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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Glassix is a 3D-Stye Hypno-Fetish Game With a Wide-Open World to Explore

I think we’ve all dreamed about being able to have x-ray vision or mind control powers at some point in our lives. I don’t think about it that much anymore since I can get babes to bend over and let me plow their eager snatches without any effort. It’s too fucking easy. But I’ve been blessed with, well, everything that you poor betas dream of. Most of you cucks haven’t been as fortunate. You probably still sit there wishing that you could just take control of any slut’s mind and bend her to your will. Unfortunately, I don’t have the magic answer to that particular problem. However, I do have a game that will make you feel like the ultimate alpha male.

Download a Public Version of the Game for Free!

It’s called Glassix. I know, it’s a weird fucking name for a porn game. Don’t worry. It will all make sense soon. It’s a 3D porn game focused on hypnosis, x-ray vision, and it also has a surprisingly high number of piss fetish scenes. So, yeah, you’ll be hard as diamonds if any of that sounds like your thing. The game began development by Gaweb Studio back in 2016. It’s been steadily trundling through the development cycle and has since gotten to version 0.50. So, there’s still quite a long road ahead. This free-roam city game can be found over at or at Lucky for you destitute gamers out there, this game is free. At least the public version is free. You’ll have to dish out 5+ bucks a month for the brand-spanking-new version of the game. Still, that’s not too bad of a price. I’m just glad that this dude isn’t making it a requirement just to play the game. I’m fine with that being the case when you have a finished fucking game.

Use Your Powerful New Glasses to Manipulate Minds and See Through Clothes

As with any good porn game, this one is centered around the death of your character’s father. Apparently, he got killed in a car crash and left you to live with your step-mom and step-sister. You’re starting school in a brand new city and, well, that’s essentially the premise. You go about your day and get settled in at your new school. You get some quality peeks at a few hot babe’s panties, but something strange happens on this first day. Your dad shows up, thrusts a box into your hands, and then disappears into a crowd of people. What the fuck? It’s not often that a porn game catches me off guard. I didn’t see that coming at all. You open the box and find a strange pair of glasses. It launches a software called, you guessed it, “Glassix.” You quickly discover that these awesome glasses let you see through most clothes. But it’s just the first layer. You can’t see through bras or panties for some fucking reason.

Slowly Whittle Down Babes Until They Turn into Obedient Sluts

But that’s not it! These glasses let you track stats about yourself and the women around you. You can see how obedient and affectionate they are towards you. And you can view how strong, smart, and charming you are becoming. These glasses also let you use a power called “inception” that is, essentially, a hypnosis power. Now, even the glasses have limits. You can’t just jump right into plowing some poor slut in the ass after saying hello. You need to wear their inhibitions down before turning them into your personal cum-dumpster. You can go about the game however the fuck you want to. There’s no set in stone goals or quests. The city is yours to explore as you see fit. You can go to school, take tests, find work, buy shit, and whatever else you want. Every action takes a little bit of time, so you’ll need to plan your days out in advance if you want to accomplish something in particular. Fuck, that’s sounding a bit too much like real life for me already.

Fap to Loads of Hypno, Humiliation, and Piss Fetish Scenes

Each babe will want you to act in a certain way. Some sluts like the strong alpha male. Other chicks like the funny dude. Dialog options will increase or decrease people’s affection or obedience levels towards you. It will take a bit before any babe is ready to drop her panties and let you go to town, but that doesn’t mean that this game isn’t full of kinky content. You get loads of lewd scenes as you go about your life. You can walk in as the busty English teacher is taking a piss and blow your gooey load all over her face while she does. There are actually quite a few piss-centric scenes in this game. I was pretty taken aback. And, man, these bitches need to drink some more water. Their piss looks fucking nasty. Not that, well, any piss doesn’t. Fuck. I’m getting off track.

Lack of Any Music or Notable Audio Makes for an Awkward Experience

One thing that I found jarring about the game was that there isn’t any audio aside from doors opening and footsteps. It makes the whole experience feel eerie. I kept expecting a jump scare or something like that. Some calm piano music would have really gone a long way in making this experience more immersive and less awkward. Maybe it’s just me, but I really can’t stand when games skimp on the background music. It’s fucking weird. The art style is pretty par for the course when it comes to 3D porn games. It’s not exceedingly good or bad. You get relatively lifelike 3D models and static backgrounds. Though they did do a fantastic job with the city areas. It’s all lush and full of color. And I did like that every slut in this game looked different. There are babes with different body types for all of you picky cucks out there. You’re not stuck with one type of babe like you are in way too many other 3D porn games.

Jerk off to Lightly Animated, Uncensored Sex Scenes!

The sex scenes range from still images to lightly animated scenes. And, as I said, you get this shit frequently. Glassix won’t make you wait hours for the good shit. You get some incredible, fetish-filled, uncensored scenes for you to blow your load to. Expect loads of mind control, incest, exhibitionist, humiliation, and domination scenes. But, man, there’s a little something for all of you degenerates. Each scene is incredibly fapworthy and full of some really hot kinks.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I thoroughly enjoyed how open this game was. You can do whatever the fuck you want. There’s no pressing quest or story that you really need to advance. Sure, you might uncover the mystery about your father eventually, but I don’t really give a shit about that. Just keep showing me hot babes that I can mind control. That’s all I need. And there are loads of different locations to explore and people to meet for this game only being on version 0.50. I look forward to seeing what sort of kinky shit they come out with as this game moves forward.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Add in some goddamn music! These 3D titles give me horror game vibes when there aren’t any fucking sounds aside from walking and doors opening. It’s like I’m playing a strangely erotic version of Resident Evil. And, man, add in some moans or some general sex sounds during the h-scenes. Adding in more sounds, in general, would really breathe some much-needed life into this game. Other than that, get an editor for some of the writing. I’m not sure if this cuck has ever seen a comma in his entire life.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Glassix is a solid 3D porn game that fans of hypnosis and humiliation will love. This shit has a wide-open cityscape to explore with loads of hot babes to fuck. You really can approach this game however the fuck you want to. Not many porn games offer that much freedom. If you’re looking for a 3D porn game brimming with quality fetish content, then this is the game for you. It’s free to download. It’s full of uncensored sex scenes. Go check it out!

BestPornGames Likes Glassix
  • Wide open-world to explore
  • Play it your way
  • High-quality 3D-style art
  • Fetish-filled, uncensored sex scenes
  • It’s completely free to play!
BestPornGames Hates Glassix
  • Poor audio design