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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Hunt And Snare

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Hunt And Snare

User Rating: 4/5
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Hunt and Snare is an Ambitious Open-World Furry Porn Game by Rufflenecks

Don’t you ever wish that you could satisfy your deep primal urges as a hunter? I know that most of you betas might not think that you have the alpha spirit inside of you, but it’s there. It might just be buried deep beneath your greasy fat rolls and you rampant cuck fetish addiction. It will take a bit of legwork to unearth that energy. Think about it—you’re going and hunting shit like an alpha male while banging every bitch you meet without even needing to ask permission.

I know it sounds like I have finally gone off the deep end. No, I’m not about to preach at you about the merits of anarcho-primitivism. I’m here to tell you about a kinky sex game that lets you embrace your inner hunter. Oh, and it’s a furry game. So, yeah, come and get some of this shit if you’re a fap-addled furry fuck whose looking for a new game to play. The game in question is called Hunt and Snare. It’s a furry game all about hunting down rare furry sluts and pounding their aching pussies raw, but I’ll do a deep dive on that shit later.

Try the Demo for Free or Dish out $10 a month for the Full Game!

This game has been in the works since 2017. It’s still in an early alpha state, but I can’t say that I blame Rufflenecks for taking a while. I’ve been keeping an eye on this shit, and this man has been expanding on this ambitious title on a weekly basis. There’s always new content being released. It’s just that this is a very ambitious project for such a small team. You can find more information about the development cycle over at There you can also pick up the full version of the game for a $10 a month contribution, or you can check out the censored public demo for free.

You can start the game as one of the pre-made characters, or you can try your hand at building your ideal furry from scratch. This character creator is super in-depth. You can toggle cock/tit size, body shape, fur patterns, and even get down to the fine details regarding facial features. There’s a lot that you can do here. If your ideal furry is a neon green wolf futa with a 12-inch fur-cock and massive HH tits, then you can make that dream a reality with ease.

The Current Version has the Foundation of What Will be a Damn Good Game

The bones of a story are present, but there’s no real plot line to follow yet. The basic premise is that you’re playing as a butler who was awarded a ship by a king and told to go out and do whatever the fuck you want. You arrive off of the Sky Realm. It’s a vast network of islands with secrets, treasure, and rare sluts just waiting for you to find them. You get off of your boat on the docks and get a chance to explore a sizable town.

You talk with a hot feline babe on the dock who tells you what you need to do: get your gun, talk to the dockmaster, and then do whatever the fuck you want. There aren’t a whole lot of characters to meet and mingle with just yet, but the ones that do you meet have some rather diverse dialog options to them. The lines are well written, and each character certainly has their own unique personality. This bodes well for the rest of the game. I hope the entire story ends up being as engaging as these simple conversations.

Stunning Graphics, Quality Audio, and Solid Gameplay Mechanics

The game looks fantastic. The high pitched whirring from my computer fans can confirm that the graphics are pretty damn good. The game is being made using Unity, and I was legitimately impressed with the visual quality of the game. So many 3D-style titles end up looking stiff, clunky, and washed out. That is not the case for Hunt and Snare. You can expect a vibrant world that is well worth exploring. Also, I’ve been keeping up with this shit for a bit. I was pleased to notice that they added some music! It really makes a big fucking difference.

Once you unravel the mystery of where the fuck your rifle is, you can go about exploring the island. Seriously, put some keys on the map or something. I couldn’t find the right house since they all look the goddamn same. The island doesn’t have too much to offer except for roving feral furries. You can tranquilize these chicks and dudes by shooting them with your rifle darts. Once they’re out, go up to them to make them follow you until you find a highlighted spot on the ground where you can dick them down. Each spot has a different sex position, so it’s worth going around to find the kinkier spots.

Yiff Your Hearts out to HD, Uncensored, Fully-Animated Furry Fuck Scenes

If you don’t feel like literally chasing down some pussy, then you could find a few sluts to talk with in town. There’s a dick-girl that runs a local shop who will gladly take you out back and fuck you in the ass. If you’re looking for something a little more dominant, then you can do a task for this cartographer babe on the beach. If you go and plant some sticks around the island she’ll let you pound her pussy until she’s weak in the knees. There are also a few other NPCs around town that you can flirt with and fuck if you play your cards right.

The sex scenes are pretty fucking awesome. You get fully animated scenes that you can take control of. Decide when you move to the next scene and control the speed of the furry fucking. There’s even a studio on the main menu where you can craft your own scenes! Every scene will be fully uncensored and have loads of hot moans, gasps, and fuck sounds to get off to. You’ll even have a slew of erotic dialog lines to really drive that immersion home.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I’m always down for a game that isn’t afraid to try something different. Hunt and Snare is an ambitious title that isn’t quite like any other game I’ve played before. It’s an open-world hunting game full of hot furry fucking. It looks fucking stunning and it’s not even out of its alpha development phase yet. This dude is bringing in over 6k on his Patreon for a title that’s not even halfway finished. This may be a first, but I think this talented cuck has earned every penny. I can’t wait to see how this game turns out when it has been fully polished and finished up.

What you can enjoy right now are the incredible sex scenes. If you’re a furry, then you need to get off your ass and see what I’m fucking talking about here. You’re getting uncensored, fully animated scenes that you can control. And these scenes have moans and sound effects thrown in to boot! I can’t think of too many other furry games that even offer half of those features. And these scenes are only going to get better as the game progresses along the development cycle.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

First off, keep it up! I hope that this doesn’t become yet another title that falls by the wayside and gets abandoned. As for real suggestions, put some active markers on the map. Even better, add in an objective tracker on the top of the screen that points you towards the next mission. It’s pretty much a must-have for open-world games like this. As is, it can be pretty tedious to find important locations, especially for the cartographer’s quest.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Hunt and Snare is an easy game for me to recommend. It kicks ass in all of the important aspects. It controls well. The graphics are stunning. You have an in-depth character creation tool. The writing is solid. And you get uncensored, animated sex scenes that you can control and modify. It’s still in the beginning stages of development, but this is a title that any furry fans should be keeping an eye on. This shit is on track to be one of the best, most ambitious furry games of all time.

BestPornGames Likes Hunt And Snare
  • An ambitious open-world game
  • Loads of furry fetish content
  • Animated, uncensored, controllable sex scenes
  • Stunning graphics
BestPornGames Hates Hunt And Snare
  • No objective tracker
  • It’s not finished yet!