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Updated on 15 January 2020
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HuniePop is a Challenging Gem-Matching Dating Sim Full of Waifus

I could list off some incredible porn games that would blow most of your minds, but so many of you wouldn’t even bother taking a look if there weren’t any hentai waifus in them. There’s just something about the waifu/anime-loving community where you cucks just block out every other art form on the goddamn planet. If an underpaid artist in a sweatshop didn’t make it, then you weebs aren’t fucking interested. So, I’m giving in. I went out and found a “kawaii” hentai game full of busty anime bitches.

HuniePop came out way back in 2015. It’s a fully finished game. That’s a fucking rarity these days. At least that means that you won’t be sitting around waiting for updates that will never come. The game is full of hot hentai babes. It’s a dating sim that focuses on gameplay more than tedious conversations, but I’ll get into all of that shit later.

Grab the Full Game from Steam for Just $9.99!

Where can you get it? Oh, I’m glad you asked. If you want to be a good boy and get the game the right way, then you’ll need to head over to Steam and dish out $9.99 for the full game. Now, of course, you can find some cracked versions out there. It’s been out for nearly half a decade now. It’s to be expected. But I recommend going in for the official game. It’s full of quality content that will not fucking disappoint.

You play as an absolute beta. You’re awkward. You’re not very confident. And all of these facts become way too apparent when you meet your first dime piece and try to ask her out. Her names Kyu and she roasts the fuck out of your pathetic ass. That’s my kind of slut. I want some babe who talks shit and loves ridiculing betas as much as I do. But, well, this isn’t about me. It’s about you fucks.

Become a Silver-Tongued Chad with the Aid of Hot Fairy Babe

You wake up the next day to find Kyu in your room. She reveals that she’s actually a fairy of love who is going to help you get your shit together. You will be “her greatest project yet.” She’s transformed loads of losers into hot alphas, but you’re going to be her goddamn magnum opus. She gets you up and out of bed and sends you out in the world to get some pussy. It won’t be easy in your current state, but at least you have a hot fairy girl on your side to help.

There are a lot of elements at play here. You go up and talk to a girl to get started. You need to be on the same page as her. If she’s assertive, then you better be a fucking Chad. If she’s a bookish nerd, then you’ll need to respond in kind. You get dialog options during each piece of the conversation. If you pick the wrong ones, then you’ll be shit out of luck for the day with that girl. If you smooth talk her, then you can start down the path to romance.

A Gem-Matching Based Dating System With Nearly a Dozen Different Waifus

You can boost the amount of affection you earn by chatting with these sluts by buying gifts or food. Though you’ll need to make sure that each gift fits their personality or you’ll be shit out of luck. Oh, and make sure you pay attention during every question you ask these babes. Sometimes they’ll ask you if you remember what they said. If you blow it, then you lose a lot of traction. But all of these little details are just side dishes to the main course of the game. This is a gem-matching game. Each date you go on will bring you to a game where you need to fill up an affection meter to win and advance the relationship. It’s not fucking easy. I failed my first 5-6 dates. It was insane. You definitely need to get a grasp and figure out how the game works, because you can’t just match shit at random and expect to succeed.

Challenging Gameplay that Will Make You Work for Every Hot H-Scene

Each gem color represents different aspects of date like skill, filtering, passion, lust, and sentiment. The sentiment is a wide-reaching stat that you want to increase on every date. The higher that stat the more affection you gain from changing other gems together. Each babe will have a favorite and least favorite stat. Chaining the favorite stat together will net you a fuck ton of points while chaining the least favored stat will only give you a trickle.

You only have a set number of moves to fill that affection meter. And, as I mentioned, it isn’t a fucking cakewalk. You need to put your thinking caps on. If you fail, then you have to wait a whole day to go on another date with that babe. Luckily, there are a dozen or so sluts that you can end up meeting and fucking. So, you can move on to someone else if you fuck up.

Fap to HD, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations!

Every character is very different from the last. There’s a hot waifu in here for all of you picky fucks. And, man, this game is fucking good. It’s fun. It’s one of the few gem games that actually got me invested. I poured a couple of hours into this damn game without even realizing it. It’s fully voiced. Every single character has a unique voice actress. And the writing is awesome. It’s got this in-your-face Western-style with some funny fucking lines. The fairy is a vulgar bitch who doesn’t take your shit.

The art is just as good. You get some beautifully drawn babes to gawk at throughout the entire game. While the h-scenes do take a good while to unlock, they are still pretty fucking hot. You get uncensored illustrations with some kinky, voiced dialog to go along with it. And the illustrations are on a whole nother level from the regular art. All of it is so goddamn fapworthy. You weebs won’t be disappointed with the quality or quantity of the hentai scenes.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

HuniePop is one of the best gem-matching games that I have ever played. That’s some high praise given that there are hundreds of h-games in that category alone. The game combines so many different elements in a seamless experience. There are elements from visual novels, gem-matchers, dating sims, and even RPGs. And the game manages to incorporate all of these elements without being a cluttered, unplayable mess. In fact, this game is one of the very few h-games that I think charges a reasonable price.

For around 10 bucks you get a game with a fully voiced cast of characters. Hell, that alone would have me whipping out my credit card. But the good shit doesn’t stop there. This game has some beautifully drawn, uncensored hentai illustrations that will have you nerdy cucks fapping like there’s no tomorrow.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

It takes way too long to get to your first h-scene. You have to complete a few dates with a girl, and you need to complete them successfully. That could take upwards of a dozen tries per babe! And there’s no way to fast forward time aside from plugging away at dates across the board. So, you can end up waiting hours just to unlock your next h-scene. You should get a fapworthy scene at the end of the first date just to get you interested in that slut. As is, the game can end up feeling like a boring grind if you keep failing dates.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, HuniePop is a fantastic hentai game full of busty waifus. If you can afford it, then it’s definitely a must-play title. Fuck, it’s only 10 bucks. I know you horny nerds have spent 10x that amount on some cringey hentai statue that is probably sitting on your shelf crusted in your old cum. Spend the dosh and get a fun, challenging game that might teach you pathetic betas a thing or two about picking up chicks. I highly recommend this game to any hentai fans out there!

BestPornGames Likes HuniePop
  • A fully-voiced cast of characters
  • HD, uncensored hentai illustrations
  • Challenging gem-matching gameplay
  • Visual novel & dating sim elements
  • A lot of bang for your buck
BestPornGames Hates HuniePop
  • H-scenes take a long time to unlock