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Updated on 15 January 2020
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HunieCam Studio

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HunieCam Studio

User Rating: 4/5
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I don’t have to give you any greetings since you came here to this review to read all about this time management game based on a super popular dating simulator game in the past with a similar naming sense. I know that you know what I’m talking about. That’s right, HunieCam Studio is (sort of) a spiritual successor to the ever so popular HuniePop! I say sort of because HunieCam Studio isn’t anything at all like what HuniePop used to be.

Okay, so what is HunieCam Studio? This is probably one of the best sex games at the time of its release. Everyone was so hyped up about it because everyone unanimously thought it would be anything like HuniePop. However, they were surprised when all they got was this business tycoon type of game where you manage cam girls(characters from HuniePop and more), earn money, get bonuses and restart for a digital trophy! Hurray!

You’re going to love all of the familiar faces and voices that will pop out at you as you play HunieCam Studios. I mean, even receiving the tutorial will come from the very heavenly, very sarcastic, quite bitchy, very familiar, Kyu the love fairy. If you don’t have an inkling of an idea of what a cam girl is, then you should probably get the fuck out of here before you get any further in this review. You’re too young to have even ended up on this side of the internet.

What The Fuck Are You Waiting For? Get On The Game Already!

Running the game as soon as you’ve downloaded, it will be in your best interests. I mean, seeing the home screen or title page will definitely get you all excited about the game since you’re going to see familiar girls in the backdrop. The really vibrant colors, as well as those pretty cam girls, will definitely ignite some sort of passion in you as you were born to be a simp for the e-thots that do nothing but practically begging for money with their bodies.

You probably aren’t that fucking stupid to know that to play the game, you actually need to start a new game. For those who are stupid, you need to start a new fucking game! It’s literally all there for you! Just click on “new game,” then create a save file, then you’ve already started the game! It’s not rocket science, you dweeb. Also, be prepared for the game since it doesn’t really feature too much nudity. Still one of the best sex games online without it, though.

HunieCam Studio’s Gameplay

I already mentioned it briefly before. Your tutorial guide will be the charming love fairy, Kyu – in all of her pink and bitchy glory. Though she’s nothing more than a tutorial guide, you’ll definitely need her throughout the entire game – think of her like your fairy godmother or something. She’ll tell you all about how to play the game, how to recruit new cam girls, how to manage said cam girls, and how to get through the entire game. Proper guide shit.

Since you probably aren’t a wizard when it comes to these types of games, the developers(HuniePot) definitely want you to get through the entire game without getting bored. It will just get them a bad review. So they gave you Kyu as the sort of comedic relief from all of the tedious business tycoon shit that you have to do.

Anyways, what is HunieCam Studio’s gameplay like? If you’ve been reading correctly, I’ve already said that this game is a business tycoon that mixes time management with the whole gameplay. This means that you actually have to earn money with the cam girls you put to work instead of just jacking off. You actually have to put in work for the girls to gain popularity, hence more money coming in from the fans and whatnot.

If you aren’t making enough money, you won’t have enough money to pay your cam girls and eventually just be a failure at the game. This means you have to pay attention to what Kyu says so that you can pass the game with flying colors to earn those rather glorious-looking dick trophies. Yeah, dick trophies. The type of dick trophy you receive will heavily be dependent on the number of fans you get. So make sure to satisfy some fetishes!

Keep in mind that each game you play will span of about 21 days. Yeah, 21 days are all you get to shoot up your fan count to get the glorious diamond dick trophy. This timeline is going to be what will give HunieCam Studio it’s high replayability factor. Sure, you can’t really get the diamond dick trophy on the first try to keep trying and trying to get the required fan count. Getting those trophies one-by-one will probably keep your morale up.

There are these things you get at the end of each grading though, they’re called tokens! These tokens are something you can use to keep the characters looking fresh and refreshing. Spend the tokens on girls you find extremely attractive to buy them new outfits, that’s about all you can do with the tokens. At least HuniePot did include some customizability to the game, right?

So, how do you actually “play” the game. Well, everything is controlled, operated, and manipulated with your left-click button. Everything that you can do with your left-click – drag and drop, click, interact, talk, whatever you can think of, is what you have to do to play the game. It’s also briefly mentioned in the game where you have to finger blast something, and that something is probably going to be your mouse. So prepare a long-lasting mouse!

Keep Your Management In Check!

If your girls are sad little sacks of shit, then you have 4 different ways to keep them happy and stress-free to always boost their performance so you can keep earning money. You can either give them alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, a spa day, or even all of them together! It would be ideal for you to keep your cam girls well-rested and relaxed. Oh, and don’t forget to always max out their talent and style points to raise up the fan counts!

Your main challenges in the management department are to always stay in the clear of bankruptcy. If you don’t, you’ll be ousted of your managerial role in the cam girl industry. You also have to keep your girls consistently earning fans for those trophies and the money. You will struggle at first because you have to decide which girl does whichever role you want them to, especially with the whole different item synergies you get within the game.

The Quality

Besides the rather difficult gameplay and let-down expectations, I actually find the game quite amazing. Really deserving of the slots of being one of the best sex games on the internet. You probably had your expectations with the graphic quality, art style, animations, and all of that, boy did HuniePot Deliver. I expected nothing less from the developers of the ever-so amazing HuniePop – their other game deserving the best sex game slot.

Now on to the audio quality. I mean, a top-tier game studio shouldn’t have shitty audio quality, right? I mean, you get all of the heavenly shit when it comes to HuniePop. If it doesn’t carry over to HunieCam Studio, then the developers are just shitty people. Anyways, yeah, their music choice was great because it wasn’t painfully annoying to listen to. There are some voice lines included, so that’s a fun thing to always listen to!

Recommendations for Improvement

I mentioned it earlier as well, the let-down expectations. You know, coming from HuniePop with all of those amazing artworks, sex scenes, CG scenes, and whatnot, you probably expected some similar artwork done for HunieCam Studio. You don’t get any of that though, which is quite sad because it’s an adult game filled with cam girls, and you don’t even get to see any of the cam girls “in action.” So that’s my recommendation for improvement.


The art quality hasn’t deteriorated at all since their earlier work of HuniePop. The aesthetics, art syles, color combos are still there, which is great to see, albeit HunieCam Studio being a little less erotic and a whole lot more cutesy. With that quality maintained, I had a great time playing despite not being into the whole business tycoon genre of games – especially in ones with adult themes. I would probably give this game a good, strong 4 out of 5.

BestPornGames Likes HunieCam Studio
  • You get to see familiar faces from HuniePop along with new faces!
  • Amazing game graphics.
  • Extremely interacting gameplay.
  • Great time-waster with nice replayability.
  • Requires you to think.
BestPornGames Hates HunieCam Studio
  • Adult themes but no erotic content.
  • Does get quite dull after a while.
  • Ther isn’t any actual goal for the game.