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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Game Of Whores

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Game Of Whores

User Rating: 3/5
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Nothing breeds a parody quite like fantasy, and there are parody producers as (in)famous as pornographers. I’m sure most of you guys know that a lot of these are typically pretty shitty. In other cases, they aren’t really semen-spilling but instead side-splittingly funny. In some rare cases, you can come across, which are easy to pump some cum out to. It’s nice that these days the last group has been easier to find these days. And some of my favorites include XXX Pirates, Titanic Orgy, and Game of Thrones. However, when it comes to adult video games, there aren’t too many spoofs of popular franchises – or that is, at least until recently. Unless you have been completely cut off from pop culture for the last decade, Game of Thrones has blown up most notably for its gratuitous violence and graphic sex. Such a franchise is ripe for parody like, in this case, Game of Whores.

When It Comes to Story This Is a Porn Parody Done Right

Just because this game is a spoof doesn’t mean that it’s a carbon-copy of Game of Thrones with even more sex. Using King’s Landing as a setting, the story focuses on three royals who look like some of the hottest GoT female characters. You play as a pimp who runs into the silver-locked Daenerys Stormborn-looking protagonist has washed up on the shores of Westeros sans dragons and army. Throughout the story, she runs into clearly Cersei Lannister and Sansa Stark-inspired beauties and you both have to make money even though the High Septon has ordered the city’s whore houses closed. This isn’t going to stop you or these ladies from getting coin, buying new togs, and getting into lust-driven action. Don’t expect to be treated to George RR Martin or even Rowling level dialogue, though. While the story is excellent, the script seems like it was slapped together by a secondary student. Still, this game has a plot filled with twists and turns, not too mention nudity-filled encounters, which depending on how you play, might unlock a secret ending.

Get Ready to Click a Lot for a Spell

And by spell, I don’t mean in the magical sense. Besides talking to other characters, the other main feature of this game includes earning money to buy outfits. The outfits may make your character look better, but it doesn’t change the outcome of anything. However, to get the gals to wear the revealing slutty stuff, you’re going to have to earn points and build report with them. As you go through the story, you are rewarded with the occasional sex scene, which are just as raunchy as some of the scenes in the show. There is some additional customization since you can pick the names of the three characters of focus who happen to bear a striking resemblance to Daenerys, Cersei, and Sansa. The one big difference is that the playable ladies have some massive knockers. Going back to the mechanics, besides the character interaction and clothing changes there are some other mini-games. A few examples include a stripping sequence, a Peeping Tom hole option, and a dish cleaning mechanic. And no, that last one isn’t a euphemism – you actually clean food off of plates. Come to think of it, at one point, a couple of the leading characters are stripped stark naked and pelted with food.

The Art Style Is Well Executed

It was a little bit of a buzzkill that there are not too many animated sequences throughout this interactive novel. However, this game makes up for it with dozens of excellently drawn and colored backgrounds and items. Even better, there are tons of characters that look just as good and are depicted in various states of (un)dress from multiple angles. Of course, MANITU spared no expense making the many different voyeur and sex scenes look fucking amazing.

The Mobile Options Are a Bit Limited

I’m not sure why it is there are so many apps that have come out for Apple mobile devices, including SFW games via the App Store, but indie developers seem to ignore Mac-made phones. Sorry guys, if you are an Apple user, you’re shit outta luck. Good news, however, for you all who prefer Androids, since this game is fully compatible with it. Plus, you can get it for free without all of the data burning a massive hole on your device. Like most games, this game can be played on Windows and Mac desktops, and the download instructions are super simple. Lastly, if you get the most recent version (that being v.1.17h), you can jam out on GoW on a Linux.

There Are Several Download Options All Over The Web

A lot of the time, you can only find an indie game on someone’s promotional website or a single publisher who often holds rights to it. But in this case, apparently like the show, GoW is pretty popular. And like the show, there are several pages all over the web where you can download Game of Whores for free. You should be a little careful about where you go to find and download this game for a couple of reasons. First, even though it is technically a finished product, it looks like the makers are producing more updates. So, depending on where you go, you might not get the best version of the game. To keep up with the latest updates, I would take a couple of minutes to visit the NSFWGaming sub-Reddit. Second, since there are so many pages where you can find this game, be careful which ones you use since a few have a lot of ads and, therefore, maybe some malware. My advice: stick to those with higher Alexa traffic rankings and update your firewall.

Get Updated Through a Few Different Channels

Besides sporadic fan posts on the NSFW Gaming Reddit, there are a few other pages to keep up-to-date with GoW. Like just about every worthwhile internet project, MANITU Games runs there own Twitter page, which you can find by searching @maintu_games. Besides safe links to the newest versions, you’ll also get notified when they release official posters. However, you can only unlock them if you are a Patreon member. Speaking of everyone’s favorite crowdfunding platform, the MANITU Patreon pages is another way to stay updated and get some extra GoW stuff. Besides posters, you can influence the future of the game by voting in polls and get earlier access to new versions at a premium. If that gets you excited, you can donate a mere $2, $5, or $10 per month.

There Is a Lot to Enjoy About This Erotic Game

I cannot tell you how much I like it when game makers – especially those who aren’t attached to big development teams and publishers – continue to polish their product. Of course, these days most updates for games of all sorts, but they usually are released to patch up bugs. In addition to fixing glitches, the new GoW downloads include things like side quests and mini-games, streamlining the story, and adding new backgrounds and outfits. In one case, a mechanic was added to interact with the pussy of and pick one of nine pubic hair options for the silver-haired beauty who is (not) Daenerys.

And Now We Reach the “Do I Have a Reason to Bitch” Part of This Upload?

In many ways, this game does offer a rich, sensual experience, there are some problems which I want to see cleaned up in the coming months. While this is a highly linear game, it can be a little bit tricky to advance the story or get past certain stages. For that reason, I think it would be nice to include a tutorial or at least some hints at specific points. I have said that I like the artwork in every respect. But it kind of sucks that in nearly every scene, with only a few minor exceptions, nothing is animated. I get that those can be expensive, but the next version of the game should reward the player with full-motion action. I do think that they should have a scriptwriter upgrade some of the dialogue as well. Finally, this game absolutely dropped the ball when it comes to the sound design. Not only is there no music – just a simple music-like loops which doesn’t always play – neither is there voice acting. If you can believe it, there aren’t even simple sound effects of any kind. At first, it isn’t too distracting, but after a while, it does become weirdly annoying. When I did was simply plug in my headphones and listen to the GoT soundtrack.

Ultimately, Do I Think It’s Worth the Hard Drive Space?

Having praised the positives and bitched about the bad, let’s get to the conclusion – would I play it again, and do I think you should? Well, it depends on what kind of gamer you are. I understand that this is a plot-driven game, and I’m not mad about that. But if you aren’t a fan of text-heavy or story centered adult games, you’ll think that Game of Whores sucks. However, if you have the endurance to click through pages of dialogue and enjoy erotic novels that have a variety of mini-games, you probably will like it. If you happen to be a big Song of Ice and Fire franchise fan, are feeling a bit horny, and have several hours to kill, you’ll like this game. While it is a bit of fun, I think the need for polish means I’m giving GoW three hands.

BestPornGames Likes Game Of Whores
  • Like the show and the books, the story is pretty deep
  • The creators put a lot of effort into the character, item, and background design
  • There are several game mechanics set inside a linear plot
BestPornGames Hates Game Of Whores
  • You’re going to have to click through a lot of text to get to gaming sections
  • For Mac machines, a mobile version needs to be added
  • There is no bloody audio – not even sound effects