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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Good Girl Gone Bad

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Good Girl Gone Bad

User Rating: 4/5
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Good Girl Gone Bad is a Corruption Focused Porn Game all about Choices

So many porn games have choices built into them. But, man, it’s almost required at this point to have choices and dialog options that don’t matter at all. Some games will present you with half a dozen choices that all lead to the same goddamn result. Why even bother with decisions at that point? Railroad the story if that’s what you want to do. Don’t dress it up as a game with player agency when that’s just a blatant lie. I just don’t fucking get it. I’ll play your hot porn game whether or not it has choices. I’m in for the long haul ss long as it’s got hot babes getting fucked.

Pick up the Newest Version of the Game for Just $2!

Even so, I wanted to go out there and drum up a game where your choices mattered. I wanted a game that had a story entirely dependent on the shit you say and do. And, no, I didn’t want to have to sit around a fuck with a 20+ hour visual novel or an epic fantasy game. I wanted something down to earth with lots of hot fucking. That’s the story of how I came across Good Girl Gone Bad. It’s a kinky game all about love and temptation, but I’ll dive into that rabbit hole here in a minute. You know we have to cover some of the boring basics first.

The first version of the game was released back in 2017, but the final edition rolled out in February of 2020. That means that you horny cucks get to enjoy a fully finished game. Eva Kiss is the name of the developer, and you can find more about their current projects over at Now, I have to warn you guys. This game will cost you a whole 2 dollars for the most up-to-date version. I know that’s busting the bank for a lot of you, but you’ll just have to suck it up unless you want to go through the trouble of torrenting it.

Will You Stay Faithful or Give in to Lustful Temptations?

You play as a hottie named Ashley who is currently going to college and dating her High School sweetheart. She’s a simple chick. She’s only slept with Eric and doesn’t plan on doing anything wild. And you can actually play the game that way. There’s a meter on either side of the screen for how good or bad of a babe you are. You can be the best fucking girlfriend ever and stick with Eric through the entire game while resisting temptation. But I think we all know that you horny bastards aren’t going to take that route. You cucks are probably going to turn Ashley into a cum-addicted slut.

But there’s a lot more to this story than just Ashley and Eric’s relationship. Ashley’s Dad is going through some shit after his wife leaves him. You can be supportive. You can be a bitch and tell him he deserved it. There are a fuck ton of choices that influence many different aspects of the story. Hell, you can even fuck with your best friend’s relationship if you’re feeling like a dick. Or, well, you can support your bestie as she goes off and gets a train run on her behind her boyfriend’s back.

Straightforward Gameplay Focused on Your Decisions

There aren’t any quests or places that you need to go and venture to. The whole game is about going from one scene to the next while making choices. Oh, and having a higher meter in your bad or good gauge will give you additional choices. Being a bad girl makes it easier to get even worse, and the same goes for being a good girl. That fact makes Good Girl Gone Bad so much fun to replay since you get special scenes for being either very good or very bad. The writing is alright. It’s not bad by any means. There are some genuinely intense and gripping moments throughout the story. It can just feel a tad stilted or forced at times. Some of the lines don’t flow well, and some of the character’s personalities aren’t entirely consistent. But that might not be something the majority of you horny bastards pick up on. You’ll probably be too busy drooling and gawking at all of the dime pieces in this story.

Unique Hand-Drawn Art Style

That brings me to the art. It’s well done, but it certainly has a unique style to it. It’s not your usual crisp and polished hentai art, nor is it a bold-lined toon parody style. It’s got a hand-drawn vibe that may not be for everyone. Again, it’s still expertly done. It’s just not very mainstream or as detailed as some other popular art styles. But I still found myself loving every second of the h-scenes. That’s what really matters, right? I do wish that the scenes focused more on the good shit. They are often drawn using angles that block my view of some babes giant tits or tight pussy. Fuck that.

There was a strange aspect of this game. You get this kick-ass music track on the title screen, and then there’s this sultry moan when you click through to the game. But then there isn’t a single bit of audio for the rest of the goddamn game. None. No music. No sound effects. Fucking nothing. Talk about a cock-tease. I wanted to hear these babes get fucking railed. I had to sit there in complete silence. How am I supposed to jerk off to some slut getting pounded that way? At least throw in some royalty-free music or something.

Uncensored Sex Scenes Full of Kinky Fetishes

But you betas need to know just how good the sex scenes are. Well, you already know that they don’t have any sound. Barring that, they’re actually pretty solid. They aren’t animated or anything, but you do get multiple panels for each one. Each image will be fully uncensored and will have loads of erotic dialog to get you fapping. Plus, the game has a good bit of fetish content. There’s a huge focus on cheating. exhibitionism, sluttification, and even a tad bit of incest if you’re feeling frisky.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I enjoyed how decision focused Good Girl Gone Bad is. It’s not some boring-ass game that runs you through scene after scene with no actual decisions to make. Everything you say and do will matter immensely in terms of the overarching story and narrative. Your choices could mean the difference between a break-up or a marriage. It’s fucking wild. If you’re a fan of games that emphasize player agency, then you’ll love this one. It’s also jam-packed with kinky sex scenes. It’s nothing crazy, but the game presents some of these scenes so fucking well, especially the corruption and sluttification scenes. You get dozens of uncensored, hand-drawn illustrations to jerk your dick to. And you get all of this quality content for just 2 bucks! That’s a fucking steal for the amount of content that you get to enjoy here.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Add in some goddam audio. Anything. Just throw in some music to make this game not so fucking awkward to play. I really don’t get how that was overlooked in a “completed” game. I also think that voice acting would be a welcome addition to the game. Sure, it’s a bit of a task. But the dialog is already written. Get some babes to voice all of the hot sluts in the game and you’ll be golden. I don’t give a shit about the male voices. I just want to hear some hot moans when there’s a dime piece getting fucked. I don’t think any of that is too much to ask from a finished title.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Good Girl Gone Bad is a great game full of meaningful choices. And it takes that shit to the extreme. This isn’t some visual novel that gives you maybe three choices across the entire breadth of the game. You’re deciding important shit nearly every five minutes of this game. It gets pretty intense. But, yeah, if you’re looking for a story-focused game with loads of decisions to make and lots of hot sex scenes, then go dish out a couple of bucks and pick up this quality porn game.

BestPornGames Likes Good Girl Gone Bad
  • Story-focused game
  • Your decisions matter
  • Dozens of hot sex scenes
  • Very replayable experience
  • It’s cheap!
BestPornGames Hates Good Girl Gone Bad
  • No audio at all