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Updated on 15 January 2020
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GamCore Casino

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GamCore Casino

User Rating: 4/5
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Some gamers prefer to invest considerable amounts of time into interactive experiences with fleshed-out stories and complex game mechanics. Then there are the people who don’t have the time or patience for all that and just want to have fun right now.

If you are that second kind of person and enjoy seeing a pretty lady or two while playing, I’ve got good news for you. Through platforms like GamCore’s casino, you can get access to plenty of pick up and play games.

But instead of simply leaving it at that, keep on chugging to the end to get all of the vital details on this site.

This Old Site Has More History Than You Might Think

Usually, when I do my research on various games and game hosting websites, they turn out to be pretty old. In fact, it usually seems like most sexy adult games are on the outside half a decade or so old.

However, GamCore is not only ancient, by comparison, but so are niche sections like the casino. Indeed, as far as I can tell, this part of that site has been around since autumn of 2008.

Back then, the number of games was respectable with about nineteen games. But of those, nearly all of them were mildly arousing spin-offs of poker, blackjack, and roulette. Good thing that this site has more quintupled the number of titles in the casino.

The Quality of the Games Is All Over the Place

To be fair, it is kind of neat that this site has more than 130 games to play. What’s even better, not all of them are simple gambling simulators with some nudity added in.

While they do have those, there are plenty of other games that are far from just being a virtual poker simulator with pics of tits included. Further, many of the titles are site exclusives, many of which have been made by indie developers.

But just as there are several sorts of games, the level of production values vary quite a bit. As you can see from the decent to sometimes piss poor ratings, the titles can be underwhelming or even disappointing.

To give you an idea of what to expect and games to first look into, I’ll summarize a few.

Blackjack Emperor

This game seems to be an odd passion project from an independent game maker. While the core of the game is structured around being a blackjack simulator, there is an extensive intro which seems to try to put the player in the mood with some sultry story telling.

It’s a bit of a buzz kill since once you get through the first couple minutes, all you see is a static image of a busty woman when the blackjack portion starts. Still, I’d say you should give this quirky game a shot just because I’m genuinely interested in what you guys make of this sim.

Gameplay: 4/5 Visuals: 3/5 Rating: 1.6

Strip Poker Night at the Inventory

I’m not sure why this game’s rating is so low because it is an excellent virtual version of one of my favorite card games: strip poker. You can pick your character’s outfit and even endowment as well as the sexy opponents you play against. Your opponents are both original hentai-style characters, while others are obvious parodies of famous manga and comic book heroines.

The poker portion is streamlined and appropriately challenging. And as you win hands, your rival players strip everything down. To make things even more amusing, each character has unique monologue responses.

Gameplay: 5/5 Visuals: 4/5 Rating: 2.9

El Bar

This has to be one of the more imaginative adults-only games I’ve seen on GamCore but on just about any porno game hosting platform. The mechanics aren’t terribly complicated, but it will take a little bit of time to get used to the novelty.

To get into the specifics, you are working as a bartender who’s tasked with improving your pub, servings customers, and ideally, get laid. This last part can be especially tricky since you’ve got to balance the enterprise management aspect of this business simulator along with your character’s energy, hygiene, and hunger levels.

This game is very much in the hit-or-miss category based on user feedback, but I think you all should give it a shot. You might become positively enamored with this game.

Gameplay: 4/5 Visuals: 4/5 Rating: 3.5

Casino of Passion

While packaged under one name, this title technically consists of three games. The first, “Play With Your Passion,” is a dialogue-driven interactive romance set in a casino. It’s pretty short but does have five possible endings.

The visuals are superb, though they are all stills, and there aren’t any animations. Sadly, there’s no music or even any barebones sound effects, which can be a real drag.

The other two games, which feature two different characters, have far more explicit content, but there is a catch. If you click on the other two links, you’ll be taken off-site to play them. They’re still free, but I still cannot get over how annoying that redirect bullshit is.

Gameplay: 3/5 Visuals: 5/5 Audio: 0/5 Rating: 3.3/5

To Have Fun, You Don’t Need to Have An Account

By entering your email and birthdate and coming up with a nickname and password, you can become a GamCore member for free. But there’s no real reason to do this since that doesn’t really get you much.

Even as an unregistered guess, you can get access to all games free of charge, create saves on some of them, and rate them. Plus, you can even comment on them so long as you pass the CAPTCHA test to prove you’re not a bot.

Playing Here With Different Devices Is About the Same

If you ask me, it’s both a good thing and a bad thing the way this website looks on various devices. In a sense, I say that it’s okay because there is a level of consistency — that and the fact that this site does look halfway decent on home computers, laptops, and mobile machines.

However, no matter what kind of device you use or browser you prefer, you are going to have to deal with the same problems. The most significant issue I had was the issue with popups and redirects, which crops up just about whenever you click on any link.

Update Your Flash Drive and Firewall

As popups and spammy redirects being an issue, you really should do yourself a favor and get the latest version of your firewall. Further, while this website doesn’t seem to be crawling with malicious software like some others I’ve seen, you should also update your preferred anti-malware program. Speaking of updates, you’re going to want to make sure that your Flash player and other media software is the most recent version available.

Here Are a Few Things That I Would Improve

Obviously, the biggest problem I have with this site is all of the goddamn spam littered all over the place. As I often bring up in these reviews, it’s fine to want to make money, but when you blast the player with adverts, that can be a real turn off. This tactic is exceptionally problematic when visitors have to deal with the risk of catching the digital equivalent of COVID-19.

While they need some polish, I did enjoy a lot of the indie games, which have unique premises and some unusual mechanics. However, the GamCore designers really should have put more effort into making the entire game’s window fit on the screen without having to scroll up and down to see all the action.

Better yet, it would be nice if the GamCore webmasters worked with the developers to improve their games. Or, at the very least, came up with some form of uploader standards to force them to improve the quality of their games.

Finally, I would like to see the option to play and gamble with some form of money. Yes, I realize that this isn’t exactly legal in all jurisdictions, but this could be overcome by allowing people to substitute cryptocurrency for “real” money. Furthermore, I think that making games that enable you to actually to gamble be exclusive for registered members.

And My Final Thoughts On This Website Are As Follows

This website and its titles are far from perfect, no question about that. However, when it comes to some of the essentials, there are tons of things to praise. After all, in addition, to have dozens of free games to play, they are all tagged up and easily locatable via the search engine.

You won’t have to waste time getting an account to enjoy all of these features. And between the ratings and comments, you know exactly what you’re going to be playing before you do.

I can’t say that hardcore gamers who like seeing hardcore simulated nudity and sex will like this mediocre website. But casual players will likely enjoy this three-hand level porn game hosting platform.

BestPornGames Likes GamCore Casino
  • You get access to dozens of casino and adult video games for free
  • There is no need to register and get an account to start playing
  • Some of the uploads are unlike any you’ll find elsewhere on the net
BestPornGames Hates GamCore Casino
  • With each click, you risk your machine being loaded up with malware
  • Each page is packed with a ton of distracting commercial banners
  • The quality of games varies quite a bit and tends to be worse than other sites
  • To play anything, you are going to need to update your Flash player