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Updated on 15 January 2020
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House Party Game

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House Party Game

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Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another lonely, horny pervert that has nothing better to do than read a review about a game they saw from their favorite band of misfits. Or perhaps you came here because the title of the game intrigued you? Admittedly, the title is quite unfitting for what the game actually has in store for you. Anyways, “House Party” to me is probably one of the best sex games I’ve ever played, allow me to explain a little.

So, what is House Party? Let me tell you all about it! You are playing as a faceless, unidentifiable male that is permanently erect. For a reason, I cannot disclose. You have been invited to, wait for it, a house party! You know, the ones that college students hold to get to know each other, maybe fuck around a little bit, and fuck others a lot! Your objective is to meet all of the girls at that party and try to get a little action with them! Quite simple.

You know, just like plenty of the dating simulator-ish games. However, we’re going to be talking about a pornographic game that’s all in the style that you probably already know – yup, all in 3D. In this review, I’ll probably be talking all about this game so that you can decide for yourself if you really want to play this game or not, don’t let my opinions and judgments sway your own. Its a fucking porn game! Play it if you want to, you’re an adult already.

Go Forth To The Party

It’s sad how in reality that we can’t go out to our friends and have a party with them because of the whole coronavirus thing going on. So why not have your own, all in the comfort of your home. Maybe this time, you might get to interact, socialize, and fuck all the girls you want! At least in this game, there’s a good variety of what you normally expect at a party. You get hot blondes, hot brunettes, a token Asian chick, a gay brolic guy, and a black guy!

House Party’s Gameplay

Why don’t I open up our review by starting the first thing you’ll see when you run the game? It’s a great thing that they included all of the women that you get to have your way with and “conquer” because if they didn’t, I wouldn’t really expect much of the game. All of the girls you’ll see are on the screen, though a small number of 6, they probably have enough to satisfy those carnal desires and fetishes of yours. Don’t worry, they are undoubtedly sexy.

Now, getting into the actual game, there’s definitely a little nostalgia coming into play here. Because House Party is something akin to, or inspired by Leisure Suit Larry – I won’t get into details, so search that up for yourself. It’s somewhat also like another nostalgic game that everyone loves. The Sims, only everything’s in the first-person mode in House Party.

A cool feature that the developers added into House Party is that you can actually select what storyline you want to play or what scenario you want to play out. Since all I’ve really played was the original storyline, that’s all I’ll be covering in this review. But hey, knock yourself out with all of the other storylines available. I already said how House Party is all in the first-person view, so don’t get confused as soon as you start playing the game.

Something that they did that I liked was how they incorporated the background story right at the beginning. No cuts, no flashbacks, no twisted timelines, no bullshit, just straight to the main plot. Again, you’ve been invited to a house party by your friend, coincidentally your first mission is to find him at this party. Your friend, Derek(the only black guy at the party) is the one friend you’d definitely want in real life – the friend who invites you everywhere.

Finding him and talking to him is where you learn how to play the game. It’s the part where you learn how to interact with all of the other party-goers and what options you have to interact with each person – which is almost always inspect and talk. Like any good dating simulator, choosing the talk options immediately springs up some dialogue for you to choose from. Choose your dialogue carefully because it will affect your gameplay later on.

Why is it important to choose your dialogue carefully? It’s important because your choice in dialogue will directly affect your relationship with all people at the party. You can track your relationship levels with everyone at the top-right of your screen. Each character is displayed in a little picture. Along with that, you can see in which way your relationship with the characters is developed either as Friendship or Romance, as well as their alcohol intake.

Now, since this is primarily a dating simulator, you might be wondering what your objective is. For lack of better phrasing, your main goal in the game is to conquer women or get some sexual action going on. The way you do this is by doing them a small favor – a little mission of sorts, then they will reward you with a little titty flash or something. These short missions are connected to each other in some way, revealing a bigger plot.

What I Like In House Party

I probably have already sprinkled the article with some likes and dislikes, but this is the real part of the review. I get to say whatever the fuck I want about the game. So let’s start with the graphics. You know, for a 3D game that I don’t really expect much for, it’s pretty good. You don’t really have to own a flagship laptop or a fancy PC setup to run this game, nothing too outstanding but good enough so that the game doesn’t get boring.

The models they used for every character are amazing – for 3D models that are normally seen as generic. With the characters looking that good, it shouldn’t be a question that I’ll be enjoying whatever action I can get. To get into more specifics, the character design is overall just great. Their individual stylizations add to each character’s strengths and personalities, giving the game a little more liveliness and a little uniqueness.

The writing of the story is probably nothing too great, but it’s still good enough to want you to keep playing to get to the very end, and for that, I think I needed to include it here. They have nice little side quests to show you sides of characters to add more to the bigger picture. This increases your playtime, which is pretty good too. Let’s say you partake in a sibling prank war, and whoever you decide to help gets you some more action! Not too bad, am I right?

Oh, there’s also that wonderfully joyous thing we call the “console” to play around with. If you’re an avid Counter-Strike player, then you know what I’m talking about – the often ignored tilde key just under your escape key. That little key gives you access to a lot more shit to play around with – you know, things like cheats in the game. Opening that console and putting in cheats basically means you get to become God in the game, now that’s damn cool.

What I Don’t Like In House Party

To make things a little fairer and a little less biased, let me tell you some of the things that I disliked. Some things that make this not seem like one of the best sex games on the internet. A perfect sex game is nearly impossible to achieve with all of the internet trolls and haters. I’m probably just saying all of these petty negatives to avoid bias, but hey, a negative’s a negative, right?

Okay, so why the fuck do you need an internet connection to even fucking play the game? It’s a fucking single-player game where the only feature that requires a connection is downloading the other storylines and scenarios. It’s like another fuckin Ubisoft/EA Games scam where you can’t play the game fully without buying their extra shit or without an internet connection. The developers probably didn’t think about pre-downloaded content.


For the category of 3D sex games, this probably has to be one of the best sex games on my list. With a rather short playtime and very basic game instructions, I still found myself enjoying the game. It was like playing any other game of The Sims, but everything turned sexy, and everything was in the first-person view. I still think that opening the console with that tilde key is a little overboard, but hey, everyone has their own fun. It gets a 3.5 out 5 from me.

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  • Nice graphics
  • Good character design
  • Unique voice lines made the game lively
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  • You have to pay for the game
  • Slow at first
  • You need an internet connection to play