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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Harem Hotel

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Harem Hotel

User Rating: 4/5
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What’s up, fuckers! I am back at it again to give you another bad-ass review. If you are looking for games and want to have an idea what it’s all about, this is the best place to be. What I have here for you today is what you wouldn’t normally expect. In this game, you will be running your own hotel where eight beautiful and hot women stay! Sounds exciting, right? But wait, there’s more. You will get to have fun with all the girls that are staying in your hotel. If you stick long enough in this game, words can’t explain how fun it will be.

Harem Hotel, ladies and gents. A 3D dating simulation game that is packed with almost all of the porn categories you can think of. Not to mention, the game is a visual novel, which I know most of you incels out there like since the number of visual novel games being released today is insanely high. This game will have some pretty exciting aspects to look forward to, so without further ado, let’s go ahead and start this fucking amazing review!

First Impression of the Game

When I first saw the description of the game along with the pictures, I thought that it would be the same as other visual novel games out there. Also, as soon as I saw that it’s a simulation, I had second thoughts of trying it out. But I’m glad I did. There are many aspects here that I really enjoyed, and I know you guys will also do. Have you ever come across a game that you thought would suck because there aren’t many people playing it? Well, it’s almost the same with this game. I believe that not everyone knows how good this game is, especially when it comes to the overall gaming experience. Once I started playing the game, it ended up finishing the game without realizing how much time I spent playing this game.

The Storyline

The game starts wherein you inherit your grandfather’s hotel after he suffers a tragic death. All of his belongings, including the hotel, get handed down to you. You will do everything in your power to keep the hotel running and the tenants happy if you know what I mean. During your stay as a manager of the hotel, you will earn cash by doing what the game asks you to do. Keep in mind, you need to earn cash since you’re starting the hotel from scratch because most of the people that work in the hotel have decided to quit, so you’re stuck with building the hotel back up to its proper working state. You can use the cash you earned to upgrade your hotel and improve whatever there is that needs improving.

Character Build Up

What the game is really centered on is the girls that are staying in your hotel. You will be interacting with them to improve your relationship with each other. Just like what I have mentioned above, since you are going to be the new manager, you have to build your relationship with the women that are staying in your hotel. You constantly need to have a conversation with them to level up their stats such as obedience, affection, friendship, and other important stats that you will see when you start playing the game.

The more you improve the stats between you and the other characters, the more opportunities will open up to you. And when I say opportunities, I really mean you get to have a very nice time with them. If you still don’t know what I mean, you must be brain dead. Don’t be fooled by what the game says where you don’t have to pay any attention to the stats because that is what you really need to do, especially if your goal in this game is to watch the sex scenes and satisfy your small dicks.

Moreover, if you really want your character to have sex with all of the girls in the game, you have to grind and work on the stats. The same goes for other erotic activities that you want to do. On the other side, if their stats are already high enough, you can go to them anytime and do whatever you want to do—looking for a blowjob? No problem just hit up any girl that you have a good relationship with, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Different Characters to Choose From!

One of the entertaining elements that you will find in this game is that you get to interact with beautiful girls that you can have sex with later on in the game. What’s makes it even better is all of you guys are living under the same roof. There are endless possibilities that can happen between you and your tenants. Right when you enter the hotel, you will be greeted by a busty virgin receptionist. She is going to be somehow like a guide to help you throughout the game. Moreover, each of the girls that you meet in this game will have different personalities making sure that it will cater to all of your deepest desires and fantasies.

Remember what I said earlier that you have to start from scratch? Well, yes, and that applies to the girls that will be staying in your hotel. There is nothing to worry about though, since you are going to be improving your hotel, more and more girls will come to your hotel. There will also be some patience involved in this game, but that’s fine, the reward for your patience will be greatly rewarded.

The girls that you can interact with doesn’t only come from the hotel. Of course, the game will allow you to move around the community and discover other places where you can fulfill those urges of yours. You can also visit the campus and interact with all of the girls. If you frequently visit the campus, it will allow you to peek on the girl’s locker room and masturbate to your heart’s content.

Pleasing Art Style

If you start playing the game, you will notice how the devs have made the art style pleasing to the eyes. Have you seen how a mediocre anime looks like with all of those cute and bubble art? The art style of this game almost looks like that. I don’t exactly know why the devs partnered the game with that art quality, but it’s good enough for me. I don’t really mind the art style since my aim in this kind of game is the sex scene. If someone caught you playing this game, you could easily get away with a reason that its an anime since there isn’t a lot of pornographic images that are scattered around in the game.

What I Like About the Game

It’s no surprise. There are many things that I like about this game—starting with the crazy amount of things that I can do in a single day. Games like these where I have the freedom to go anywhere I want. I pretty much enjoy that kind of aspect just because I don’t get bored in the game. I could sidetrack to something else without having to worry about all the things that I have to do. I also like how I get to run things. In this game, I am the boss of the hotel full of hot girls that I can fuck anytime I want, if the stats are high, of course.

Not to mention, there are a lot of girls that I can choose from, and when I say a lot, I really fucking mean it. They also have different personalities, which I think are great because I find them really challenging. It’s like dealing with women in real life. Some girls even gave me a huge turn on soon as I see them pop up on my screen. I could just watch them all day while I’m having fun with my meat. They’re even greater in the sex scenes! The animation combined with the art style is just perfect for me. I didn’t even realize that I spent too much time playing this game.

My Recommendations for Improving the Game

As good as the game sounds, there are still many things that I would really like to recommend to the devs. Seriously, this game could reach a whole different level if some of the game elements can get a rework. The first is to improve the graphics of the game. I’m not even going to lie, I found the overall gameplay to be entertaining, but the art style doesn’t really fit the game well. And the sex scenes could even be better if the art style is improved.

Another thing is the writing quality of this game. Come on devs, you made a visual novel game, the least you guys could do is fucking improve the writing quality. I mean, there were certain scenes where the words don’t even make sense, and sometimes, they shouldn’t even be there at all. Aside from those, the game is good enough. If the devs could do something about that, this game can easily make it to my top list of adult games.


Overall, I found the game really entertaining. The freedom that the game gave me is something that I enjoyed. You don’t get that kind of freedom from games that are being released today, to be honest. Apart from the things that I would like to recommend, I think this game deserves to be played by many horny incels out there. So, if you are a fan of visual novels, I will definitely recommend this game to you. The game has good elements that many of you will enjoy.

BestPornGames Likes Harem Hotel
  • Many characters to have sex with
  • Good sex scenes
  • Freedom to explore the game
  • Characters have different personalities
BestPornGames Hates Harem Hotel
  • Common art style
  • Stats based
  • Poor writing quality