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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Games Of Desire

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Games Of Desire

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I know that most of the fucking readers of this review grew up watching some classic cartoons. I know, because I grew up with the amazing world that Cartoon Network gave me. However, it’s not just fun and entertainment that those shows provide, it got to the point that I was lustful over the hot bitches in the show. Especially Jessica Rabbit. I mean, who doesn’t want to bang Jessica Rabbit’s mind off? Aside from her, there’s also a fuck-ton of characters that are really hot and fuck-worthy, and almost all of them have a porn game parody on this site. Yes, you fucking heard that right, Games Of Desire showcases their massive list of porn game parodies from famous shoes such as Justice League, Teen Titans, and other cartoons that have hot and steamy bitches. To know more about this, read on further to see what you have gotten yourself into. So, without further ado‚Ķ

First Impressions of the Site

When you visit the place, you can get a really erotic experience. It’s really sexual and pornographic. There are many games on this page, so you won’t miss out on choices. Few advertisements for games are still on the website, but you can play the game with a single button. In fact, a sexy hot red ribbon is the primary mascot of the homepage launched in 2008. Firstly, the creators of the web platform were posting flash games for teenagers, but soon enough, they became a well-known porn web hub with the largest set of sex games. More information on the website can be accessed by clicking “About Us” at the bottom of the list.

A Well-Organized List of Games

The website frequently categorizes their games to make the game that you choose more normally. You will notice that on the top tabs of the toolbar, you have 16 groups. You will render the games distinct from 3D, Anime, Casino, BDSM, Gambling, Hentai, Multiplayer, Learning, Parody, Jigsaw, Quest, Quiz, Sport, and Strip. You will see the best games on the left of the list, including in weeks, months, years, and all periods. The website’s categorization is really awesome. Not to mention that the site also lists the games by name, year and ranking, and the ratings of the game.

Moreover, the name, ranking, date of creation, and a brief description can be seen along with the thumbnails. Before you play the game, at least you will have an idea of it. The nice thing about this page is that you can look at more images through the thumbnails. Not to mention that you can look up the keyword, and it would give you the best match results if you are disappointed with the games that you are playing. Whether you like other games you see on another platform or want to play it with a buddy, this site has fucking covered.

The Type of Games That the Site Offers

The site has fuck-tons of games, so if I take a look at all of it, it will take much of my time. I’ve played some of their games, making me feel more aroused, and my sex needs rise. In fact, they have a variety of games and are mostly cartoons. Don’t get it wrong; even in the picture-based games, the images are outstanding and realistic. Moreover, t They have porn games from children shows such as Super Mario, and my little pony (which is unusual since all of the protagonists are poneys). If you are intrigued like me, play these amusing games and see if you’re going to be more horny than usual.

A Greet-N-Fuck Haven

I know all too well that a near personal friendship is the one aspect that gamers and porn-addicts want. Now, while they could be unwilling to have the next best thing in real life, with the ‘Meet-n-Fuck’ games of this platform. Meet-n-fuck games are poker games where you play as a celebrity who always talks to women rather than the guy that governs him. You wander around to encounter some kid girls, you select a couple of chat choices, and you have found a crazy girl in the cul before you knew it.

A Fuck-Ton of Parodies to Choose From

As the gamers know all the things in the fucking nerd society, it’s only normal to have some immersive parody games accessible on this XXX devoted website where you can bring on your favorite cartoon, video game, or animated hero to its erotic life. I have encountered famous users in several games on this platform who have had the privilege of sodomizing Raven from Teen Titans, banging the real Metroid Prime Samus, and creating an oral creampie in the ass of Lady Tsunade from Naruto.

What I Like About the Site

I really loved the game, and that’s a fact! Anyway, to give further details as to why I fucking loved the game. Firstly, let me just fucking say that the fucking games are well organized. I mean, really fucking organized. It even got to the fucking point that I kept seeing games that I was looking for without any further efforts wasted. Not to mention that there’s a fuck-ton of games to choose from in this site. Believe me, you’re not going to get bored with the huge list of games available on this site. I tried playing one, and I ended up spending the whole fucking night until dawn.

Furthermore, I can’t even believe that almost all of the games are from characters that we all know and love as we grew up. I mean, admit it, who the hell doesn’t want to bang Jessica Rabbit? She’s like Marilyn Monroe in the cartoon universe. Trust me, every kid who grew up watching her shows along with Bugs Bunny ended up being the center of every dickhead’s erotic dreams. Moreover, I can’t help but notice that there are multiplayer games here as well, and I mean it literally. It’s not just some fucking multiplayer ripoff like the other sites offer. You’re genuinely going to play with or against other players on the platform. Not to mention that everything is FREE to play.

Recommendations for Improvements

There are just some things that I want this site to improve on. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would really consider Games Of Desire to be perfect as it is. However, I really do want to point out some things that I would consider shitty or just plain stupid. Firstly, let’s start with the fucking graphics in the games. Of course, I’m speaking in general terms because it’s going to take a few days to review the games individually. That’s only the good ones. Anyway, most of the games’ graphics are a bit outdated. It would be totally fucking help if the developers of the games managed to polish them up, even just for a bit.

Furthermore, I have previously mentioned that the list of games is organized really well. However, I can’t actually say the same for the overall layout of the site. It’s annoying, it’s unorganized. It’s incredibly shitty like they actually didn’t find enough time to properly do something as basic as the layout of the page. Not to mention that pop-up advertisements are showing up every now and then. I’m not complaining about that exactly, I’m only annoyed that the pop-ups sometimes occupy half of the motherfucking screen! Moreover, as I browsed through the games, I can’t help but notice that there’s a fuck-ton of games that are really boring and sometimes stupid like it doesn’t make any fucking sense.


When all is said and done, none can argue that Games of Desire will deliver for anyone who likes enticing porn games with one hell of a free environment. Thousands of alternatives are available. Although all are Flash-based, the newest games can still be played without complications on most mobile devices. Eventually, I agree that the site is one of the leading platforms on the field, so I find no excuse to make it one of my websites listed on my personal top 10. It’s really that fucking good.

Anyway, you’ve finally come this far. I have to congratulate you. Of course, I would like to congratulate Games of Desire for making the nights of lonely bastards amazing. If you want anything to amuse you for a bit, it’s the greatest spot on the goddamn internet. It’s nice fucking entertainment, so at the end of the day, you should only kick back and enjoy some fun playing the pornographic games of your desire. Overall, I would rate this site a solid 5 out of 5 fucking stars.

BestPornGames Likes Games Of Desire
  • The games are well organized
  • A fuck-ton of games to choose from
  • Parody games from famous characters
  • There are multiplayer games
  • Everything is FREE TO PLAY!
BestPornGames Hates Games Of Desire
  • The graphics are a bit outdated
  • The website layout is not as organized as the games
  • Massive pop-ups suddenly appear
  • Some games are boring and stupid
  • Many of the games are based on Flash