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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Girl Life Game

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Girl Life Game

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Are you tired of playing porn games with fancy effects, lots of movements, and huge file sizes that your computer’s memory isn’t enough for them? Do you want to have a go at a unique sex game that involves a lot of strategizing under an RPG style of gameplay? The game I’m about to share with you is unlike any other porn game you’ll ever encounter across all porn game hubs. Games like the one I’m about to share with you is something that unpredictable perverts with gifted talents on game developing.

Girl Life Game is the result of unique perverts’ efforts to create a life simulator sex game while combining elements such as porn, RPG, and strategy. I know what you’re thinking. You’re going to have to use your brain a lot instead of jacking off more. But no, Girl Life Game’s gameplay isn’t confusing or stressful to your pea-sized brains. It’s just that the game developers wanted to have a different approach to porn games. Sadly, the game doesn’t have any movements, and you’ll be seeing more words, pictures, and white background throughout the gameplay.

One of the things that struck me when I was reading about the game is that the characters are unique. The characters are unique because they’re not the typical characters you play as in a porn game. Instead, you have the choice to play as a transgender, cursed school girl, schoolgirl, and new person in town. The weird options for characters somehow put you in the shoes of a woman so that you can experience the hellish shit they put through every day. So, without any further delay, let’s get on with this fucked up review.

Life Simulator About Getting Fucked

I mentioned in the previous paragraphs that Girl Life is a life simulator. The game is a life simulator because it provides you a different perspective on life, mainly because you’re playing the game a transgender person or a woman. Reality is harsh, and there are plenty of bullshits that any woman can encounter daily. Still don’t understand what the game is about? Allow me to break it down for you idiots. The characters in the game don’t live a life full of rainbows and sunshine, which means you’ll be experiencing all the possible bullshit in life.

You won’t be customizing or choosing a name for your character when you start the game. I know that Girl Life Game lacks the personalized gameplay or the satisfaction of seeing your character, but the game developers wanted to keep the game simple. The gameplay, in general, would require you to read the dialogue because everything about Girl Life Game is descriptive. The reason why the game is descriptive is that there are no signs of animations, videos, or movement at all.

The game will feed you hundreds of words per scene and an image that they took out from the internet. I understand that the game developers wanted to keep the game simple and would want people to imagine the scenes through the descriptive dialogue. However, with all the shit I’ve seen so far, Girl Life Game doesn’t feel like a game whatsoever. Sure, it’s a life simulator but underdeveloping a game that has a unique storyline and a different approach to the characters would be extremely entertaining.

The Initial Gameplay

With all the things about Girl Life Game being confusing so far, I get that you’re dying to know more about the gameplay. Although I can’t spoil and spoon feed you with more information about the game’s content, I’ll provide you the initial gameplay. You shouldn’t expect anything fancy when you start up Girl Game Life because the best feature of the game is that it doesn’t take a lot out of your memory space. Moreover, the only options you’ll see at the home screen of the game is Start, QuickSave Load, and Load.

After starting the game, you’ll have to select a game start, which is about the character you’ll use throughout the game. The transgender character is a 35-year-old businessman named Michael Kuznetsov. The schoolgirl character is a student living in the most lustful town in Russia. The cursed schoolgirl character is a student who happens to find a strange amulet that possesses mysterious magic. The new in town character is a normal girl living a sad, independent life and the freedom from her overbearing mother.

The four characters have different storylines, which means that they all don’t start the same, given that they have different lives. One element you’ll immediately notice once you’re in the game is the white background. The reason why I pointed out the white background is that you’ll be seeing the same, plain dull white background throughout your game time. Aside from that, each scene will have an image at the top center of the screen with the dialogue underneath. You’ll find the actions where you have various choices to make depending on the scenario at the bottom of the screen.

The weirdest shit I found about the actions bar at the bottom of the screen is that it doesn’t provide you with other choices most of the time. Instead, clicking the action in the action bar is the only way for you to proceed to the next scene. Did you notice that I mentioned clicking in the initial gameplay? Sadly, Girl Life Game is click-based gameplay, which makes the boring game worse. Another thing to note about the game is that the images are most likely going to be Russian girls and some places in Russia.

Why Russia? Well, the original version of Girl Life Game is ETO, which is a Russian game developed by DeGross. Fortunately, the language of Girl Life Game is in proper English since the community of the game saw the plot and storyline’s potential. As a result, the English community version of the game received plenty of bug fixes, new content, optimization, and enhancing.

What I Like About Girl Life Game

The hardest part about this review is pointing out the things that I like about the game, given that there’s not a lot of positive shit that I noticed. However, the storyline of each character is unique and has potential. In contention to this, the dialogue is the main highlight of Girl Life Game because it will blow you away despite the lack of animations, sound effects, and actual sex. Reading the descriptive dialogue impressed me because they can get your brain working to imagine the scenes in your mind.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from the game since everything looks dull. The dullness of the game is evident right at the main menu. The white background, generic font, and dead silent home screen put you off. But, if you start playing the game and appreciate the descriptive dialogue. You’ll eventually pick up that the storyline is leading to something entertaining. The storyline is also why you’ll engage yourself more in the game and keep wanting you to find out what’s going to happen next.

My Recommendations for Improvement

There’s a massive list of things that I find problematic with the game, and I highly doubt that the game developers will give two shits about my recommendations. Let’s begin with the game’s graphics and visuals since there’s nothing special about every scene. If the game developers refine the edges, lines, and borders of the interface, it should help make the game feel lively. Moreover, animations are the key to enhancing the character build up and storyline.

The only thing people ask for in a porn game is movement. How are people supposed to jack off to porn games if there are no signs of animations, movement, and all those elements you find in typical adult games? On the other hand, white backgrounds, seriously? Why on earth would people indulge themselves in underdeveloped porn games, especially ones that have white backgrounds? The game developers should clearly think about their options and start adding high-definition images while adding a blur effect as the background.

Sound effects and background music is also rare to find in Girl Life Game. I know that the game is simple, but playing a game with no sound effects and background music is overkill. I know I may be asking for too much from the game developers, but the game has many potentials, and it’s a complete waste of time to play the game at this state.


Overall, Girl Life Game is a boring adult life simulator that has an exciting storyline. I don’t recommend any porn-loving perverts to spend their time figuring out what’s happening in the game. But, if you want to go through the same horrible experience as I did, be my guest. Don’t get the wrong idea. The game has many potential, and I would like to see a better version of Girl Life Game, one with animations, actual sex scenes, sound effects, and hands-on gameplay.

BestPornGames Likes Girl Life Game
  • Interesting storyline
  • Unique characters
  • Immersive, descriptive dialogue
BestPornGames Hates Girl Life Game
  • No sex animations
  • Dull interface and shit white background
  • The game looks and feels dead
  • Click-based gameplay