. Each one has the title, a small preview image, a lengthy description, view count, rating out of 100 percent, and the software that the game was made in. Those are some damn good previews. Most sites barely even give you a title.

From there, you can click on any of these previews to get taken right to the game in question. Just make sure to avoid ones with the “sponsor” tag. Those are ads that will take you off-site to wherever that game is hosted. Everything else is fair game. Each game will load up instantly in your browser. Oh, make sure you have a browser that supports flash since, you know, this is a flash game site. I know I shouldn’t have to say that, but you fucks will find anything to complain to me about.

A Wide Variety of Fetish Content, Game Genres, and Art Styles

There will be an option up top to add the game to your favorites as well as a list of tags and comments beneath the game. Aside from that, you can sit down and get fapping to whatever game you pull up. They all loaded quickly without any sort of issues, and there are some full-length titles on here that you can play for hours. There are sex simulators, dating sims, visual novels, waifus dress-ups, and so much more. There’s quite literally a bit of everything, so even the pickiest of you horny cucks out there should have no issues finding something to get off to.

I can’t go making any broad guarantees about the quality of every game on the site. There are bound to be some stinkers in this catalog, but I can say that the dozen or so games I played were great. You get a lot of variety here in terms of art style, storytelling, and the general approach to gameplay. Most have simple control schemes that you can use without much trouble. You’ll never have to download any software or fuck around with external programs. And, damn, there is a wide scope of fetish content. I’m talking incest, MILFs, BDSM, rape, feet, and everything else you could possibly think of fapping to.

Sleek Mobile Site Makes Fapping on the Go Easy

The mobile version of the site works surprisingly well, though you’ll need a mobile browser that supports flash to get any enjoyment out of the site. They keep the dark theme and run previews for games down the center of the page two at a time. All of the menus have been tucked away in a neat drop-down menu. Text is fairly readable without needing to zoom in. Granted, the ads are still annoying, but they aren’t more annoying than they were on the desktop version.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The variety of games is the best part of this site. You can find just about anything on here that can be compressed into a browser game or demo. There are full-length RPG Maker titles that have been crammed into this damn site. It’s insane. Check here before going and dishing out a bunch of dosh to some horny developer. The odds are that you’ll find a playable demo or even the entire game here. That alone makes this site one of my new favorite places to visit.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The only feature that I felt was lacking was the absence of filter options once you get into a category. There are so many fucking games here that they need to integrate those options for every single tag. I don’t know how hard of a task that is, but damn I wish it was an option. It can get tedious when you have to scroll through page after page to find the right game to jerk off to. Sure, you can narrow it further with the fetish tags. But even then you’ll be dealing with hundreds if not thousands of games unless you choose something incredibly niche. Cooling it on the ads wouldn’t be a terrible idea either. I swear I saw an ad pop-up on another ad at one point. Fucking adception.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is the place to fucking be for hot cartoon games. You can find loads of premium games here with no price tag, no required downloads, and no catches. You don’t even need to sign up for a free account if you don’t want to! If you don’t mind some dense ad-clutter, you can find and play most games out there for free. And, man, there are some really nice hidden gems in here. You’ll be diving deep and fapping to hot sex games in no time at all. I highly recommend that each and every single one of you sex-starved gamers head over to this site right now!

BestPornGames Likes GamCore Cartoon Games
  • Over 1,000 hot cartoon games to fap to!
  • It’s free to play every game on the site
  • No required downloads or accounts
  • Sleek dark theme on mobile and desktop
BestPornGames Hates GamCore Cartoon Games
  • No subcategory filter options
  • Lots of ads