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Updated on 15 January 2020
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GamCore Strip Games

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With the technological advancements we have in our generation, it’s hard to believe that people still really search for stripteasing content. You know, the first thing that people resort to whenever they want a quick wank is just by going to their favorite porn platform to see some ultra-HD pornos or some sexually adventurous hentai that can quickly satisfy their fetishes, needs, wants, sadness, horniness, and all of the other shit that can be satiated.

Aren’t I right, though? You get tons of free porn platforms that can give you pretty much everything, so it feels like the whole world of stripteasing has been left behind. You don’t get much content like that anymore – despite being quite an excellent form of entertainment. Though there is one site that didn’t back down in providing you that wonderful service, and I’m sure you’ve probably heard of this website at least once while delving into the world of porn.

We’re not really talking about stripteasing videos, though; we’re going to step up a little and get more interactive with stripteasing games! As I said, you’ve probably come across this site if you were deep into looking for the best sex games on the internet, it’s called GamCore, and you’ve probably been to this site at least 4 or 5 times. Anyway, back to the topic of stripping, I’ll be talking about their game collection with the “strip” tag, so let’s get to it.

A Fuckton Of Strip Games, For Free!

To get to see the collection of strip games that GamCore has to offer then you could just google what the title says – which is “GamCore Strip Games” or by actually going to the GamCore website and clicking the “Strip” category they have to the left side of the page. However, you do have to scroll down a bit to get to the category. Maybe you could even just go to the search bar in GamCore, and just search “Strip” all of these methods will get you there.

It’s probably going to die off soon since most of the games are operated by Adobe Flash Player(which will shut down sometime by the end of 2020). So I don’t blame you for not really wanting to ride the train of free strip games online. Though we can’t really complain since before Adobe agreed to Flash being quite shit, people found this to be a gold mine to release their games and get exposure to their name – way before there was Patreon or some shit.

You know you agree with me on that; it’s a reliable source for any and every pornographic game that you can find on the world wide web! You sophisticated “PC master race” nerds just have to grit your teeth and accept the format of these games for the time being – or you could spend some money on some Patreon games if you want to. Though I have a lot of flak for Flash, there are games developed in RPG Maker or Ren’Py, which are equally impressive.

I guess being run on Adobe Flash Player seems to be the only trade-off you get in exchange for some a fuckton of X-rated web games. I mean a fuckton, you get 8 pages filled with 30 games or so – and if you can do the math for that, you would get around 240 games! If that isn’t enough for you to be satisfied and probably bored of stripping games. In that case, you have major props from me, and you are a low-life degenerate who has nothing better to do.

I’m not entirely sure if there’s some sort of sorting system with their games though, you can’t really differentiate which games are newer, which games are the most played, or which games are the top-rated. Though you can tell the last two information just by looking below the thumbnail of each game, and you see the rating in percentage and the number of people who played the game. So you aren’t really missing out on much of the info at first glances.

GamCore, Home To All Kinds Of Stripteasing Porn Games

One of the strengths that GamCore plays well into is their variety at which they present the stripteasing. However, they still maintain the whole accessible-with-a-click shtick with all of the games. I probably spent most of my time just going through all of their games to see, which would really catch my attention. Still, I receded to the recommended game to have a fair experience. Though that doesn’t really mean I didn’t try out more than just that one game.

I started off with their recommended game called Strip That Girl; it’s simple enough but still has difficulty since it challenges your timing and reflex speed. You just have to click the “ZAP” button at the bottom left when you’re at the center of the figure-8 that the crosshair draws. If you miss, she puts her clothes back on, and you lose a life that you have 4 of. If you succeed at the first level, you can continue to level up, but you lose more lives.

I then tried out their more recent(?) Strip Poker game, which looks like some high schooler’s project that created it because it was his hobby. It was starring a girl who looked like she did a photoshoot for some quick and easy money. The game mechanic was alright, but I couldn’t really get the girl to strip fully, probably explains why the game rating just got under 60%. I wouldn’t really complain, though. I still kept playing it for the poker aspect.

After that, I tried out this game that piqued my interest, Virtual Stripper. This is for the jackasses who want nothing more than a quick meat-beating session because you get to have your very own dancer-ish. She’ll do whatever command you give her – not entirely because if she doesn’t recognize whatever command you give her, she’ll just step forward and give you this clueless look while shrugging her shoulders. You don’t get much action here, though.

Where’s The Catch?

With there being a shitload of free x-rated games on GamCore, you’d expect there to be some sort of catch, right? There can’t be this many free games for you to play without there being some sort of benefit to the people over at GamCore headquarters – if that’s an actual thing. Suppose we compare GamCore to the almighty Nutaku. In that case, GamCore doesn’t really partake in that microtransaction bullshit like Gacha Systems or Game Boosters.

So what does Gamcore do? Well, their form of being in your face without being too much of a financial hindrance is by the looping ad that you see at the bottom right of your screen. They don’t really get in your face with wanting money and whatnot. They just keep those gifs looping at your page’s sides and at the bottom right – as I said earlier. These gifs only show you some anime asses and titties, nothing that you don’t have an interest in.

Choosing between the whole in-your-face thing that Nutaku does with their high-quality games and GamCore with the subtle looping ads at your screen’s sides, I’d rather go with the latter. They don’t really force anything on you. They don’t just show that they are utterly desperate for money, unlike what Nutaku does. The ads don’t bother me as much since they do just stick to the sides, and they don’t even affect my gameplay in any way.

The huge factor that really helps me decide which to keep coming back to is the accessibility that each of the sites offers. Sure, Nutaku has plenty of their own browser-friendly games that are quite enjoyable to play, but some don’t run as smoothly as those over at GamCore. Not to mention how GamCore has a great variety of porn games, not just with the whole stripteasing! There’s a lot more for you to explore.

Recommendations for Improvement

Apart from wanting a way to sort these games to make it easier for me to choose among them, there isn’t really much to enjoy. You know, like a sorting system that organizes them into the latest additions, most played, recommended games, highest rated, and all that jazz. Apart from that, I am quite satisfied with the games they offer, all under stripping games. If you disagree with me, then just head over to Nutaku, you cunt.


As my closing remark, let me just highlight the good things that I liked while I was going through GamCore’s collection of Strip Games. First and foremost, the way they don’t really demand any funds from their users despite housing a fuckton and a shitload of the best sex games. Secondly, the games on here are all for fucking free, so why not take advantage of that and play them? Lastly, their collection is massive and has a good variety between them.

BestPornGames Likes GamCore Strip Games
  • Dozens of free stripping games
  • Free to play
  • Great variety of game types
  • No microtransactions/gacha systems
BestPornGames Hates GamCore Strip Games
  • There's no sorting system
  • Shitty games are hiding among good ones