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Updated on 15 January 2020
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As I have covered this website at length, there are hundreds of great sex games all over the web from several distributors and independent developers. Unlike the mainstream titles, a lot of them – no matter how much for or explicit content they have – there is a definite lack of game guides.

To be fair to some, there a number as I’ve pointed out which have some decent or even superb tutorials. With maybe one or two exceptions, I don’t think I’ve seen any indie-made adults-only games with any formal guide in print or online.

Thank the net gods for Jimmy Wales and his brainchild Wikipedia.

That simple concept and it’s brilliant format spawned tens of thousands of easily made and fan-edited fan wikis. We’re going to look at Harem-Battle wiki, which was first launched in May 2015.

Then just like now, the mission is the same: provide hentai gaming fans with complete rundowns on how to master mechanics, bonus points and items to look out for, and other handy advice.

As Far As Wikis Go, This On Looks Better Than Most

Just like blogs, e-stores, and other websites, making a good wiki doesn’t have to be overly complicated when it comes to visuals. This is something that the makers of Battle Harem clearly understood when constructing their wiki.

The background is a light gray and white mixture, which both contrasts and complements the use of blue accents, text, and links. All parts of the site are well organized, so it’ll take you no more than a few seconds to go from the homepage to whatever it is you are looking for.

The game guides have vibrant and apparently licensed promo pics of each game, which look great compared to the neutral-colored background. There is some additional color in the form of a couple of anime-style characters that flank the Harem-Battle.club logo, which is a nice touch. The look is clean without any extra fluff or unneeded illustrations.

There are the odd adverts here and there, but dealing with adverts isn’t really a big deal.

In the past half-decade, this wiki has retained roughly the same look, though there have been plenty of changes when it comes to specific content. Many of the featured game guides are about the same, some old ones have been pulled, and it looks like previously posted wiki pages are currently under revision.

The Game Guides Covered Are Very Impressive

In five years’ time, the editors have done several reviews, seven of which are currently being featured. They are all games I’ve done my own commentary on or will do in the future, so here I’ll just focus on what these sub-wikis have in them.

Flower Knight Girl – This fast-paced, heterodox RPG is easy to pick up but is all about preparing your characters for battle ahead of time. If you haven’t played it, there are loads of options, items, equipment, party configurations, etc. to learn about.

You can get a pretty thorough breakdown of all of this and the other content on FKG on this wiki. I hope you like to read, though the articles are well formatted but dense.

Oswari Island – If you are looking for a list of the characters and their stats? They’ve got dozens of pages for that. Having issues mastering some moves or what some of them do? There’s a rundown for that, too. Need a refresher on different alchemic abilities? There is a page for that as well.

No matter which question you have about Oswari Island, you can probably get it answered on the pages in this sub-wiki.

Dragon Providence – Just like the wiki pages mentioned above, this one has much the same sort of content. There is more of an emphasis on how to get through campaigns. If you still have any other questions or just want to chat about Dragon Providence, there is a link to a direct link to the DP Discord server.

Harem Heroes & Gay Harem – Neither version of these games are particularly hard at the start, and the learning curve is pretty generous. However, there is so much to do it can be tricky trying to keep everything straight can be a bit difficult. That’s why I think that these to sub-wikis are worth looking at from time to time if you’re into the Harem franchise.

Pussy Saga – Rather than incorporate a bombastic design like other pages, this one has more of a traditional forum look to it. Right now, there are five major sections with which collectively have dozens of threads.

There are other pages on locations, characters, though the Skill page does not look to be finished. Granted, it’s not the most complete wiki, but still has plenty of decent material.

Everlasting Summer – If you don’t know, Everlasting has multiple endings that can be unlocked in a number of different ways. However, they can be a bit tricky and tedious to unlock unless you check this page out.

Lastly, if you want to be a contributor to this or any other page, one of the admins, Eromon has a complete guide on how to become an editor.

These are just the walkthroughs that are being featured currently. With ten more guides listed as being in progress, there is plenty of content to look forward to.

The Forum Has Everything You Want to See And More

Having a wiki is great, but a complimentary forum makes things all the better. Besides even more posts on the featured games, there are far more sections to hang out on.

