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Updated on 15 January 2020
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High School Of Succubus

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High School Of Succubus

User Rating: 4/5
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High School of Succubus is a Visual Novel about Corruption & Lust

One of the finest pleasures in life is meeting a prude, stuck-up nerdy bitch and slowly but surely shaping her into a horny cumslut who would do anything for you. I do it all of the time. It’s how I like to spend my weekends if I can help it. It’s so fucking easy. Bitches really do crave a good dicking even if they don’t think they do. There’s that hidden spark of whore in every single slut that you see out in the world. I take it as my personal quest to help each and every one of those babes realize their true slut potential. Unfortunately, you cucks make sluts close their legs and prudes lock that shit up for good.

Well, I figured I’d try and help you dudes out for once. I went looking for a game that would let you live out the fantasy I laid out for you cucks above. I wanted to find a title that would really show you how it felt to corrupt a kinky babe. The game in question is called High School of Succubus. You play as a busty purple succubus whose job is to go out into the human world and turn prudes into whores. But I’ll get more into the story for this quality game here in a bit.

Download the Public Version of the Game Directly from the Developer for Free!

The game is being developed by a team called Two Succubi. They started this project back in 2018 and have been making some fairly solid progress on it since then. It’s currently on version 1.40 with new updates coming out approximately every three weeks. You can grab the public version of the game by naming your own price over at two-succubi.itch.io or you can get the latest version by contributing 5 or more dollars a month at Patreon.com/hosgame. I’d grab the public copy and then see if you like this shit enough to support it!

You play as a big-tittied goth succubus babe named Morgarith. You’ve just got your first assignment: corrupt a prude nerd named Kelly. She’s an upstanding student who dedicates most of her time to studying and staying at home. It’s your job to turn all of that boring shit around. But you need to take it slow. Corrupting babes is an art form that works better when you don’t rush it. You can’t just rush forward and have Kelly start deepthroating cocks on your first day with her.

Slowly but Surely Corrupt Kelly and her Friends

You start off by giving her some naughty thoughts. She starts to realize how attractive she really is. She checks herself out in the mirror. You get her to start thinking about buying new clothes to really show her hot body off. And, well, she starts getting a little taste of the lust you are pumping into her. She’ll finger herself at night or perhaps even start desiring some kinky sex toys to play with. As long as you don’t push her too hard too fast, she’ll become your first success. But this game doesn’t end with Kelly. You have a whole little black book of people in town that could use your corruption specialties. Plus, you want to do as good as you can so that this other succubus bitch in your class doesn’t do better than you. There are only so many days worth of content in the game so far, but you’ll eventually be able to corrupt most of the students at Kelly’s school.

Get a Job, Earn Dosh, Buy Slutty Clothes, and get Fucked

Once you get past the brief intro with Kelly, you have the whole town at your disposal. Despite being able to corrupt other characters, Kelly will remain your main focus throughout the game as she descends even further into degeneracy. She’ll need to get a job so that she can make dosh, buy sexier clothes, and purchase sex toys. The higher you raise her corruption the more types of kinky things that you can do. You’ll also have to study so that you don’t flunk out of school.

I liked that High School of Succubus added some additional layers to the traditional visual novel approach. Managing resources was engaging, and I liked that you could pick and choose how you wanted to corrupt Kelly. Despite having a fair bit of errors, the writing was pretty good in terms of storytelling. Each character you meet will have some unique elements and personality traits to them. I’d complain about these sluts not having a whole lot of depth, but this if fucking high school. Of course, most of these characters are going to be shallower than a kiddy pool.

Loads of Uncensored, Fetish-Filled Illustrations and Scenes

This game doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving you the good shit. You get loads of hot sex scenes before you’re even five minutes into this game. Plus, every babe in this game is hot as fuck already. The outfit and character design are next fucking level. So, when these chicks strip down and start flicking the bean you get a real fucking treat. Every scene will be uncensored and rendered in a high-quality toon style that will have you horny betas creaming your pants in no time at all.

A few scenes will have animated moments, but most of these will be done in multi-panel illustrations. I just hope that they add in more kinky audio and sound effects as the game goes on. As is, most of the game is pretty fucking quiet. Throw in some more music or something! I had that shit cranked up to the maximum and could barely hear it. But, hey, at least there’s some music there. Some games are so fucking awkward when there’s no goddamn sound at all. All that this game needs is just a few more tracks and some more sound effects during the sex scenes.

Take this Kinky Game on the Go by Downloading the Developer’s Android App

The fun doesn’t stop there! You can take this glorious corruption game with you on the go by downloading the creator’s official Android app. It’s up-to-date with the desktop game. It plays exactly the same, only you tap on shit instead of click on it. I didn’t notice any notable cuts or missing content. It helps that this game won’t take up that much space either. It’s under 150mb! You won’t even have to clear out any of your spank bank folders just to play this game.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I’m a sucker for corruption games, and this game manages to nail that theme on the head. Plus, it’s one of the few corruption games not based around a fucking sausage fest of characters. You get loads of sweet lesbian scenes to jerk your dick to. There’s even a bit of mind control fetish content for you hypnosis lovers out there. All of that is to say that I liked this game’s premise a lot. It’s fairly unique. There aren’t too many other toon titles out there where you get to play as a lust-addicted succubus who can only orgasm when the slut she’s controlling does.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

This can be expected from an in-development game, but it could definitely use some polishing. The dialog has some obvious errors sprinkled throughout. The audio isn’t quite where it needs to be. There are plenty of corruption paths that can’t be fully explored yet. Basically, this game needs to be finished! And it seems like the development team is well on its way to getting that shit done. I have high hopes! This looks like a promising corruption game.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, High School of Succubus is going to be a hit amongst you corruption/mind-control fans out there. It’s a damn good visual novel with some solid gameplay elements tacked onto it. Manage resources, earn money, corrupt sluts, and much more! Plus, you can download the entire public build of this game for the low, low price of free. That’s what I like to see. If you’re a fan of corruption fetish porn or games with loads of uncensored illustrations, then you should download this game right fucking now and get fapping!

BestPornGames Likes High School Of Succubus
  • Heavy corruption & mind-control fetish themes
  • An engaging visual novel with some fun gameplay features
  • Loads of uncensored illustrations & a few animated scenes
  • It’s free to play on Windows, Mac, and Android
BestPornGames Hates High School Of Succubus
  • It’s not finished yet!
  • Most elements need some polishing