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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Why don’t we get right into what’s on the table of discussion, which is HentaiBedta? There’s no better place for you to visit if you want some top-notch hentai games – and I mean the type of hentai games that any and every weeaboo who enjoy that type of shit will definitely flock there. Honestly, I understand why so many perverted degenerates enjoy that type of content, it’s always a pleasure to see some huge-titted bimbo get fucked in a drawn art form.

Just from the name of the website, you’d probably already have a clue about what’s being housed in this rather plain-looking site, right? If you were thinking about a vast collection of nothing but hentai games where they are in the form of 3D CG or hand-drawn gold. If you’re sort of a connoisseur when it comes to hentai games, you definitely know that these games take either an interactive visual novel or some dating simulator.

HentaiBedta’s twist on what you normally see on game hubs is that they offer nothing but pure gold in terms of anime-based adult games – you might even see some of the best sex games on here since some of the highest-rated games are in the anime art form. On top of that, every game on this website is free to download. Quite the perfect place for you broke fuck faces because I know you cheapskates can’t spare a few bucks for a mere game.

My First Impressions of HentaiBedta

When it comes to websites, there’s nothing better to start off with than the first impressions, right? I mean, first impressions are the first thing you think of as soon as you enter the website – the things that stick out the most, either good or bad. Sometimes you can’t even open the website, it’ll just show you that the page couldn’t load – which is a load of bullshit! Although it doesn’t happen often, it’s still quite a nuisance.

I did like the design of the website, though. The site has a beige, papery finish that spans across the whole page and a small decorative header, which I don’t know the meaning of – I do know that it looks quite nice. The site does look pretty scarce at first, but you do see everything you need to know as you further explore it. There’s a search bar to the right, the game categories are all the way to the bottom, and there are even game types.

I have been browsing the website for well over 10 minutes now, just looking at the type of games they have to offer. I was quite pleased that there were no sudden ad pop-ups or any page redirections. Just make sure you click on the game title, rather than the in-game screenshots because you’ll be taken to the site hosting the image. Thankfully, browsing time wasn’t that long, if there was all that malicious ad shit, then I’d have to browse even longer.

The Best Sex Games and Doujings on HentaiBedta

It’s probably an exaggeration when I say that the hentai games on the website are “the best sex games,” but there’s not much on here than can counter or go against that claim. Earlier I said that the games normally take on the form of a visual novel or a dating simulator, but there is so much more than that. There are dungeon crawlers, side-scrolling platformers, turn-based RPGs, or those pokemon-like adventure games.

I said it plenty of times throughout the review that this site offers anything and everything hentai game, right? If you were not the type to jack it to full hentai games, then you don’t have to piss your pants because HentaiBedta has some doujins and even game doujins to offer you! What’s the difference? Game doujins show exactly what a doujin would show; however, it’s like an interactive doujin where you control everything.

Weird Subheadings At The Top Of The Page

For the most part, some of them are quite straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about being misled anywhere off the site – some of them. Different headings take you to a sorted category on the website in no particular order. In contrast, some just make you offsite to show you some more hentai games. They could at least tell you which ones are going to take you offsite, clicking on ‘free hentai games’ is misleading if you’re on a hentai game hub.

What weirds me about the layout is that the categories are all the way down at the bottom of the page. I mean sure there’s the search bat at the top of the page and a heading that says ‘advanced search’ but couldn’t have at least put the categories at the top. Hence, it makes the whole search for the hentai games a little better for everyone using the site? You would have to scroll quite a bit before you even get to the bottom of the page.

A Lot Of Hentai Games Across Many Different Platforms

There are way too many categories on the site for me to go through, and if I were to list out all of the tags they cover, it would also take up too much space, so let me just tell you that it’s a fuckton. Enough to cover whatever fetish you have. Considering that there are a lot of tags and categories, of course, the number of games will follow suit. Don’t even think that there isn’t a game on this website that will fulfill your fantasy and satisfy your fetishes.

So what did I mean by the many different platforms? I meant by that that you can play certain games on your phone – as long as it’s compatible, or you can play the game as a flash on your browser. If the game requires an emulator on your computer, you can get that as well, play it on the emulator, or just download the game straight away and play it as an executable application. There are all sorts of games for all kinds of platforms on HentaiBedta.

A Lot Of Great Previews With Detailed Tags

I guess searching for a game with a detailed tag is going to prove to be quite vague. However, no matter what tags you choose or categories you filter out, you’re going to end up with a lot of pages filled with highly erotic games that you might even deem to become one of the best sex games – for you, only. You’re going to get a nice collection of in-game screenshots under each blog post to showcase what the game will be like when you actually start playing it.

Of course, from there you just click on the game title and you’re taken to the game’s information page where you can see more details about the game you took an interest in. Stuff like the game’s overview, the language it’s in the developers, the date of release, and most importantly, the download links for the game. Downloading the game itself is a pretty bothersome task, but I think it’ll definitely be worth the effort.

What I Like About HentaiBedta

I guess the only really prominent thing that I can highlight about HentaiBedta is their large collection of nothing but anime-based hentai games. You know, there is a hentai game on this site to satisfy one or more of your fetishes and fantasies, which is pretty good enough to convince me to start using HentaiBedta as the source for all of the hentai games I take an interest in. Especially with that advanced search bar that they have at the top.

What I Don’t Like About HentaiBedta

If you were reading anything that was said before this point, you probably already know what I don’t really like about this site. So let me just skim over it really quickly, I don’t want to go over anything in too much detail again. Though I don’t have a problem with the site design, I think it needs a little pizzazz. The extra headers that take you offsite are a bit sketchy. The download links often take you to a redirected page – the end.


I really think that this site has the potential to become better than it already is. I mean, they offer plenty of the best sex games on the internet – created by the Japanese, so you know that it’s top-tier stuff. I think you should check the site out and try out the games for yourself, you won’t regret it because I’m sure you’ll pick out a great game or two. You have to deal with the page redirections a lot, but that’d be a small price. I give it a strong 3 out of 5.

BestPornGames Likes HentaiBedta
  • A fuckton of hentai games to choose from
  • Free downloads for all of the games on here
  • You don’t need to pay for any subscription or download
BestPornGames Hates HentaiBedta
  • The extra shit the site offers
  • Malicious page redirections and ad pop-ups
  • Needs a little design update