In the Eroges section, you’ll see articles on free-to-play games, visual novels, and links to even more indie games. Are you not familiar with that name? Eroges is a rival to Nutaku, which has much of the same content. I recommend checking that platform out whenever you have time.

The DMM Games have much of the same content but focus on DMM interactive entertainment, Millennium War Aigis, and even more posts on Flower Knight Girl. As with most forums, there is a series of general posts for things like puzzles, community games, and a place to post your own art.

Take the Conversation Further Via Discord

Posting to forums can be great fun and is a wonderful way to give and get gaming advice, among other things – still, nothing really beats a live conversation. Just like a growing number of other hentai and gaming communities, this one has an exclusive Discord server.

As with others, chatting people up is completely free, and to get on, you only need a few basic requirements. After you’ve submitted a username, you just need to punch in your email and birthdate, and you’re good to go if you don’t have an account.

According to them, there are thousands of users with as many as a couple hundred online at any given time.

Unfortunately, There Isn’t Much to Shop For At All

Besides the sections, we’ve covered so far, the last prominent one which is accessible through the topmost menu is the online store. Since this wiki covers so many popular games and has such a vast audience, I thought that there would be page after page of merchandise to buy from.

For the first time when reviewing Harem Battle, I was disappointed, and that’s putting it mildly. Using onsite credits, you can change your username and thread title, adjust your profile style, and add a musical jingle to your profile.

That’s literally it – just that!

Let’s Talk About How This Game Looks On Browsers and Machines

To be sure, it does look a little different when you make a comparison between desktop and mobile versions. But that is certainly a good thing since it’s a reflection of optimization done competently.

As it comes with the territory, there aren’t as many pretty, colorful icons. However, everything is still a click away, links are appropriately spaced, and the whole wiki has a sort of hybrid feel as if it were combined with the forum.

When it comes to comparing internet surfing applications, this wiki normally will run well whether you prefer Safari, Chrome, or Opera. However, I have found that Safari doesn’t work well when it comes to displaying the Discord feed.

Since It’s Still Under Construction, Here’s What I’d Like to See

As this is an ongoing project – of course, which wiki isn’t (?) – I do have a small list of things that would be nice to see incorporated. Since the webmasters and editors are in the middle of making new guides, it would be cool to see an estimated arrival date.

Then there is the issue of the retired games. I don’t know why they are called this since many of their respective games are available online. Further, some of the so-called retired games’ have pages of information, and their main pages are also labeled as being under construction.

To make things even stranger, one of the featured sub-wikis is Osawati Island, but the mobile guide is in the Retired section – so, what exactly does that term mean?

As I pointed out already, there is a store but almost nothing on it, which isn’t of value. This wiki essentially acts as a promotional page for several games, most of which are hosted on Nutaku. I’m not sure what the legal specifics are when it comes to sharing IP, but I would certainly look into coming up with some merchandise, branded with the iconic game figures promoted on Harem Battle.

Not only would this go to promoting the wiki, but it’d be a great way to make some extra moola on the side.

And Now Here Comes the Climax of the Whole Review

If you didn’t bother to read the whole article, do yourself a favor, scroll up, and read it. If you can’t be bothered, I’ll sum up by saying that this is the website you need t give a visit if you like Nutaku games. They don’t have articles on all of their games (yet), but there are some exceptional guides already.

If you ever get stuck or just want some advice for an upcoming speed run or simple casual game session, this is a wiki to visit.

And now for my rating. I think some parts of this wiki can and should be improved, but they are not that much of a problem. With everything considered, this wiki does deserve a top rating of five hands.

BestPornGames Likes Harem Battle Club
  • The design is slick and clean with navigation being easy
  • This wiki has plenty of complete (or nearly so) guides for hentai games
  • You can have a great time on the forum and Discord server
  • With an army of editors, this site is continuously being improved
BestPornGames Hates Harem Battle Club
  • There aren’t too many guides, but more are in the works
  • Some of the labelings for some sub-wikis is a little confusing
  • Not all features run as well on some browsers
  • There isn’t much at all to shop for