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Updated on 15 January 2020
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High Tail Hall

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High Tail Hall

User Rating: 4/5
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High Tail Hall is an Ambitious, 3D-Style Furry Game Set in an Open World

Are you sitting in your grungy basement dwelling with a tail plug shoved up your ass and a fursuit hanging in your closet? Do you bark at cars as they pass by your house? Do you have wet dreams of plowing some horse-sluts gaping snatch? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should really get some fucking help. I’m only half-joking. What I’m getting at here is that I have a kinky game for all of you horny furries out there. Prepare to yiff your goddamn heart out. Is that how you use yiff in a sentence? I don’t fucking know at this point. Just whip your dick out because I’ve got a hot furry game for you.

It’ll Cost You 7 Bucks for an Unfinished, Buggy Copy of the Game

High Tail Hall is a game that many of you may have already heard about. It’s been around in some form for at least 10 years. Don’t get your hopes up. This game is no closer to being done than it was a decade ago. It went from being on Newgrounds to running independently on Flash, and now the creator is trying to port it all over to Unity while working on other projects.

Most fans consider this shit abandoned at this point. It was being worked on by HTH Studios, but it seems like it was put on the backburner a year or so ago. These cucks are still active over at Patreon.com/HTHStudios, but I don’t see any recent updates regarding High Tail Hall at all. Fucking bummer. And it’s not like you can download this incomplete game for free. It’ll run you $7 a month just to have a download link sent to you. Screw that. I’d do some looking around for other copies if I were you. I’m not big on paying for an abandoned, incomplete project.

Explore a Vibrant 3D World Full of Hot Furry Babes

But let’s at least take a peek and see what this game has got going on. There’s no story to it. You’re thrown onto these islands without any exposition or anything along those lines. The Sapphire Isles are yours to explore how you wish. Being a Unity game, the world is rendered in 3D. You control a nameless character from their POV and can walk around the map.

The world looks great. The landscape is vibrant and full of color. Sure, it’s nothing that will blow you away in terms of graphics, but it’s nice to look at. I can’t stand when 3D games are full of grey or brown tones. Everything ends up, quite literally, looking like shit. The scenery here reminds me a bit of something like Farcry 2. Lots of palm trees, plants, and very saturated colors.

Movement is Unwieldy, and the World is Full of Bugs

I despise the movement. Jesus fuck, it’s like controlling an epileptic ice-skater. It’s like every surface has been slicked with oil. And, man, your controls are simply not very precise. It’s frustrating. You need to be in a very specific spot on the ground to interact with characters or objects, and it’s so goddamn hard to do that when you’re slipping and sliding all over the place like a JAV slut covered in lube. Even buttons that don’t control movement make you move somehow! Why the fuck does the interact key make me move around in random directions?

Hell, moving and talking are the only fucking mechanics in this game and they’ve somehow screwed those up. You’d think that this game would be past the buggy alpha stage after 10+ years of development. I wouldn’t get your hopes up about this game ever being in a seamless, playable state.

Chat With a Wide Variety of 2D Furry Sluts

There are a bunch of furry sluts scattered about on this island. You can’t talk to most of them, but you will find maybe a half-dozen big-breasted babes that you can chat with. It’s weird. The world is in 3D, but the characters are all done in a flat 2D style. Well, except for during the sex scenes. This switching between styles makes the game feel even jankier than it actually is. At least the art is well-done in both styles.

And it’s not just cat and dog girls. There are dragon whores, owl sluts, horse babes, and many more different types of furry girls. The ones that you can talk to will usually have a single dialog line where they ask if you want to fuck. Man, everything here feels rushed. I hate to keep slamming this game, but there are maybe 10 lines total in this game and over half of them had obvious spelling errors. Are you fucking serious? Maybe 10+ years of development means they worked on it for an hour every year because I’m not seeing where all of this time went at all.

Jerk Your Dick to Fully Animated, Uncensored Sex Scenes

The sex scenes are alright. They aren’t worth it if you’re dishing out any dosh for this game, but they are still fapworthy. You get a fully animated scene of you fucking that furry babe in whatever position she lets you. Every girl only has one position, so there’s really not much in the way of customization options. You can toggle the speed of the fucking or hit a button to blow your load. That’s really it. There’s no audio, though the game claims that dialog and audio will be added in at a later date. I doubt it.

The animation style is fluid, and the scenes are fully uncensored. The art is fucking great. But, man, this game feels so unfinished. It’s just an open, empty world with a scattering of furry babes that you can fuck in complete silence. There aren’t any quests or objectives. You can experience every single thing that this game has to offer in under 10 minutes. It’s such a fucking shame. The only challenge here is that you might fall out of the goddamn map on your way to get your furry cock wet.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I like the foundation of High Tail Hall. An open-world game where you romp around and fuck hot furries is a great idea on paper. There’s so much that can be done with this idea and world. I just hope that HTH Studios comes back to this shit with a broader skill set and gets it done. There’s no sugarcoating the fact that this will take a lot of fucking work to make playable. But, hey, they have an active community of horny furries who support the project. Furries are many things, but loyal has got to be one of their best traits. You get a furry fan base and you will have that shit for life.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Well, I think you guys know where I’ll be going with this. Fix everything. Get a consistent style going. Fix the very basic mechanics before you go adding in more characters and scenes. Oh, and make this an actual fucking game. As is, this is just a scattering of furry sex scenes that you have to walk to instead of, say, flip between in a gallery. I could see them doing a fuck ton of cool shit with this foundation. It’s just that I’m not convinced that they have the chops to make it happen. I hope that they prove me wrong and hit the ground running when/if they come back to this ambitious project.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, High Tail Hall is an ambitious furry game that falls far short of its goal. Honestly, it might be time to start with a clean slate at this point. 10+ years of throwing money and time at this idea obviously haven’t gotten them very far at all. It’s a fun game to check out and fap to maybe once or twice, but that’s about it. It certainly isn’t worth the 7 dollar price tag that they’ve tacked on to it. It’s such a damn shame. It’s always the most promising looking titles that fall into development hell and get abandoned. Here’s to hoping that HTH Studios comes back and gives this game another shot!

BestPornGames Likes High Tail Hall
  • A large, vibrant map to explore
  • A unique game premise with lots of promise
  • High-quality artwork of hot furry babes
  • Uncensored, fully animated sex scenes
BestPornGames Hates High Tail Hall
  • Buggy
  • Poor movement controls
  • A lackluster game for the money
  • It will likely never be finished