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Updated on 15 January 2020
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We are together again, to discuss yet another release platform that offers you free torrents of hentai games to download. It’s no big surprise to see you little twig-dick fucks, I know you’ve been looking for a new source for fap material, and I’m here to give you the solution. Though HDDGames is like any other blog-esque release platform when it comes to style and layout, the content on their website is quite top-notch.

Though I doubt that you petite-wiener shits have the patience to wait for a game to finish downloading, I believe that the wait will be worthwhile. You perverted bastards are the type to get a popular or one of the best sex games online to jack off to it and then dispose of it when you’re done. You’re not getting just hentai, eroge, and adult games here on HDDGames, though that’s their main selling point – and boy does it sell!

Yes, you read that right, they don’t just offer the not-safe-for-work shit you always yearn for. For doing this feat, I appreciate HDDGames. They give you little ungrateful bitch boys both NSFW and SFW games, so you don’t just see their website as a fanservice cove that provides only adult content. You don’t even have to create an account or pay a subscription fee if you want to download any of the games on the site! Hurray for a solution for your boredom!

My First Impressions of HDDGames

There’s another release platform that I’ve seen with the same style as HDDGames, but I don’t really remember it. Anyways, HDDGames is in the style of a blog with a lovely white, grey, and purple color scheming, which is quite pleasant to look at. Since it does take on the white appearance, it might be a little shock for the shut-in night owls, it’d probably take them a while to get adjusted to the brightness. Other than that, it’s pretty okay in my book.

Two quirky things I did notice with HDDGames is that they don’t have a title logo for their website anywhere. Also, the little icon on the tab doesn’t show anything fancy – just a grey globe. I mean, sure there’s the website name on the header with a corny anime picture of One Piece that doesn’t do much for the overall website. There’s also this random scenery that they decided to use as the backdrop. It kind of drops the credibility, but that’s just a first look.

Since the whole website has that blog look to it, it does kind of make me think of it more like a game catalog to find out about new title releases or some game updates, rather than a place to get free download links for games. I mean, with the number of genres they have, it’d be impossible to think that they don’t have any news about the game that you’ve taken an interest in. If you came expecting a game catalog, then you’ve had an exceptional landing!

So What’s In HDDGames?

I just said it, but if it still hasn’t gotten into your tiny little brains, I’ll repeat it. HDDGames does more than just give you adult games – they can have the best sex games and the best action, horror, adventure, racing, puzzle, and role-playing games! I get that the sex games can haul in attention, but I’m more impressed by their willingness to just host more than adult games. Though they are a little more loaded with the adult games.

I only said the primary game genres that most people love, but here on HDDGames, they have 44 different game genres! So you are guaranteed to at least find a game that will definitely fit your preferences and tastes! So if they have a long list of game genres, don’t you think that they’ll have an even larger number of games in their collection? You are absolutely fucking correct! You got a fuckton of genres and an assload of games, what more could you ask for?

What HDDGames Has To Offer

Despite the lowered credibility with the logo, icon, and header design, I still think that the services, news, and games that HDDGames has are quite commendable. I mean, I’m not doubting them because everything has been pretty smooth from what they’ve shown me. They have excellent game titles as an above-average site layout. The developers behind this whole release platform have great tastes and definitely know what they’re doing.

Now, if the game collection isn’t enough to impress you, let me hit you with another cool service and feature that HDDGames has! It’s their Request-A-Game service! Damn right, you can request a game that you think deserves more recognition by other like-minded gamers, or maybe you want a game on there that they don’t already have. Or perhaps you’ve been searching for a title that you can download for free, HDDGames will get on it!

Now, this wouldn’t really be a substantial review if I didn’t talk about the fanservice shit that you perverted fuckers absolutely adore. Since we are talking about erotic games in the style of anime, I think it was fitting for them to file all of their hentai games under the “Eroge” game genre – which is the Japanese way of saying Erotic Game. Though they are all categorized under one genre, the games themselves have their own other genres mixed in.

The last great thing I can tell you about HDDGames is that they offer you quite a good amount of free download links for the game that took your fancy. After clicking on that game title, just scroll down a little lower than the game description. You’ve found yourself at least 3 different download links for the wonderful game you chose. They are some reliable download links that take you to Google Drive or MEGA, so it’s at least a little safer for you.

What I Like About HDDGames

Pretty much all that I like about this website has been mentioned at least once or twice really briefly, but to get it into those thick, numb skulls of yours, I’ll explain each in a little more detail. First of all, the sheer number of games they have under their collection, you’d have to have the ultimate luxury of a lot of fucking time to get through all of the games they have on this website. With all of them being great titles, I’m not disappointed at all.

The larger number of game genres are great as well. I feel like they covered almost everything that game genres can span. I mean, 44 different game genres, it’s hard to think that one gamer won’t find a game that they would absolutely love. Though they could have lessened the browsing time a little, I believe that the specificity allows people to freely look for what they actually want in a game that they’ll invest time in. Take your time and explore all you want.

The amount of information they cover in each game description page is very passable! They give quite a synopsis of the game’s story so that you won’t have to worry too much about not knowing what the game will end up like. They include the release dates, the original title, the developers, the publishers, the version, the game’s censorship(for the adult games), and even some in-game screenshots. Quite the coverage in detail, don’t you think?

What I Don’t Like About HDDGames

Like the many other release platforms with free download links I’ve used, I can’t help but really doubt the safety and legitimacy of the website. I mean, having more than just 1 free download link without any catches to the whole process, doesn’t that sound a little sketchy to any of you? You know you might get those malicious adult ads filling up your browser or maybe those pesky pop-up pages whenever you click anywhere. Real sketchy.

You guys do know that having a large collection of games to offer is both an advantage and a disadvantage, right? You can get an assload of games to boast and brag about, but if no one has the time or if no one’s bothered to browse through everything, then I think that’s a pretty useless feat to have. It’s a hassle, even for those who have the time to go through everything. You can use the search bar, but what’s the point if you don’t know what you’re looking for?


I’ll use HDDGames as a game catalog rather than a reliable source to get all of my games. I mean, sure having free games is nice and all, but I don’t like the shadiness and sketchiness involved with the whole process. Despite all this, I still think it’s a great release platform/game hub for those who are starting off their hentai game search. One thing’s for sure, though, the quality of the site is way better than the other release platforms.

BestPornGames Likes HDDgames
  • Large game collection
  • Good genre distribution
  • The site looks real dandy
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  • Feels very sketchy to me
  • A hassle to browse