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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Girlvania Summer Lust

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Girlvania Summer Lust

User Rating: 4/5
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Girlvania Summer Lust is a Kinky, 3D-Style, Lesbian Sex Simulator

Aren’t you fucking tired of porn games that try to shove some contrived story down your throat? I sure am. I can’t stand trying to sit down and fap to a kinky sex game only to have the game walk me through some shitty plot for 10+ hours while only giving me the occasional glimpse at some pussy. I don’t have that kind of time. I’m not like you pathetic cucks. I have a fucking life. I have actual pussies to blow. I can’t tie all my time up in some lame-ass game that tries to string me along with the promise of shitty illustrations that aren’t even animated. That’s why I did the dirty work and went out to find a game that cuts out all of that unnecessary bullshit. I wanted an experience with no fluff, exposition, or anything like that. I found exactly what I was looking for with Girlvania Summer Lust. It’s a 3D porn game all about hot lesbian babes fucking each other’s brains out. Don’t worry, we’ll get to those kinky details soon.

A Hefty Price Tag of $39.99 for the Base Game

First, I have to give you poor cucks some bad news. This game isn’t cheap. You can find a purchase page for the game over at Man, this shit is pricey. It will run you $39 for the base game. If you want to see these sluts shove their feet up each other’s cunts, then you’ll need to dish out $15 more for the feet and legs DLC bundle. So, this is going to be a game for those of you who actually have a goddamn job. Though I will say that this game has been out since 2016. You might get lucky if you do some digging. What does nearly $60 get you? It gets you a hot 3D porn game with a seemingly endless array of customization options. There’s no intro. There’s no story. This game is a lesbian sex simulator from start to finish. Before I get into the kinky lesbian sex scenes, let’s chat for a hot minute about visuals.

Very Realistic 3D Models & High-Quality Lighting

I know some of you snobs might already be packing up your shit once you say “3D” and “2016” in the same sentence. Hold on just a second. Surprisingly, this game looks pretty damn good. I’m not going to go as far as to say that it holds up against the best 3D games of this year. But, man, it’s still a damn good looking game. These developers went out of their way to provide a robust, realistic lighting setup. You can even control the time of day! These babes look pretty solid as well. They may look slightly dated when compared to the newest and boldest 3D porn games on the market, but they can still keep up with the competition. There are many jankier-looking 3D models in some games that just came out this fucking year. These sluts look life-like, and there was a great deal of work that went into making their facial expressions look natural. I have to say, they did a damn good job.

Play Dress-Up and Fully Customize Each Babe’s Outfit

Alright, now we can talk about gameplay. It’s a sandbox sex-sim with loads of options. You can toggle the background location between a handful of different rooms. This also changes the lighting and furniture in the room. There are around a half-dozen babes that you can pick and choose from. I did find myself wishing that you had more options here in terms of body-type. Hey, I love a slim, fit babe as much as the next dude. I just know that there are loads of fucks out there who like variety. If I’m paying this much for the damn game, then I want a smorgasbord of pussy. Give me chubby girls, fat sluts, big-tittied whores, babes with asses that defy gravity, super petite girls, tall chicks, and more. Or, at least, give customization options that let you build your perfect cum-dumpster.

Enjoy Creating Hot Solo, Duo, and Threesome Scenes

The only customization options you get for these sluts are clothing choices. There are loads of different outfits and shit to choose from. But I’m not here to play dress up. I stripped these bitches down and that was all I needed. Sure, you could throw some stockings or high-heels on these girls if that’s your thing, and you’ll kind of need to if you want to avoid having each babe look the exact same. The only difference between most of these sluts comes down to hair and skin color. That feels lazy as fuck for such an expensive title. Each scene that you create can have up to three sluts in it. You can craft a hot solo scene where you watch as a babe plunges a toy deep into her pussy or ass. Oh, and you get a lot of customization options here too. You can have these sluts choking on toys, lollipops, ice cream cones, cucumbers, and many more penis-shaped objects.

Loads of Toys, Positions, Babes, and Camera Angles to Choose From

You get even more options when it comes to the duo and threesome scenes. There are loads of positions and scene options. It would be impossible for me to go into detail on every single one, but they’re all kinky as fuck. There are scenes with strap-ons, feet fucking, dildo-riding, scissoring, face sitting, ass eating, and more. You can control which girl is doing what manually, or you can sit back and throw auto mode on. You can even toggle action speed if you want these whores to really go at it. The animation is great. Each movement and action looks incredibly fluid. You get such high-quality details. You can see a hot babes pussy lips spread as she gets rammed with a strap on. That’s some next-level shit. You get full control of the camera, and you can have up to 4 additional camera angles going at once. There’s even an option that lets you slip into any slut’s POV. That’s fucking awesome. Plus, the whole game is full of hot moans and voiced lines to really rope you in.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

If you want a sandbox game with loads of options, the Girlvania Summer Lust is the game for you. Holy shit. I’m not sure if you horny gamers fully understand just how many different options and features that are jam-packed into this premium title. You doll-loving, figure-collecting weebs will be big fans of how many clothing choices there are. And I loved the camera angle options. The POV views are truly amazing. But, again, I’m a sucker for some hot POV lesbian porn. So, I may be just a little biased there. Of course, the actual sex scenes were pretty fucking great. There’s nothing quite like jerking off to a fluidly animated lesbian threesome. As a side note, I enjoyed how many minor options you had for each babe. You could have them deepthroating a dildo (or something else entirely) while they got their ass or pussy fisted…no…footed? I couldn’t find a verdict on the term, but it’s for when a kinky babe shoves her foot up another slut’s pussy. I’ll go with footed.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wish that I could build my own babe. I don’t give a fuck about these premade models. If this game had a character builder, then it would be nearly perfect. The only bad feature is the goddamn price. Nearly 60 bucks for everything. Are you fucking kidding me? This is a damn good game. But, man, it’s not worth that much dosh. I could see a $19.99 price tag if the DLC were included. I think a lot more people would actually play this damn game if it were a more reasonable price. This is why you cucks torrent shit.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Girlvania Summer Lust is an amazing sandbox sex simulator that fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy. Dress up a selection of premade babe. Get up to three sluts in a scene and choose from over two dozen different positions full of kinky fetish options. Now, it will run you a pretty penny. I highly recommend heading over and at least giving the free demo version of the game a try. You might find yourself eager for more. Go check it out now!

BestPornGames Likes Girlvania Summer Lust
  • A sandbox-style lesbian sex similator
  • Realistic 3D modeled babes & body physics
  • Fully voiced lines and moans
  • You can try a free demo!
BestPornGames Hates Girlvania Summer Lust
  • It’s pretty fucking expensive
  • No character creator