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Updated on 15 January 2020
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I hope you’re not doing anything else today because I’m going to take your fucking time for the whole day like a fucking horny succubus sucking your dick until you’re bone dry. “How,” you ask? With this awesome shit that I’m going to show you, of course! Let me fucking introduce to you a wonderfully horny site called HentaiGamer.org. This site boasts their collection of hundreds of porn game titles, not to mention that they also have a lot of other pornographic content that is all ripe for the fucking taking. This site is everything that you fucking expect a porn game site to be. So, without further ado, let’s start this motherfucking review, bitches!

A Sleek Design Boasts Convenience

This website looks completely new. It has a stylish dark theme with an artful style that is screaming classic in design. Everything is sleek and fun to look at. There aren’t many porn game sites out there that can do the same. You haven’t got to fucking deal with damn ads as well. Absolutely fucking none None of them. None. During some point in the experience, you do not witness a single redirect, pop-up, or banner ad. Only the updates carry you to the update page without having you wait on an ad page for 30 seconds, like some websites.

In the upper right portion of the page, there is a registration/admission button, but I don’t have a fucking clue about that and why it’s there. It wasn’t worth a darn thing for me. Maybe it’s still not working. Anyway, the platform is yet being developed because it is still new. The left of the login button is a short header with “Play, Graphic Novels, RPG, and Android” choices. No, not androids getting fucked in their mechanical ass, though you’ll find some of that here.

Literally Tons of Shit to Choose From

When it comes to navigation, the platform is quite easy. You basically have the pages in that division with all the header choices. A total of 105 sections are filled with games to play. That’s a fucking load of games when you consider that each fucking page has only 10-15 games. Yet these aren’t flash games that fucking suck. Hours after hours of hot hentai content are provided in each fucking page.

Regardless of which place you go for games, a long list of sexy demos would welcome you. A description, sample image of cover art, genre tag, and language tag are given with each sample. That isn’t it, though. Hover over your mouse to get a gallery of hot pictures from the video. Preview There is also a tag showing whether or not the game is censored, a user score out of ten, and a short description of the title. Now that’s how you fucking make a porn game site.

Helpful Previews with High-Quality Images

You will be brought to the game’s main page by clicking on the preview of the game. You get a lot of details, holy fuck, a lot of fucking details. You get a big view of the cover art and a dozen HD screenshots straight from the game. When you don’t have screenshots until you download it, I really dislike it. I will all be able to turn through a crazy tentacle rape, but as the game starts, it seems like someone with Parkinson’s was painting and animating it or some shit like that.

This isn’t really what you’re getting all in all. You will read a lengthy overview of the title, see a full list of fetish features, see how lengthy you are going to finish the game, see the release date, check the chart, and even leave a review on the site! Okay, after the whole company profile has been sorted. I think sooner than later, they’ll get the shit going. I want a beautiful collection of games I would want to fucking beat my meat into.

It’s Compatible To Mobile Devices!

Even if you don’t have a fucking laptop, don’t you fucking worry about it. You can browse this website and all of their shit on the go on your mobile device, and they have several horny pornographic games for your phone. You’ll blast your gunk through the whole screen in no time at those kinky hentai games. That’s why I don’t question anybody on what’s on their mobile fucking devices, especially the horny lonely fucks. I recognize the cum memorials, and you’re crazy about this.

The download icon is also accessible on this page. I fucking know you fucks were on the edge of your seat, waiting for the motherfucking downloads. It’s fast and reliably easy to use. You can link to a trustworthy website where you can access the file without any mistakes, payment fees, or fucking obstacles. You can have hoes and bimbos stripping on your phone in no time at all.

What I Like About the Site

HentaiGamer is a site that hosts hundreds of pornographic games literally, and all of it is ripe for the fucking taking. Not to mention that there are numerous visual novels that you can choose from, it doesn’t get any fucking better than that! I fucking dare you to top it off with something more amazing this, bitches! Anyway, let’s talk about the fact that the developers fucking moved heaven and earth to make playing their content to your mobile device possible! Yes, you fucking heard me, you crazy sons of bitches! You can play their shit on your motherfucking phone, and you can play them anywhere you like.

Furthermore, let me the first to fucking say that the overall presentation of HentaiGamer is really good. It’s like the developers of the site really fucking think it through their horny little brains. Anyway, the site has a really simple theme to it that makes looking at porn content really quick and convenient, not to mention that the overall layout of the site is also convenient. Okay, let’s get to the best fucking part. You already know that there’s literally hundreds of content to choose from, the best part is that it’s all for fucking FREE! Yes, you read that right, motherfucker! Everything is FREE! There’s no captcha, verification, or any of that shit. If you’re still not into this shit, then I suggest you visit the site now! You don’t know what you’re missing.

Recommendations for Improvements

No matter how hard I try to see only the fucking good side of everything, I will always see all of the fucking bullshit the hides in every small gap. Anyway, let’s start with the first thing that I fucking hate and want to improve the categorization system. I mean, for a site that boasts more than a hundred games and other porn content in their collection, they should at least make it a little bit easier for users to find shit. Not to mention that the site developers should implement a tagging system in all of their content. That way, it would be a lot fucking easier to distinguish different content such as visual novels, comics, and porn games.

Furthermore, as I was browsing through the site’s massive shit, I actually fucking noticed that there’s more than plenty of fucking content that is absolute shit. There are even some games that don’t make any fucking sense, for that matter. I’m trying to say that I want the developers to have filtering options on their site regarding the content submitted by a third-party source. Why? Because they kept accepting some submissions that are total bullshit, there are even games that I fucking came across that are not even fucking playable. If all of the shit that I fucking complained gets fixed, this site would be fucking golden.


HentaiGamer.org is a great hentai gaming forum in fucking general. It’s really good that you have access to hundreds of really good premium titles that you can play anywhere and with any device. Not to mention that it’s all for fucking FREE. Furthermore, the platform does not require you to donate or pay some extra dough just to get the best of the fucking best such as personal profiles or compulsory subscriptions. Most of these fucking games titles are really fucking impossible to locate elsewhere. Everyone involved in erotic hentai games should consider taking a visit to HentaiGamer.org as it can benefit you and the site. The best part? Well, you can also enjoy your hentai games with an exclusive range of compatible Android devices! So, what are you fucking waiting for? Get on it now! You don’t know what you’re fucking missing.

BestPornGames Likes HentaiGamer
  • Literally hundreds of games to choose from
  • Lots of visual novels ripe for the taking
  • The overall website layout is terrific
  • Play with lots of content on your mobile device
  • Everything is FREE to download
BestPornGames Hates HentaiGamer
  • There are no dedicated tags for specific games
  • Missing some categorization options
  • Some of the content's quality is shit