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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Game Of Lust 2

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Game Of Lust 2

User Rating: 4/5
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Are you feeling lustful? Because if you are, then this game might be the perfect fucking match for you. Anyway, I completely fucking understand if you’re already bored with some old boring clips you see where a dick is penetrating a vagina in so many ways. It’s like you’ve already seen them all at one point. If you’re more than eager to beat your fucking meat with a whole new perspective, then the Game Of Lust 2 Might be the perfect one for you. If you think it may suit your fucking liking, you’re more than fucking welcome to try this fucking game. Believe me, it’s going to fill all the right fucking holes if you know what I mean.

Anyway, let me be the first to tell you this game practically has it all. It has devils, witches, maidens, cocks, and boobs of all fucking sizes. However, I really loved that the game has a medieval vibe to it, especially when it comes to an immersive hardcore pornographic gameplay that you all know and fucking love. Gone are the fucking days when you can only look at your fucking monitor in despair as you watch someone else fuck each other’s brains out. You can now fully immerse yourself in this 3D pornographic game. Anyway, I think I’m already giving too much away. So, without further ado, let’s start with this motherfucking review.

Initial Impressions Of The Game

A good fucking rack or good boobs?? Look traditional long hair or quick purple? A normal man or a gigantic demon with a penis that’s larger than the fucking girls? Usually and by conventional standards, these options on a typical adult site may not have been for you. Nevertheless, along with several other nice things, they are always optimistic when it comes to Game of Lust 2. The platform is full of games depicting a different image, so you have a certain degree of freedom inside a scenario. You can select this stuff for yourself, the age, the frameshift, the venue, the intensity you want in the fucking scene.

Also, you can explore the world or protect the natural environment. The scenario is special. All this is likewise built for the typical fantasy material, young female sex slaves, powerful witches, huge dick demon of elephants, warlocks and warriors. However, you don’t have to be excellent, you can beat your fucking dick to make an entertaining image. So we’ll face it, you’ll quickly wind up with such interesting tales and so in line with your dreams that you’ll fill your monkey like tomorrow isn’t.

Total Control of The Erotic Scenes

Believe it or not, this game helps users manipulate the sex scenes entirely, and it’s fucking awesome. The game made it easy for me to make other choices. Firstly, I had to choose my adventure place and find bitches to fuck with, I could choose much more from the King’s bedroom or woodwork from his room, or some crap like this. Nonetheless, I had a good time testing them all and fucking a lot of 3D ladies, I’m sure you’d like to.

At every stage in a scenario, you can alter stuff at will. The control panel allows seating choices, scene perspective, camera location, and so much more. You can select when to cum and where to aim your shot. You will tell which hole I would want to enter, and I strongly suggest it because it looks amazing. In actual life, there are crazy places you can’t even run out of here. I would consider this game to be the true sexual virtual experience.

The Graphics and Sound Design

A video game needs to have the graphics perfect now; otherwise, it can’t survive in a wider market. Fortunately, GameOfLust2’s excellent adult game obviously takes time for the game to look great. Women have been fucked beautifully enough that you simply experience true lust as you gaze into their eyes to enjoy their sparkling, incredibly hot bodies. However, you’re going to get disappointed because you just have the same long, slim body with bent chicks or thick bones.

Game Of Lust 2 has a great graphical and motion sound design. Should you fuck a beautiful 3D lady with nice boobs and listen to her moans, it’s certainly a wonderful game. How does she deal with herself and squirms with my cock? It overflowed me, my friend, with the goddamn lust. I’d encourage you to use your headset with Game of Lust 2. You will remember how moist her pussy was and how warm it was as I fuck that pussy.

What I Like About the Game

Okay, let’s start with the first one. The motherfucking graphics. Yes, I’m not saying that it’s bad; I’m trying to say that this game has fucking wonderful graphics. It’s actually quite awesome how the developers managed to bring that to the table. I’m quite amazed, to be honest. Anyway, the game has really wonderful animations as well. Especially the fucking sex scenes! Yes, you fucking read that right, motherfucker! The sex scenes in this game are fucking awesome. Even I can’t get fucking enough of it, it’s like that one little thing you see, and then you’re unable to see it for years to come. If you know what I mean.

Furthermore, I really loved the fact that the developers managed to create a beautifully integrated control panel in the game that actually fits perfectly for the rest of the fucking aesthetics. I mean, not all game developers would pay that close to the detail, especially in a fucking pornographic game. Not to mention that the overall sound quality of the game is right on fucking point! The track choices of the game really hit the fucking spot for me, no doubt about that. Furthermore, who doesn’t like the fact that you’re going to pound some fucking medieval pussy every now and then in the game? It’s like a dream come true to most of the nerds out there.

Recommendations for Improvements

Here we go again with the fucking recommendations. Yes, even I get tired of you this bitch’s flaws every now and then. But that’s who I am, a nitpicky son of a bitch. Anyway, let’s start with the first thing I hate about the game, the motherfucking storyline. I mean, for Pete’s sake, the game has a setting that puts the whole storyline in a medieval timeline, there’s supposed to be more to it in terms of the overall story. However, the developers of the game managed to leave that out of the equation. We don’t simply like fucking bitches in the medieval times while wearing armor, we want to fuck bitches that we’ve defeated in battle or some shit like that.

Furthermore, I also hate the fact that this game is supposed to have more freedom than others. What I’m trying to say is that I really expected this game to let its users have the capability to create their own sex scenes, especially orgies. I mean, come one, I want to fuck a couple of bitches all the time, especially in medieval times. It’s like one of the greatest feats of living in that fucking era. Anyway, I also noticed that this game is not that fucking addictive like the rest of the porn games that I fucking encountered. Certainly, this game has a personal touch, but I can’t seem to put my dick in it for too long. Not to mention that I actually expected a lot more from the overall graphics quality of the game.


Game Of Lust 2 is a somewhat better version of the first game that was released. The developers managed to add more elements to the game, such as putting more sexuality, more beautify bitches, slutty bimbos, and creating better visual graphics for all the horny bastards to fucking enjoy. Once you open the fucking game, you’ll immediately notice that this game is quite special compared to the rest. However, the music quality is a bit annoying. Still, it’s actually one of the best sex games if you managed to turn that shit off. Players can discover their full potential in this game as they are capable of letting the players fully embrace their creativity in this.

Overall, It’s the dream game for sex simulators, so I don’t care whether anyone wants to change this recipe. It’s free, so it’s a no brainer. If you want someone in the gaming world to get fucked by you, this is the game you will first be playing on your Computer. And they’re introducing the VR service gradually as a benefit. For now, the game in VR is very frustrating. The controls have not yet been figured out. But that will certainly be fixed shortly enough so that you can play virtually in the best virtual sex simulator.

BestPornGames Likes Game Of Lust 2
  • Awesome graphics
  • Wonderful animations overall
  • Fantastic integration of the control panel
  • The overall sound design is perfect
  • Who doesn't like some medieval maiden pussy?
BestPornGames Hates Game Of Lust 2
  • The storyline is limited
  • Being unable to create orgies
  • It's not that fucking addictive
  • I expected a lot more from the graphics